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I.讲解: 有些单项选择题的题干往往很长,命题人常在某些固定结构中间插入一些次要信息,用来干扰学生的正常思维,分散其注意力,从而使其心理活动不能指向或集中于一定的事物.我们可视这样的信息为"冗余信息".撇开这些信息,句子的主要结构便会一目了然.

1. How about the rest of us _________ a meeting after dinner
A. will have B. have C. to have D. having
2. John plays football _________, if not better than, David.
A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as
3. She spent as much time as she could __________ over her lessons.
A. go B. to go C. going D. went
4. We should do more such exercises in the future, I think, _________ those we did yesterday.
A. as B. like C. about D. than
5. I held different opinions on the subject _____________.
A. with you B. with yours C. from you D. from yours
6. The gold medal we looked forward to __________ got at last.
A. being B. be C. was D. has been
7. He will tell you, _________ he expects will win such a match.
A. who B. whom C. which D. why
8. Mr. Li as well as two sons ___________ already in the waiting room.
A. have been B. has been C. are D. is
9. The writer and professor, who I often refer to at the meetings, ______ famous for those works.
A. is B. are C. was D. were
10. He turned off the head ;amp of the care to keep the light from flashing in through the window of Jack's house and ________ Jack up. A. woke B. waking C. wake D. to wake
11.He often leans over the fence and talks endlessly with my father ______ gardening problems.
A. to B. of C. about D. on
12. You should impress the news learned from the radio this morning _________your mind.
A. in b. into C. inside D. upon
13. The old man said that he would _________ more people who would not have too much work to do in the week to come to do the construction work. A. let B. promise C. get D. force.
14. He was forced to give everything he had stolen _______ the people.
A. to B. from C. of D. by
15. With a quick kick the policeman sent the knife in the robber's right hand ________.
A. fly B. to fly C. flying D. to be flying
16. At five she was ________ by her mother, who was a famous dancer when young, to go into training. A. led B. agreed C. demanded D. forced
17. Some of the rubbish, such as food, paper and iron, _______ away over a long period of time.
A. rot B. rots C. is rotting D. are rotted
18. All but one ________ here the other day. A. was B. were C. is D. have been
19. The number of the people present, as we had expected, _________ very large.
A. was B. were C. is D. are
20. Obviously he didn't agree with two men--- ___________.
A. Tom and I B. I and Tom C. Tom and me D. me and Tom
21. _________ was Goodyear, an American, who invited the basic method of preparing rubber for trade use.
A. Who B. He C. It D. This

Key: 1-5 DBCAD 6-10 CADAB 11-15 CDCAC 16-21 DBBACC

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