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  1. --- Oh, dear. I forgot the air tickets.
  --- You ______ something.
  A. have left B. are always leaving
  C. are leaving D. always left
  2. --- I ______ so busily recently that I ______ no time to help you with your math.
  --- That’s OK. I can manage it by myself.
    A. have been working; have
  B. have worked; had
  C. am working; will have
  D. had been working; had had
  3. Remember to send me a photo of us next time you ______ to me.
  A. are writing B. will write
  C. has written D. write
  4. He ______ at the meeting, but his heart attack prevented him.
  A. will speak B. is going to speak
  C. had to speak D. was going to speak
  5. --- I beg your pardon, but I didn’t quite catch you.
    --- Oh, I ______ myself.
  A. am talking to B. talked about
  C. have talked to D. was talking to
  6. I ______ ping-pong quite well, but I haven’t had time to play since the New Year.
    A. will play B. have played
  C. played D. play
  7. I first met Tom 10 years ago. He ______ in a radio factory at that time.
  A. had worked B. has worked
  C. was working D. has been working
  8. --- What ______ when I phoned you?
  --- I ______ my work, and I wanted to go out.
  A. have you done; finished
  B. were you doing; have finished
  C. did you do; had just finished
  D. were you doing; had just finished
  9. --- Have you finished the report?
  --- No. I ______ it all this week.
  A. will do B. had done
  C. have done D. have been doing
  10. I can guess you were in a hurry. You ______ your sweater inside out.
  A. had worn B. wore
  C. were wearing D. are wearing
  11. --- We ______ that you would fix the TV set this week.
  --- I’m sorry. I ______ to fix it this week, but I’ve been too busy.
  A. had expected; had intended
  B. are expecting; had intended
  C. expect; intend
  D. expected; intend
  12. --- Why? Tom, your shirt is so dirty!
  --- Mum, I ______ my storeroom downstairs.
  A. cleaned B. have cleaned
  C. was cleaning D. have been cleaning
  13. They won’t buy new clothes because they ______ money to buy a new house.
  A. save B. are saving
  C. have saved D. were saving
  14. The traffic in our city is already good and it ______ even better.
   A. gets B. got C. has got D. is getting
  15. --- I will come to attend your lecture at 10:00 tomorrow.
  --- I’m sorry, by then my lecture will have ended and I ______ my guests in my office.
  A. is being met B. will meet
  C. will be meeting D. will have met
  16. --- Alice came back home the day before yesterday.
  --- Really? Where ______?
  A. has she been B. had she been
  C. has she gone D. had she gone
  17. I know Mr. Brown; we ______ to each other at an international conference.
  A. are introduced B. are been introduced
  C. were introduced D. had been introduced
  18. --- Where do you think ______ he ______ the computer?
  --- Sorry. I have no idea.
  A. has; bought B. 不填; bought
  C. did; buy D. 不填; buys
  19. Don’t bother to look for my dictionary --- it ______ some day.
  A. turns up B. has turned up
   C. will turn up D. is going to turn up
  20. --- What do you think of this kind of TV set, which ______ in Shanghai?
  --- Well, I don’t care about such things.
  A. was made B. is made
  C. has been made D. had been made
  21. --- Did he notice you enter the room?
  --- I don’t think so. He ______ to the radio with his eyes shut.
  A. listened B. was listening
  C. has listened D. had listened
  22. The plane ______ at 7:00 pm, so I have to be at the airport by 6:40 at the latest.
  A. has left B. would leave
  C. will have left D. leaves
  23. The train ______ at the present speed until it reaches the foot of the mountain at about nine o’clock tonight.
  A. went B. is going C. goes D. will be going
  24. I used to drink a lot of tea but these days I ______ coffee.
  A. prefer B. preferred
  C. had preferred D. am preferring
  25. The vegetables didn’t taste very good. They ______ too long.
  A. had been cooked B. were cooked
  C. have cooked D. cooked
  26. --- Remember the first time we met, Jim?
  --- Of course I do. You ______ in the library.
  A. were reading B. had read
  C. have read D. read
  27. I want to buy that kind of cloth because I ______ the cloth ______ well.
  A. have told; washes
  B. have been told; washes
  C. was told; washed
  D. have been told; is washed
  28. --- Is Tom still smoking?
  --- No. By next Saturday he ______ for a whole month without smoking a single cigarette.
  A. will be B. will have gone
  C. will have been D. has been going
  29. --- ______ Betty this morning?
  --- Not yet, but she is sure to be here before noon.
  A. Have you seen B. Will you see
  C. Do you see D. Did you see?
  30. Jim talked for about half an hour yesterday. Never ______ him talk so much.
  A. I heard B. did I hear
  C. I had heard D. had I heard
  31. --- Look at the black clouds. It ______ soon.
  --- Sure. If only we ______ out.
  A. is raining; didn’t come
  B. is to rain; won’t start
  C. will rain; haven’t started
  D. is going to rain; hadn’t come
  32. He ______ articles for our wall-newspaper these three years, and he ______ about forty articles.
  A. has been writing; has written
  B. has been writing; wrote
  C. is writing; has been writing
  D. has written; has written
  33. She ______ to the office than she got down to writing the report.
  A. has no sooner got B. had hardly got
  C. no sooner got D. had no sooner got
  34. When he was alive, the old scientist used to say that knowledge ______ from practice and he gained his experience by doing a lot of practical work.
  A. was coming B. had come
  C. comes D. would come
  35. --- Don’t forget to bring my new books tomorrow afternoon.
  --- No, I ______.
  A. don’t B. do C. won’t D. will
  36. I decided to go to the library as soon as I ______.
   A. finished what I was doing
  B. finished what I did
   C. would finish what I was doing
  D. finish what I did
  37. You won’t know whether the coat fits you until you ______ it on.
   A. will try B. have tried
  C. tried D. are trying
  38. My dictionary ______. I have looked for it everywhere but still ______it.
  A. has lost; don’t find
  B. is missing; don’t find
  C. has lost; haven’t found
  D. is missing; haven’t found
  39. ______ it with me and I’ll see what I can do.
   A. When left B. Leaving
  C. If you leave D. Leave
  40. --- How are you planning to travel to Shanghai?
   --- I ______ yet, but I ______ taking a train.
   A. didn’t decide; am considering
  B. haven’t decided; consider
   C. haven’t decided; am considering
  D. hadn’t decided; have considered
  41. --- Excuse me, sir. Would you do me a favour?
  --- Of course. What is it?
   --- I ______ if you could take me to the station.
   A. would wonder B. did wonder
   C. was wondering D. had wondered
  42. --- Got your driving license?
  --- No. I ______ too busy to have enough practice, so I didn’t take the driving test last week. I’m going to next week.
  A. was B. have been C. am D. had been
  43. With the development of science, more new technology ______ to the field of IT.
  A. has introduced B. is being introduced
   C. is introduced D. was introduced
  44. --- Who’s the man over there?
   --- It’s Jack.
   --- Oh? ______ in Italy.
  A. I think he’s
  B. I’ve thought he’s been
  C. I thought he was
  D. I’d thought he’d been
  45. --- I dropped in at your house at about ten last night, but you weren’t in.
  --- I ______ regular exercises at the club.
   A. did B. was doing C. had done D. have been doing
  46. --- Each of the students, working hard at their lessons, ______ the book.
  --- So have I.
  A. is reading B. has read C. reading D. reads
  47. The baby is generally healthy, but every now and then he ______ a cold.
  A. has caught B. is catching
  C. will catch D. does catch
  48. It is when the plane ______ that you’d better find out at the booking office.
  A. would take off B. had taken off
  C. was taking off D. is taking off
  49. --- I’m sorry, but there’s no smoking on this flight.
  --- Oh, I ______ that. Sorry, I won’t again.
  A. don’t know B. didn’t know
  C. won’t know D. haven’t known
  50. I thought Jim would say something about his school report, but he ______ it.
   A. doesn’t mention B. hadn’t mentioned
  C. didn’t mention D. hasn’t mentioned

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