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1.We didn't plan our art exhibition like that but it ______ very well.(NMET2001 26)
A.worked out B.tried out C.went on D.carried on
2. We thought of selling this old furniture, but we've decided to ______ it. It might be valuable.
A.hold on to B. keep up with C.turn to D.look after (NMET 2002 31)
3. News reports say peace talks between the two countries ____ with no agreement reached.(NMET2003 31)
A. have broken down B. have broken out C. have broken in D. have broken up
4. — How about eight o' clock outside the cinema? (NMET2004 26)
—That _______ me fine.
A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits
5. You can take anything from the shelf and read, but please _______the books when you' ve finished with them.
A. put on B. put down C. put back D. put off (NMET2004 32)
1.A最佳 分析:该题考查根据语境选择适当的短语动词的能力。四个选项均为短语动词,但所表达的意义不同:work out制定,计算出,进行情况良好,得到圆满解决,(情况)发展得(进行得)…… ;try out试验,试用;go on继续,进行;carry on继续下去,开展,从事。此题干扰最大的是C和D项。其实,go on与 carry on为同义词组,均为continue之意,强调“继续”、“持续”。work out强调“(势态)发展的结果”,在此处作(情况)发展得……”解。根据主句We didn't plan our art exhibition like that的语境及but所表示的转折意义判断,最佳答案为A。
2.A最佳 分析:hold on to的意思是“不要放弃”。这句话的意思是“我们本想把这些旧家具卖掉,但是我们决定还是不卖它,它可能有价值”;keep up with的意思是“跟上”;turn to的意思是“转向”;look after的意思是“照看”。
3.A最佳 分析:bread down破裂。据新闻报道两国之间的和平谈判破裂了。break out爆发;break in闯入;break up分裂。
4.D最佳 分析:检查考生对动词的辩异能力。fit 和suit 都有“适合”的含义,但fit一般指衣服的尺寸适合某人;而suit有更广泛的用法, 此处有“对…方便”的意思,相当于be convenient for(to) sb.。meet和satisfy 都有“满足”的含义,不符合语境。
5. C最佳 分析:检查考生对短语动词的掌握和运用能力。put back有“把…放回原处”的含义。

1. Dorothy was always speaking highly of her role in the day,___,of course, made the others unhappy.
A.who B.which C.this D.what (NMET2000 17)
2.The WTO cannot live up to its name______ it does not include a country that is home to one fifth of mankind.
A.as long as B.while C.if D.even though (NMET2000 21)
3.Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up ____ I could answer the phone.
A.as B.since C.until D.before(NMET2000 24)
4.A computer can only do ______ you have instructed it to do.(NMET2001 31)
A.how B.after C.what D.when
5.The film brought the hours back to me ______ I was taken good care of in that far-away village.
A.until B.that C.when D.where (NMET2001 22)
6. _____ is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month.
A.It B. As C.That D.What (NMET2001 34)
7. Excuse me for breaking in, ______ I have some news for you. (NMET2002 22)
A. so B. and C. but D. yet
8.The mother didn't know ______ to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out.
A. who B. when C.how D. what (NMET2002 24)
9. John shut everybody out of the kitchen ______ he could prepare his grand surprise for the party.
A.which B.when C.so that D.as if (NMET2002 30)
10. Don't be afraid of asking for help ____ it is needed. (NMET2003 21)
A. unless B. since C. although D.when
11. We're going to the bookstore in John's car. You can come with us ___ you can meet us there later.(NMET2003 29)
A.but B.and C.or D.then
12. The English play _______ my students acted at the New Year's party was a great success.
A. for which B. at which C. in which D. on which (NMET2004 23)
13. Roses need special care _____ they can live through winter. (NMET2004 25)
A. because B. so that C. even if D. as
14. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is _______I disagree.(NMET2004 31)
A. why B. where C. what D. how
15. Mary wrote an article on _______the team had failed to win the game. (NMET2005 23)
A. why B. what C. who D. that
16. I have many friends, ______some are businessmen. (NMET2005 24)
A. of them B. from which C. who of D of whom
17. They wanted to charge $5, 000 yuan for the car, _____ we managed to bring the price down.(NMET2005 27)
A. but B. so C. when D. since
1. B最佳 分析: 该题考查引导定语从句的关系代词的用法。该句的空白之后为一非限制性定语从句,应用关系代词引导,排除C、D。who和which都能引导非限制性定语从句。但who引导的非限制性定语从句用来修饰表示人的先行词;which引导的非限制性定语从句可修饰前面整个句子,并代表主句所表达的内容,故答案选B。又如:Bamboos are hollow, which makes them very light.竹子是空心的,这使它很轻。
2.C 最佳 分析: 该题考查从属连词的用法。live up to 意思为“配得上……”be home to意思为“是…… 的家园”one fifth of mankind意思为“五分之一的人类”。四个选项的连词都可以引导状语从句:as long as 和if 可以引导条件状语从句;while引导时间状语从句;even though引导让步状语从句。试题中从句表示的是一个条件,该句的意思是“如果世界贸易组织不包括占世界人口五分之一的国家,它就不能够名副其实。”而as long as表示仅有的条件,所以最佳答案为C。本题中等难度,得分率为46%,区分度为0.296。
3.D最佳 分析: 该题考查引导状语从句的从属连词的用法。四个选项均为引导时间状语从句的从属连词:as强调从句与主句的动作相并发生;since表示“自从……以来”,主句常用完成时态;until表示主句的动作直到从句动作发生为止;before表示“在……之前”,“不等……就……”。前一个分句说明半夜有人给我打了电话,由but表示的转折意义判断,不等我接电话,他们就把电话挂断,答案选D。再例如:He cut in before finished speaking.还没等我说完他就插言了。
4.C 最佳 分析: 该题考查引导宾语从句的连接词的用法。how和when可作连接副词引导宾语从句,并在从句中作状语。what为连接代词,意思是“……的”,既引导宾语从句,又在该宾语从句中作及物动词do的宾语,最佳答案为C。又例如: Show me what you have written.把你写的给我看看。I've told you what I knew.我已经把我知道的告诉你了。
5.C最佳 分析: 该题考查定语从句的关联词的用法。先行词hours表示的是时间。限制性定语从句可用来修饰一个表示时间的词,如果关联词在定语从句中做状语,通常用关系副词when;如果在定语从句中做主语、宾语或表语,通常用关系代词that或which。此空应填关系副词when,在定语从句中做状语,故答案为C。又如:This is the hour when the place is full of children 这是这地方挤满孩子的时刻。
6.B最佳 分析: 该题考查引导定语从句的关系代词的用法。根据句意和结构可以确定,空白处应填关系代词as,引导非限制性定语从句。在这种用法中,as的先行词不是主句中的某个名词而是整个主句所表达的内容。as的意思是“正如”、“正像”、“像… … 那样”,定语从句则表达了说话人对某事的态度和看法。关系代词as可在从句中做主语或宾语,此空填as在从句中做主语。as在从句中的位置比较灵活,可以置于句首、句中或句末,从句通常与主句由逗号隔开,答案为B。又如:Abraham Lincoln, as is well known, was one of the greatest of all American presidents.正如大家所知道的,亚伯拉罕• 林肯是最伟大的美国总统之一。
7.C最佳 分析:but用于表示歉意的话(如:I'm sorry或Excuse me)的后面,用来引起一个句子,通常不能翻译为“但是”。
8.A最佳 分析:know后接"疑问词+to do sth."作宾语。blame是及物动词,who表示人,作宾语。妈妈不知道对她碰巧外出时玻璃被打破这件事该责备谁。
9.C最佳 分析:so that引导目的状语从句,表示John把大家都关在厨房外面的目的是能够为聚会准备一个使人大吃一惊的事。
10.D最佳 分析:根据句意可确定应选when。当需要时不要害怕寻求帮助。unless除非;since因为;although虽然。
11.C最佳 分析:题干提供了两个动作:you can come with us和you can meet us there later,让对方对这两个动作做出选择,所以要选or。
12. C最佳 分析: 检查考生对定语从句的掌握和运用能力。主句部分应是The English play at the New Year's party was a great success.从句补全为独立句子应是my students acted in the play.所以应选in which,其余介词不妥。
13. B最佳 分析: 检查考生对状语从句的掌握和运用能力。本题so that 引导目的状语从句。全句意为:玫瑰花需要特殊关心,以便过冬(为了安全度过冬天)。其余选项不合逻辑。
14. B最佳 分析: 检查考生对名词性从句的掌握和运用能力。where 在表语从句里充当状语,有“在…地方”的含义。译文:你说人人应该平等,在这一点上我不敢苟同。
15. A最佳 分析: 检查考生对名词性从句的掌握和运用能力。通过对本句句型结构的分析可以判断出介词on 后面带宾语从句,在宾语从句中why充当状语。比较:A modern city has been set up in what was a wasteland ten years ago. 在10年前是一片荒土的地方建起了一个现代化城市。通过对本句句型结构的分析可以判断出介词in 后面带宾语从句,在宾语从句中what 充当主语。
16.D最佳 分析: 检查考生对定语从句的掌握和运用能力。 本题属于“of+关系代词+部分(指物用which;指人用whom)”引导定语从句。
17.A最佳 分析: 检查考生对逻辑关联用语的运用能力。but 表转折关系。

1.If you want to change for a double room you'll have to pay____ $15. (NMET2000 16)
A.another B.other C.more D.each
2.---Why don't we have a little break?
---Didn't we just have______.(NMET2000 23)
A.it B.that C.one D.this
3.The Parkers bought a new house but _______ will need a lot of work before they can move in.
A.they B.it C.one D.which (NMET2001 25)
4. Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment,_____ I will always treasure.
A. that B.one C.it D.what (NMET2002 35)
5.---There's coffee and tea: you can have______. (NMET2003 32)
A.either B.each C. one D.it
6. ---Susan, go and join your sister cleaning the yard.(NMET2003 33)
---Why____? John is sitting there doing nothing.
A.him B.he C.I D.me
7. We haven’t enough books for ______; some of them will have to share. (NMET2005 25)
A. somebody B. anybody C. everybody D. nobody
1.A最佳 分析:该题考查根据语境选择恰当的形容词。题干的意思是“如果你想换成双人房间,你得再付15美圆。”“another+数词+复数可数名词”表示在原有基础上又多出的数量,形容词another有“外加,再,又”之意,故A为最佳答案。 又如:I've got another three days' (three more days') holiday.我又有了三天假期。
2.C最佳 分析:该题考查代词的用法。人称代词it和不定代词one都可以代替单数可数名词,但it指特定之物,one指泛指之物。答语中用one泛指第一个会话者询问的a little break,故最佳答案为C。试比较:I don't to borrow your knife. Lend it to me.我想要借你的小刀,把它借给我吧。 I don't have a knife. Lend me one.我没带小刀,借给我一把吧。
3.B最佳 分析:该题考查代词的用法。做题的关键是弄清but引导的并列分句中做主语代词究竟是用来代替前一个分句主语The Parkers还是宾语a new house。由空白后will need a lot of work before they can move in的语境可以确定,此空的代词是用来代替前文提过的单数可数名词,以避免重复,而it表示特定之物,one表示泛指之物,故最佳答案为B。试比较:I don't have a knife. Lend me one. 我没带小刀,借给我一把吧。 My pen is missing. I can't find it anywhere. 我的钢笔不见了,我哪里也找不到它。
4.B最佳 分析:one指代moment作同位语,解释是一个永远珍惜的时刻。I will always treasure是定语从句,作one的定语,省略了关系代词which或that。
5. A最佳 分析:either用于肯定句时表示“(两者中)的任一个”。因为只有coffee和tea可供选择,所以要选either。
6.D最佳 分析:在自由对话中,常用人称代词的宾格代替主格,例如:Who can drive a bus? ---me.谁会开车?---我。
7.C最佳 分析:检查考生对部分否定和全部否定的掌握和运用能力。根据后句迟到的信息,可知为部分否定。nobody =not anybody 是全部否定。

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