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1. --- What is the matter with the pen?
  --- The ink _______come out.
  A. isn’t          B. didn’t         C. don’t             D. won’t
2. He will spend six hours at his desk _______ he finishes his composition.
  A. before           B. until            C. after             D. when
3. He took off his coat, _____ all his pockets, but couldn’t find his key.
  A. searched         B. searching       C. to search         D. searches
4. Passengers are required to _____ seated until the plane comes to a complete stop.
  A. leave            B. get             C. keep              D. remain
5. --- Have you got ready for the meeting?
  --- Not yet. We need ________.
  A. three other chairs  B. other three chairs  C. another three chairs  D. three another chairs
6. --- _______ he come in or wait outside?
  --- Let him in, please.
  A. Shall            B. Will            C. Does             D. Has
7. --- Would you like to join us?
  --- Sorry, I’m not _______ as any one of you.
  A. a so good player   B. a such good player   C. so good a player   D. such good a player
8. Please tell me the way you thought of ______ the garden.
  A. take care of       B. to take care of      C. taking care       D. how to take care
9. --- The young man spent as much time as he _______ the experiments.
  --- No wonder he succeeded _______.
  A. did; by the end                        B. could doing; in the end                       
  C. could doing; at the end                  D. could to do; in the end   
10. --- His brother studies at No. 1 Middle School.
   --- ________ my brother and me.
  A. So do            B. So does          C. Neither do       D. So it is with
11. The result of the experiment was very good, ______ we hadn’t expected.
  A. when            B. that              C. which          D. what
12. --- You are drinking too much.
   --- Only at home. No one _______ me but you.
  A. is seeing         B. had seen          C. sees            D. saw
13. The picture ______ on the wall is painted by my nephew.
  A. having hung      B. hanging           C. hangs          D. being hung
14. It was an exciting moment for these football fans this year, ______ for the first time in years 
   their team won the World Cup.
  A. that             B. while             C. which          D. when
15. Sorry I’m late. I ______ have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again.
  A. might           B. should             C. can           D. will
16. One of the sides of the board should be painted yellow, and _______.
  A. the other is white  B. another white       C. the other white  D. another is white
17. _______ some of this juice--- Perhaps you’ll like it.
  A. Trying          B. Try                C. To try         D. Have tried
18. If you don’t go, _______ I.
  A. so do           B. so will              C. nor do        D. neither shall
19. The kings are still _______ a visit abroad. They won’t be back _____ the end of this month. 
  A. on; until         B. in; until             C. in; by        D. at; in
20. The ______ look on his face suggested he ______ that.
  A. surprising; expect                       B. surprising; would expect
  C. surprised; hadn’t expected               D. surprised; wouldn’t have expected
21. I’m considering ______ my house ________.
  A. to have; rebuilt   B. having; rebuild      C. having; rebuilt    D. having; to be rebuilt            
22. I want you to be honest. I hope you feel free to say _____ is on your mind.
  A. whatever        B. anything           C. everything       D. that
23. Those children are wild. I feel sorry for _____ has to be their baby-sitter.
  A. whom          B. who               C. whoever         D. the one
24. ______ seen such a magnificent city as Beijing.
  A. I before never have                      B. Never have before I
  C. Never before have I                      D. Before never have I  
25. _______, there would be no air around the earth.
  A. There were no gravity                    B. There was not any gravity 
  C. Were there no gravity                     D. was there no gravity
26. ________ he seems to know everything.
  A. Young as he is, yet                         B. Young as he is
  C. As he is young, but                         D. Though he is young, but
27. The soldier was _____ in the battle.
  A. injured   B. wounded   C. hurt      D. died
28. Can you _____ the capitals of all the countries?
  A. call             B. name              C. tell           D. give 
29. Failure is the mother of success. ______ your courage and you’ll succeed.
  A. Keep off         B. Keep out           C. Keep up       D. Keep on
30. David and Jack, _____so much alike each other, were often considered _____ twin brothers.
  A. looking; to be     B. looking; being      C. looked; to be   D. being looked; being
31. ________ that I was a regular visitor, the servant let me in.
  A. Having seen      B. Seen              C. Seeing        D. To see
32. Is it in the factory ______ you visited last week ______ this kind of car is made?
  A. /; that           B. where; when        C. where; that     D. /;when
33. --- I hear Warren ______ in a middle school.
   --- What? I can’t imagine him ______ as a teacher.
  A. teach; to work    B. teaches; working     C. teaches; to work D. teach; working 
34. _____ doesn’t seem to have been any trouble in solving the problem.
  A. It              B. That               C. There         D. He
35. If you had finished your homework yesterday, you _____ home now.
  A. will go          B. would go           C. would have gone D. go 
36. John plays football _______, if not better than, David.
  A. as well          B. as well as           C. so well        D. so well as
37. Whom would you rather _____ with you, Tom or _______?
  A. to go; I          B. have gone; I         C. have go; me    D. go; me
38. _______ very high speed, the rocket rushed into the air and soon disappeared.
  A. With            B. By                C. At            D. On
39. _________ in dealing with such a film, you will be sorry.
  A. Being caught      B. Caught            C. Having caught   D. catching
40. He has made a wonderful discovery, ________ of great importance to science.
  A. which I think is   B. which do I think is   C. I think which is  D. which I think it is 
41. --- What made her unhappy?
   --- ___________ in the last exam.
  A. Having failed     B. Fail              C. Failed           D. To fail
42. He expressed his satisfaction with the talks and then _____ that he enjoyed his stay here.
  A. added           B. spoke             C. told             D. declared
43. You see so many people here. I think it is hard to make yourself _____.
  A. understood       B. heard             C. known           D. accepted
44. Don’t worry, father. I have saved the money ______ for his schooling.
  A. needs           B. to need            C. needing          D. needed
45. We have produced much more cars this year, ____ is said in the report.
  A. as              B. like               C. this             D. that
46. --- Let’s hurry. The President is coming.
   --- Oh, I was afraid that we ________.
  A. already miss him                    B. had already missed him
  C. will miss him already                D. have already missed him
47. If you keep on , you'll succeed _____.
  A. in time    B. at one time       C. at the same time   D. on time
48. The postman comes at 6:30 in the morning, ____ time I am usually fast asleep.
  A. when           B. at which         C. which           D. that
49. --- How long ____ was this?
   --- It’s been nearly six years now.
  A. ago            B. before           C. later             D. partly
50. The article is written _____ that all of us can read it ourselves.
  A. in such easy English                 B. in so easy English
  C. in such an easy English               D. with such easy English
51. --- Hurry up! Don’t have the car _____ at the gate.
   --- I’ll be ready after I have my son ______ .
  A. wait; dressing    B. waiting; dressed   C. waited; dress      D. to wait; to dress
52. Mr Brown, ________, works as manager of the company.
  A. we got here in his car                   B. we got here by car
  C. in whose car we got here                 D. by whose car we got here
53. The young couple came to the ball without ___________.
  A. being invited        B. inviting         C. been invited       D. invite
54. I’ll give the diamond to _______ needs it.
  A. whoever            B. anyone          C. no matter who     D. those who
55. I was about to go to bed _____ someone knocked at the door.
  A. when                B. then             C. at the time        D. and
56. Helen said that they ________ for 3 years.
  A. had married          B. married          C. had been married  D. had marriage
57. --- How long has this bookshop been in business?     --- _________ 1985.
  A. After                B. In              C. Since           D. From
58. The trapped children ______ what had happened.
  A. explained me         B. explained to me that C. explained that    D. explained to me
59. It is said that the __________ temple was built 1500 years ago.
  A. stone fine old         B. stone old fine     C. fine old stone     D. fine stone old
60. Put the book ______ it should be when you’ve finished reading it.
  A. how                B. which           C. where           D. who
61. It is the place _____ I once visited when I was young.
  A. that                 B. in which        C. where          D. at which
62. Lincoln had very little free time ______ he could spend studying then.
  A. when               B. in which         C. at which        D. which
63. They got to the railway station, _______ the train ________.
  A. finding; had left      B. to find; had left    C. found; left      D. to find; leaving
64. Is this museum ______ the students visited last year?
  A. that                B. which           C. where         D. the one
65. Mary is the only one of the girls who ________ in for sports.
  A. go                 B. goes            C. have gone      D. have been
66. Kate was very fond of speaking French, ______ indeed she spoke well.
  A. that                B. which           C. and              D. /
67. _______ this road and you will get to the post office at the end.
  A. To follow           B. Follow          C. Following         D. If follow
68. --- Does _____ of these two buses go to the station?
   --- You can’t get to the station by __________ of them.
  A. both; both          B. neither; neither    C. any; any          D. either; either
69. John must have forgotten to return the magazine to the library yesterday, _________?
  A. mustn’t he          B. hasn’t he         C. haven’t he        D. didn’t he
70. Billy has recently _____ golf to provide himself with some relaxation.
  A. taken on            B. taken up         C. taken over        D. taken with 
71. Don’t lose heart. It won’t be long ___________ you catch up with others.
  A. since               B. until            C. as               D. before
72. Facts showed that only when they united ______ the strong enemies.
  A. could they defeat     B. they could defeat  C. they did defeat     D. had they defeat
73. --- Where does Mr. Smith come from?
   --- I’m not sure, but his English _______ Australia.
  A. sounds             B. suggests          C. tells             D. says
74. The meeting ________ now is of great importance.
  A. being held          B. to be held         C. held             D. is being held
75. Chinese is a language ______ more native speakers than any of the other language.  
  A. which             B. has               C. with             D. spoken
76. Such people _______ knew Tom thought he was something of a musician.
  A. who              B. that               C. as               D. whom
77. Wang Hua has a better command of English _________ to make such mistakes.
  A. not               B. as                C. them             D. than
78. _______ the night they had prepared a lot of wonderful programmes.
  A. For               B. At                C. On              D. Of
79. While standing there, I found the strange eyes _____ me.
  A. fixed upon         B. looked at           C. stared at         D. glared at
80. They _______ 1000 dollars for the old house. And now they’ve bought a new one.
  A. spent             B. sold               C. took             D. paid
81. _______ , he didn’t attend the meeting.
  A. He was busy       B. He being busy       C. Because of busy   D. Being busy
82. --- Hi, Grandma, why do you look so tired?
   --- I’m tired. I _______ the cleaning all morning.
  A. did               B. had done           C. have been doing   D. have done
83. We have to produce more food to _______ the demand of the ever-growing population.
  A. suit               B. fix                C. meet            D. respond
84. --- I’m sorry I won’t be able to go with you.
   --- But you _______ me you _________.
  A. told; were going to        B. have told; were going to  
  C. have told; would go to                  D. Had told; were going to
85. --- Do you feel like _________ there or taking a bus?
   --- I would like to walk. Since there isn’t much time left. I’d rather we _____ a taxi.
  A. walking; take   B. walking; took  C. to walk; take D. to walk; took  
86. --- Why can’t I smoke?    --- At no time ____ in the meeting room.
  A. does smoking permit    B. is smoking permitted
  C. smoking is permitted     D. permits smoking
87. --- Will you go to the exhibition with me?
   --- If you don’t, ____________.
  A. nor do I        B. so do I    C. neither shall I   D. so will I    
88. I know there is a coin in your left hand, but what’s in your _______ hand?
  A. other    B. another   C. the other  D. others

1 -5  DAADC    6-10 ACBBD   11-15CCBDA   16-20CBDAC     
21-25 CACCC    26-30BBBCA     31-35CABCB      36-40BCCBA
41-45 AABDA    46-50BABAA     51-55BCAAA      56-60CCDCC
61-65 ADBDB    66-70BBDDB     71-75DABAC      76-80CDAAC
81-85 DCCAB    86-88BCA    

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