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1. I’m planning to hold a party in the open air, but I can make no guarantees because it _____ the weather. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m
A. links with    B. depends on    C. connects to    D. decides on
2. Can you make a sentence to _____ the meaning of the phrase?
A. show off    B. turn out    C. bring out    D. take in
3. The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather _____ the helplessness of the crew at sea.
A. added to    B. resulted from    C. turned out    D. made up
4. To keep healthy, Professor Smith _____ cycling as a regular form of exercise after he retired.
A. took up    B. caught on    C. carried out    D. made for

1. On the way to Suzhou, the bus we traveled in that day suddenly _____.
A. broke out    B. broke off    C. broke away    D. broke down
2. Why not _____ tennis? It will help you keep fit.
A. take up    B. take in    C. take on    D. take after
3. I say! Have you _____ a single word I have been saying to you?
A. taken in    B. taken over    C. taken up    D. taken off
4. The car engines _____ so much smoke and fume that air is badly polluted.
A. give up    B. give away    C. give in    D. give off
5. Although Jane agreed with me on most points, here was one on which she was unwilling to _____.
A. give up    B. give in    C. give back    D. give away
6. Can you give me another hint without _____ the answer?
A. giving off    B. giving up    C. giving away    D. giving in
7. It was a minor illness, and she soon _____ it.
A. got round    B. got over    C. got on with    D. got up to
8. The story was so touching that I could hardly _____ my tears.
A. hold on    B. hold back    C. hold up    D. hold out
9. They _____ to climb the mountain yesterday afternoon.
A. set about    B. set off    C. set out    D. set down
10. In what year did Magellan _____ on his voyage around the world?
A. set up    B. set back    C. set for    D. set off
11. I want to buy a new tie to _____ the brown suit.
A. go into    B. go with    C. go after    D. go by
12. The destruction of these treasures was a loss for mankind that no amount of money could _____. w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m
A. stand up to    B. make up for    C. come up with    D. put up with
13. The manager needs an assistant that he can _____ to take care of problems in his absence.
A. count on    B. count in    C. count up    D. count out
14. The sports meet, originally due to be held last Friday, was finally _____ because of the bad weather.
A. set off    B. broken off    C. worn off    D. called off
15. The new appointment of our president _____ from the very beginning of next semester.
A. takes effect    B. takes part    C. takes placeD. takes turns
16. Some of the suggestions have been adopted but others have been _____ as they are quite impractical.
A. turned out    B. turned against    C. turned away    D. turned down
17. A well-written composition _____ good choice of words and clear organization.
A. calls on    B. calls up    C. calls for    D. calls off
18. Without my glasses I can hardly _____ what has been written in the letter.
A. make for    B. make up    C. make out    D. make up for
19. Last week I _____ an old friend of mine in the shopping mall.
A. ran off    B. ran across    C. ran down    D. ran over
20. Mr White was told again and again to _____ smoking but he just wouldn’t listen.
A. cut through    B. cut down    C. cut off    D. cut away
21. When the whole area was _____ by the flood, the government sent food there by helicopter(直升飞机). w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m
A. cut away       B. cut up    C. cut down    D. cut off
22. The police are _____ the records of all these involved in the crime.
A. looking into       B. looking out    C. looking after    D. looking on
23. She’s bought a pair of glasses, which she can never _____ when reading books.
A. do with       B. do away with    C. do up    D. do without
24. He _____ some Japanese during his trip to Tokyo.
A. picked off       B. picked on    C. picked up    D. picked out
25. The author was _____ in a small village, as is described in some of his stories.
A. brought out       B. brought in    C. brought up    D. brought about
26. The Greyhound _____ outside of New York Bus Station at 6 p.m. and started for Washington D.C. at 6:20 p.m.
A. pulled up       B. pulled on    C. pulled down    D. pulled on
27. As we all know, X _____ something unknown in math.
A. stands for       B. stands out    C. stands up    D. stands up to
28. She is such a nagging (唠叨的) woman. I wonder how you can _____ her.
A. put up with       B. get along    C. live up to    D. keep up with
29. It was _____ for him to wear T-shirt at the formal party.
A. out of place       B. out of question    C. out of order    D. out of practice
30. You’ll have to buy some new shoes as these are _____.
A. used up       B. wasted away    C. broken down    D. worn out
31. It is commonly believed that hard work _____ success.
A. results in       B. comes to    C. gets to    D. arrives at
32. The student was just about to _____ the question, when suddenly he found the answer.
A. arrive at       B. submit to    C. work out    D. give up
33. Mr. Morgan can be very sad _____, though in public he is extremely cheerful.
A. by himself   B. in person     C. in private   D. as individual w.w.w.k.s.5.u.c.o.m
34. Some will run the risk of killing themselves and their families ______ admit they don't know how to mend the lamp that has gone wrong.
A. instead of       B. rather than    C. in place of    D. other than
35. Jack is good, hard-working and intelligent. _____, I can’t speak too highly of him.
A. As a result       B. In a word    C. In other words    D. Above all
36. I feel sure that _____ qualification, ability and experience, you are abundantly suited to the position we have in mind.
A. on account of       B. in terms of    C. in spite of    D. by means of
37. Radio and TV help to keep us informed of what is _____ all over the world.
A. taking out       B. going on    C. making up    D. happening in
38. The young couple _____ ¥2000 every month to pay for their son’s education.
A. set off       B. go through    C. put aside    D. pick up
39. We’d better _____ all the crops before the hurricane comes.
A. put out       B. get in    C. feed on    D. bring about
40. By the time the ambulance arrived, the fainted man had already _____.
A. gone out       B. left away    C. stayed up    D. come to

01-05:DAADB 06-10:CBBCD 11-15:BBADA 16-20:DCCBB
21-25:DADCC 26-30:AAAAD 31-35:ADCBB 36-40:BBCBD

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