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高中基础知识自测题 (4)

I. 根据下列各句句意以及所给单词的首字母或汉语提示,写出该单词的正确形式。
1. L______ is more than just the feeling of wanting company or wanting to do something with another person.
2. Most Chinese parents would like their children to r______ some poems by famous poets from the Tang and Song dynasties.
3. Ever since their quarrel, there has been an unpleasant a______ in the office.
4. All the students should attend the class on time if they have no special reason for a______.
5. Good acts are better than good ______ (意图).
6. Much of the humour has been lost in the ______ (翻译) of the book.
7. The young man lives in a world of ______ (幻想).
8. The ______ (序言) in a book tells us what the book is about.

II. 用适当的介词填空。
1. This book deals with poems ______ the Chinese poet Li Bai of the Tang Dynasty.
2. It is not unusual for people to live ______ the age of 100 in this area, where there is no pollution at all.
3. ______ the bad weather we enjoyed our holiday very much.
4. He who plays ______ fire gets burned.
5. This little book is a very good introduction ______ history.
6. We are usually very busy _____ the end of the term.
7. Shanghai is _____ the largest cities in the world.
8. What we do is help children open the door _____ learning how to read.

III. 下列各句均有一处错误,请找出并改正。
1. The concert being given by their friends turned out to be very successful.
2. This book, writing in simple English, is intended for beginners.
3. There are a lot of falling leaves on the ground in autumn.
4. There was so much noise that the speaker couldn’t make himself hearing.
5. There was a terrible noise followed the sudden burst of light.

IV. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。
1. 拆卸一部机器比重新装配起来容易得多。(put together)
2. 你知道因特网什么时候形成的吗? (come into being)
3. 那天晚上我们的谈话勾起了许多对过去的回忆。 (call up)
4. 由于缺乏任何证据,警方只好把约翰放了。(in the absence of)
5. 姑娘们开始在月光下随着音乐翩翩起舞。(by the light of)

I. 1. Loneliness  2. recite  3. atmosphere  4. absence    5. intentions  6. translation  7. fantasy  8. introduction
II. 1. by  2. to  3. Despite  4. with  5. to   6. towards / at   7. among    8. to
III. 1. 去掉being  2. writing →written  3. falling →fallen  4. hearing →heard    5. followed → following
IV. 1. It’s much easier to take a machine to pieces than to put it together.
2. Do you know when the Internet came into being?
3. Many memories of old times were called up by the conversation we had together that evening.
4. In the absence of any evidence, the police had to let John go.
5. The girls began to dance to the music by the light of the Moon.

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