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1. I can’t remember _____________ made the teacher give Mary the permission to leave the class earlier.
A. that it was what    B. what it was that    C. what was it that    D. that was it what
2. He let out an ______________ cry, “we’ve won!”
A. excited    B. exciting    C. excite   D. excites
3. –Is football John’s favourite sport?  --Yes. __________ football, baseball is his greatest love.
A. Near to        B. Except        C. Beside       D. Next to
4. Do you think regular exercise _____ good health? A. benefit from B. reach for C. make for D. go for
5. Have you applied ___________ Mr Black _____________ the post? It’s worth a try.
A. for; to          B. with; for        C. with; about      D. to; for
6. _______ the loud noise going on in the workshop, I can hardly __________ on my lessons.
A. As; put         B. As; concentrate      C. With; rely      D. With; concentrate
7. ________, I’ve never seen anyone who’s as capable as Kate.
A. As long as I have travelled               B. Now that I have travelled so much
C. As I have travelled much         D. Much as I have travelled
8. The big fire lasted as long as 24 hours ______________ it was brought under control.
A. after      B. before        C. since        D. while
9. The discovery of new evidence led to ______________.
A. the thief having been caught  B. the thief to be caught C. catch the thief  D. the thief being caught
10. –Would you have helped her had it been possible?  --Yes, but I __________ busy with my work.
A. was         B. had been         C. have been       D. am
11. ___________ on the small island, the tower has been seriously damaged by the sea water?
A. Being lain      B. Lain      C. Being located       D. Located
12. In this workshop, the output of July was three times _____________ of January.
A. that           B. this       C. one          D. it
13. –Well, where did you spend your night that day?  --At __________.
A. where it is called Grand Hotel      B. what is called Grand Hotel
C. which is called Grand Hotel        D. that is called Grand Hotel
14. The thief was brought in, his hands ____________ behind his back.
A. tying         B. tied          C. being tied         D. having tied
15. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, _______ the sailing time was 226 days.
A. of which      B. during which    C. from which     D. for which
16. She stood on a brick to make herself ___________ a bit taller.
A. looking       B. looked          C. to look         D. look
17. Did your speech ____ the audience? A. get through to B. get across to  C. get through  D. get across
18. A Du’s unique voice ___________ especially to young people.
A. attracts       B. draws       C. catches      D. appeals
19. The old woman stood still with her eyes ____________ the picture.
A. fixing in      B. fixing on      C. fixed in    D. fixed upon
20. I feel it is you who ___________ for the accident.
A. is to blame    B. is to be blamed    C. are to blame    D. are to be blamed
21. –Have you seen the film?  --Yes. I __________ it three times when I was in Tokyo.
A. saw       B. had seen       C. have seen      D. was seeing
22. The thief was caught ___________ his hand into the pocket of a passenger.
A. to put      B. to be putting    C. putting     D. put
23. So many students __________ for the traffic jam, the exam had to be put off.
A. were late      B. been late     C. has been late    D. being late
24. Seeing her father come back, ______________.
A. tears ran down her cheeks  B. Her tears ran out C. she burst into tears  D. She burst into crying
25. Columbus is known for the great discovery _____________ a new land—America.
A. making up     B. making into       C. make from     D. made of
26. This photo was taken __________ stands the Eiffel Tower.
A. in which       B. in the place which      C. where      D. which
27. With his money __________, he couldn’t go home.
A. leaving        B. missed        C. run out      D. running out
28. It’s __________ great fun to talk with you.  A. a     B. the       C. /        D. an
29. __________ I admit that she has shortcomings, I still like her.
A. When       B. As      C. While     D. Once
30. The Internet has brought __________ big changes in the way we work.
A. about       B. out      C. up       D. back
31. New technology is being __________ almost every industrial process.
A. applied for      B. applied in     C. applied of     D. applied to
32. –Who’s the man talking to our teacher?  --A professor __________ a visit to our school.
A. pays      B. is paying       C. has paid     D. paying
33. Our bodies are strengthened by taking exercise. __________, our minds are developed by learning.
A. Probably      B. Likely      C. Similarly      D. Generally
34. I _________ some English when I was working in a foreign bank.
A. picked out    B. picked up     C. picked from     D. picked at
35. I’m sure all will go well as _____.A. being planned   B. to be planned  C. planning    D. planned
36.—Are you afraid of rats?  --__________.
A. Yes, but not a bit  B. No, not a little C. Yes, never     D. No, not in the least
37. I think the English song is _________ worth _________ again.
A. very; listening to    B. very; listening    C. well; listening to    D. well; listening
38. The students carrying books come in first, ___________?
A. don’t you      B. don’t they       C. will they       D. will you
39. ___________ and we will complete the task sent to us.
A. Another hour    B. An hour later     C. After an hour     D. In an hour
40. My watch __________ five minutes a day, so I have to set it back.
  A. wins     B. gets     C. loses   D. gains


1.---Is there any possibility of _______ the match?  ---I’m not sure.
   A. our team to win  B. our team winning    C. our team will win      D. our team won
2. –Did all these funny things happen in your club?  --No, it was in the class _______I studied English.
 A. when    B. where   C. that     D. which
3. The exam turned out to be very easy, ____I hadn’t expected.
A. as    B. what  C. which    D. it
4. The bus rolled into the valley, _______ over 20 deaths.
A. caused    B. having caused   C. causing    D. to cause
5. He was glad that his experience in the army finally ________.
A. paid back  B. paid for   C. paid about    D. paid off
6. Make marks _______ you have questions. 
A. which  B. in which   C. where     D. in where
7. I won’t give in ________ great difficulties I come across in my life.
A. however    B. whichever    C. whatever    D. wherever
8. Please award the prize to _________comes first in the competition.
A. who    B. whom   C. whoever    D. whomever
9. It is such a difficult problem _______ no one can work out.
A. as    B. that  C. so  D. thus
10. The manager insisted on ________ out the plan at once.
   A. I carried     B. me carry   C. I carry          D. my carrying
11. I’d rather you ________ there next week.   A. went     B. go    C. should go     D. had gone
12. _______ the production up by 60%, the company has had another excellent year.
A. For         B. As       C. Because         D. With
13. ______ to the research, the scientist even forgot to have meals.
  A. Devoting B. Devoted C. Having devoted  D. To devote
14. You were stupid to climb up that big tree. You  ________ yourself.
A. must have killed       B. can have killed C. should have killed     D. might have killed
15. ---Good afternoon, Madam. ___________?   ---No, can you help me please?
   ---Yes, Madam. What are you looking for?   --- I’d like to buy a needle.
A. Are you waiting for me   B. Would you like anything else C. Have you been waited on   D. What can I do for you
16.______ has taken away my notebook?
A. Which of you    B. Who of you     C. Which you       D. Who you
17. By the end of this term, we _______ 6,000 English words in all.
A. will learn      B. will have learned     C. learnt    D. had learnt
18. The boy was led _______while crossing the road.
  A. in the hand     B. by his hand     C. by hand     D. by the hand
19. Can you think of some cases ___ drivers obviously knew the traffic rules but didn’t obey them?
 A. why          B. where          C. as         D. which
20. I lost my way in complete darkness and, ______ matters worse, it began to rain.
A. made         B. making      C. to make      D. having made
21. --- Can I help you? ---I’d like to buy a present for my father’s birthday, _______ at a proper price but of great use.
A. one          B. the one      C. which         D. it
22. Now ______ that it is done properly, or you’ll have to answer ______ it.
A. make ; for     B. notice ; of    C. see ; for       D. get ; of
23. Nobody could ___ it when the bull broke into the shop and attacked 2 customers with its horns.
 A. make         B. help         C. aid           D. take
24. I’m examining the composition he has just finished ____ the possible mistakes in it.
   A. correcting     B. to correct     C. corrected                D. having corrected
25. ---Goodbye, Joyce. Please remember me to your parents.   ---_________.
A. Thanks, I will           B. It’s very kind of you to say so     C. My pleasure       D. What a good idea


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