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一、only 位于句首并修饰状语时:

Only once in history has the same man held the two high offices of President and Chief Justice of the United States. 历史上只有一次,同一个人拥有美国的总统和最高法官这两个高级职务。

Only now that I’ve struggled to find patience in myself when Matthew insists he help me paint the house or saw down dead trees in the back yard am I able to see that day through my father’s eyes. 只有现在,当我努力要找到自身的忍耐性,而麦修却坚持要帮助我油漆房子或者锯倒后院枯树的时候,我才透过父亲的双眼看到了那一天。

Only now did I recognize the challenge I had presented the old man,  and realize how wonderfully he had met it. 这时我才体会到我当年对那位老先生提出的挑战,而他又应付得多么的出色。

Then, and only then, will Peter and Son stay put.这样,也只有这样,彼得和他的儿子才会规规矩矩地呆着。

Only when he feels good about himself can he write some poems. 他只有自我感觉良好时才能写出诗来。

Only when the war was over in 1949 was he able to get back home. 只是在1949年战争结束后,他才能够返回家乡。

Only after payment was on the counter was the sack irrevocably twisted shut and the moment of indecision ended. 只有等钱放在柜台上后,纸袋口才无可挽回地被拧紧封住,犹豫不决的时刻才告结束。

Only after Miss Aurélie had given them a bath, told the little boy a bed-time story and sang sweet songs to the little baby, did they all fall asleep. 奥莉小姐得给他们洗澡,给小男孩讲个睡前故事,给小宝宝唱好听的歌,之后他们才睡。

Only in that way will we be ready for the challenges and opportunities in life.只有这样我们才能保证自己对生活中的挑战和机遇有充分的准备。

Only in a few countries does the whole of the population enjoy a reasonable standard of  living. 只有少数国家能使全体居民享受较高的生活水平。

So, only with combination of consideration, courage and confidence can we get over any difficulty. 因此,只有把思考、勇气和信心这三者结合起来,我们才能战胜一切困难。

Only towards the end of the play does King Lear learn who is his truest daughter. 只是到了剧情的最后李尔王才弄清楚谁是他真正的女儿。

二、So 修饰形容词,such修饰名词并位于句首时:

So convinced was I of that woman’s being her mother, that I wanted no evidence to establish the fact in my mind. 那位妇女是她的母亲,这一点我深信不疑,心里也不想再找任何证据来证明这个事实。

So strong was her need to replicate the hostile environment of her childhood and continue her struggle to win love from those who could not give it that when she met a man who struck her as being cold, aloof and indifferent, she was instantly attracted to him. 她要复制童年时代充满敌意的环境,要继续争取那些得不到的爱,这种需求是如此的强烈,当她遇上一个她认为冷酷、冷淡又冷漠的男人时,马上就被吸引了过去。

So back to the train display went George. 就这样,乔治回到了陈列火车的地方。

So tired was he after a whole day’s hard work that he could hardly stand. 经过一整天的辛苦劳动,他累得几乎站不住了。 

Such a noise was there that I couldn’t work in the room. 房间里噪音这么大,我没法工作。


Inside sat Mrs. James.  里面坐着杰姆斯太太。

Sadder were the times when letters came from Aiko. 接到爱子的来信更加令人神伤。

Out came pencil and paper and Amy went to work on her letter. 拿出钢笔和纸,埃妹就开始写起信来。

Look, here comes the singer and dancer.  看,那位歌手兼跳舞者来了。

Once we had the fire almost under control, but the wind rose again, and away went the flames higher and faster than ever. 我们曾一度控制住了火势,可是风又起来了,倏的一下火苗比以前窜得更高更快了。

Four or five miles to the east of them lay the blue waters of Lake Michigan. 它们东边四、五英里处有一个蓝蓝的密执安湖。

Also present will be a person who thinks up an idea for an advertisement.  出席会议的还有广告的策划者。

Famous are the lines by William Blake, which have clear rhythm and rhyme:

                  Tiger, tiger, burning bright,

                  in the forest of the night.




Great was Marya’s joy, and that of the fathers and mothers of the children. 玛利亚和那些孩子的父母亲高兴极了。

Great have been the changes here since 1990. 自从1990年以后,这里的变化很大。

Present at the conference were some famous scientists from many other countries. 出席这次大会的是一些来自许多国家的著名科学家。

Just then came the whistle of a police car.  就在那时,传来了警笛声。

Up into the sky went the light blue smoke.  淡蓝色的烟向天空袅袅飘去。

Over rolled the goat, dead.     山羊骨碌一下死了。

Off fled all the mice.     耗子们一下子跑光了。

There, smoking his pipe in the old place by the kitchen fire, as healthy and as strong as ever, though a little grey, sat Joe; and then, fenced into the corner with Joe’s leg, and sitting on my own little stool looking at the fire, was----I again! 那边坐着乔,在灶火边的老地方抽着烟斗,尽管有点白发,但仍然像从前那样健壮;而被乔的腿挡在角落里,坐在我自己的小板凳上望着火的——还是我。

Here, gathered from the ideas of experts across the country, are six proven ways to boost your learning ability. 这里有六种已经得到证实可以提高学习能力的方法,它们集中了全国专家们的经验。

Thus began the economic reform. 经济改革就这样开始了。

Now and then must the whale come to the top of the water for air.鲸鱼必须不时地来到水面呼吸空气。

Well do I remember the night I lay in bed , waiting for the doctor. 躺在床上等医生的那个晚上,我记得清清楚楚.

Always did Comrade Lei Feng go to help the villagers. 雷锋同志总是去帮助老乡。

Often did we encourage them to go on. 我们曾经常鼓励他们干下去。

Many a time did he go swimming in the river. 他不止一次去河里游泳。

More worthy of the name “ stage school” are those few places where children attend full time, with a training for the theatre and a general education. 比“舞台学校”更加名副其实的是那些为数不多的地方,孩子们整天在那儿既训练演出,又接受常规教育。

Such was Albert Einstein, a simple man of great achievements. 爱因斯坦就是这样一个人,既平凡又成绩卓著。

Up the street came many happy boys. 大街上来了很多高兴的孩子。

Down came the long brown waves. 长长的棕色波浪(指头发)一下子倾泻下来。

There, inside, looking up at her was the newborn pig. 从里头伸头打量她的正是那只刚生下来的小猪。


Ahead of her, at the top of a hill on the left, was some sort of building, standing back from the road. 她前边,左侧小山顶上,有某种建筑物坐落在路旁。

Down the stairs came a woman, shielding the light from her eyes. 从楼上下来一位妇女,挡住光不让照着眼睛。

Over her shoulders was thrown a much-mended wrap. 她的肩上搭着一件补了多次的围巾。

From somewhere inside me came this terrible,violent desire to cry. 从我的内心深处涌起了这种可怕的、强烈的想哭的冲动。

From the second sled came Jim-Jim with his hands tied in front of him. 从第二只雪橇上下来的是吉姆吉姆,双手绑在胸前。

Onto the ground fell a large number of fresh, green pumpkin stems. 地上掉的是大量新鲜、绿色的南瓜蔓。

On the land of Australia live the largest spiders of the world. 澳大利亚生活着世界上最大的蜘蛛。

Along outside of the front fence ran the country road, dusty in the summer time and a good place for snakes------they liked to lie in it and sun themselves. 篱笆外面是一条乡村路,夏季满是尘土,是蛇的理想之所——它们喜欢卧在那里晒太阳。

Beyond the road was a thick young woods and through it a dimlighted path led a quarter of a mile. 路的那边是一片浓密的小树林,林中一条暗淡的小径有四分之一英里那么长。

Inside it lay the body of a woman  里边放着一具女尸。

Down the road came a company of men, led by one who carried a light before him as he ran. 顺着路过来一群人,其中一个提着灯在前面带头跑着。

On the far side of the room were the girls.  房间的另一边是女孩子。

When I opened my eyes, before me was a bulky form covered by a gray blanket. 睁眼看时,放在我面前的是被一条灰色毯子盖着的庞然大物。

Across the top in handsome black and yellow letters was Grandma’s Box. 顶部潇洒的黑黄字写着:祖母之箱。

In front of the house stand two apple trees. 房子前边长着两棵苹果树。

the heels of the police who investigated the robbery came reporters and photographers. 紧随着调查抢劫案的警察,来了报社记者和摄影记者。

In front of the window was a skinny boy around nine years old, his nose pressed against the glass. 橱窗前站着一个九岁上下、瘦骨嶙峋的小男孩,鼻子贴在玻璃上。

Through the front door came an old French flower woman. 从前门进来了一位法国卖花老妇。

In front walked Henry, the gun slung over his left shoulder; next came my brother; and I myself ended the little procession.  前边走着的是亨利,左肩斜挎着枪;接下来是我弟弟;我本人则走在队伍最后。

On the laboratory bench was a glass container from which came a tiny soft light. 实验室的工作台上放着一个玻璃器皿,从中发出一种微弱的光。

Right in front of her eyes was a red-bellied black snake---a very poisonous snake. 她的眼前是一条红肚皮的黑蛇——一种非常毒的蛇。

Among the holy writings have been found lists of precious things. 珍贵物品的清单也已在这些神圣文件中找到了。

Among those invited were the Governor, high officials… 被邀请的人中,有地方长官、高级官员……

Above the noise of driving rain came the sound of the engine bell. 机车的铃声透过急促的雨声传了过来。

To the British Isles belong also some 5,500 smaller islands. 还有大约五千五百个小点儿的岛也属于英伦诸岛。

Around the warm water pipe was what looked like a thick piece of black and red cloth. 绕在热水管上的是看起来像一条黑红两色厚布的东西。

In vain did we try to persuade him to give up smoking. 我们曾劝过他戒烟,但他不听。

On went her old brown jacket. On went her old brown hat. 穿上旧的棕色夹克,戴上旧的棕色帽子。

Into this house stepped three brave volunteers.三个勇敢的志愿者走进这间房子。

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