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Stored in the system are huge amounts of scholarly and scientific data, government documents and public records, airline timetables, weather reports, the full text of Bible, and thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world. 这个系统里贮藏的是数量巨大的既权威又科学的数据,有官方文件、公共记录、飞机时刻表、天气报告、《圣经》全文,以及世界各地成千上万份的报纸和杂志。

Coexisting with such love in the American family are cultural values of self-reliance and independence. 美国家庭中与这种爱并存的还有自力更生、独立自主这样的价值观。

Greatly loved in China are the English Romantic poets. 英国的浪漫派诗人深受中国人的喜爱。

Also coming is 1994 US World Cup star Romario who has promised to play for at least 45 minutes. 同来的还有1994年美国世界杯明星罗马里奥,他说至少要踢45分钟。

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father! 真正有福气的人是那个听到许多温柔的声音叫他爸爸的那个人!

Carried up towards her on the wind came the sound of the sea. 顺风朝她传过来的是大海的声音。

Standing by the door were Miss Haenlein and Mr.Biggs. 站在门口的是亨莱茵小姐和比格斯先生。

Heaped over the carpet and hanging on chairs were her quilts. 地毯上堆的、椅子上搭的都是她的被子。

Perhaps even more distressing than the news was the calm, level tone of the child’s voice.  这孩子的声调镇静、平淡,也许再没有什么能比用这种声调叙述更令人感到痛苦不堪的了。

Growing around the lake are wild flowers of different colors. 湖的周围长着各种颜色的野花。

Starting at almost the same time were the international movements for the rights of women.几乎与此同时开始的是有关妇女权益的国际运动。

Buried with him were the tools of a hunter or warrier. 跟他一起陪葬的还有猎人或战士使用的工具。

People have different personality types, and connected to these types are different learning styles. 人们有着不同的个性类型,而与此类型相连的是不同的学习方式。


No longer was she so gentle, so relaxed and easy-going. 她不再这样温柔、这样轻松、这样容易相处了。

Not only will Australians never try to wipe out flies, but also they will protect them as they protect other animals. 澳大利亚人不但从不消灭苍蝇,而且还会像保护其它动物那样去保护它们。

Little did they know the wonderful surprise that was in store for them!对于正在等待着他们的惊奇,他们则知之甚少。

Never was such an array of delicious temptations spread before a child.没有什么能比各色糖果更吸引小孩子了。

Nowhere am I happier, nowhere am I more myself. 哪儿也没有这里更让我愉快,哪儿也没有这里更让我感到舒适。

Rarely had a man so young dazzled so many in the supercharged, intensely competitive world of ballet. 很少有人这么年轻就在压力极大、竞争激烈的芭蕾界倾倒了这么多人。

Not until years later did I realize that Peter Beatus had given me a more important gift. 直到几年之后我才意识到皮特•贝特斯送给我的是一件更加重要的礼物。

Nowhere else in the world can there be such a quiet, beautiful place. 这样一个安静、优美的地方你到哪儿找去呀。

Seldom does he come late to the office.   他去办公室很少迟到。

Hardly had they left home when it began to rain. 他们刚离开家,天就下起雨来。

Scarcely had I arrived when he came out to meet me. 我刚一到他就出来迎接我。

No sooner had he arrived than she started complaining. 他一到她就开始抱怨。

By no means shall I misunderstand you. 我决不会误解你。

At no time should we give up study though we have made great progress. 尽管我们已经取得很大进步,但是,也不应该停止学习。

He was a good king, but he had one habit---never, never, would he admit that he might be wrong. 他是个好国王,但是有个坏习惯——从来不肯承认自己会错。


Proud as these nobles are, they are afraid to see me. 尽管这些贵族们很高傲,但他们却害怕见我。

Much as I like you, I will not marry you. 虽然我很喜欢你,但我还是不想跟你结婚。

Child as he is, he knows something of electricity. 虽然还是个小孩,但他知道一些电的知识。

Try as he would, he could not lift the rock.  再使劲,他也搬不动那块石头。


Were she to have time, she would come to help you 她要有时间,会来帮你的。

Should he come, I would tell him the truth.  他来了我就告诉他事实真相。

Had they not helped us, our experiment would have failed. 要是没有他们的帮助,我们的实验就不会成功。

Long live the People’s Republic of China!   中华人民共和国万岁!

May you succeed!     祝你成功!


He can speak Spanish, so can I . 他会讲西班牙语,我也会。

He went to see her, so did I . 他去看她,我也去了。

He is good at painting, so am I .  他擅长绘画,我也是。


He can’t dance, neither can I .  他不会跳舞,我也不会。

He didn’t go shopping, neither did I . 他没去购物,我也没去。

He is not good at maths, neither am I . 他数学不好,我也是。


“Good God!”was all he said .   他所说的只有“老天爷啊!”

“Plenty of them,”was the shop assistant’s reply. “有很多,”售货员随口答道。

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