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1. I rang your flat yesterday. A man answered but I didn’t  r________the voice.  
2. Bob is so d_________. He must have failed again.
3. The pupil asked the teacher how much time he spent p_______playing the violin every day. 
4. My younger sister s______ my visiting the Summer Palace first.
5. It is a fact that English is being accepted as an i_________language.
6. May I know your phone number or your a_________?
7. The teacher gave an a_______ test to our class. When the papers were marked she discovered that 12 boys had made exactly the same mistakes throughout the test.
8. The 20 gold medal winners are all p______and middle school students under the age of 14.
9. The students had a t________reasons to be proud of themselves.
10. This news story most probably a_________in a newspaper in 2002.
11. In 1939, Butts happened to meet a man called Jim Brunot who showed an i_______in the new game.
12. The 21st Century English Training Center is d_______ from the other three schools.
13. A person’s age no longer tells you anything abut his/her social position, m________ or health.
14. One day Merlin r________ an invitation to attend a fancy dress ball.
15. The Youth Summit was aimed at i__________understanding and friendship between the students of the two countries.
16. Seventy-five American students were s________ to visit China.
17. We have our differences, but we have a lot in c_________.
18. While most people use little white lies to make life easier, the m_______of Americans care about honesty in both public and personal life.
19. “We need f________for our living room,” says John Ross.
20. They took a 2-week c_______ for $280 at a night school.
21. The world’s p__________continues to grow.
22. That could r________6 billion by the end of the century and 11billion in a further 75 years.
23. The Germans caught her and she was s_________ to be shot.
24. She said her only r______ was that she could not have done more than she did.
25. The passage contains all of the following ideas e_______ A.
26. George Eliot was born in Warwichshire. She received an e________education.
27. In 1849, she traveled in E_______and then settled in London.
28. In which state were t__________over one hundred degrees? 
29. Many things had to be i_______ and built before electric lamps could really be used by all.
30. Edison did not notice all the money and h_______which he received, and soon he became interested in other idea.
31. It gives me much p_______ to hear of your progress.
32. After experiments he drew the c________ that light runs faster than sound.
33. After a short rest, they c________ doing their work.
34. I will meet you at the e________ to the park.
35. When we heard the sad news, we were in deep s_______.
36. Smoking is now f_______ in public places in more and more cities.
37. The manager usually leaves some business for his s_________ the deal with.
38. I think it is a suggestion with little p________ value.
39. Our newly-built library is six-storeyed , twice the h______of the old one.
40. Since he isn’t here, would you mind giving him a m__________?
41. Ways must be found to prevent the rivers from being p_______.
42. We gathered for the c_________of her birthday last Sunday.
43. We s______ go to a restaurant to have dinner. We usually have dinner at home.
44. The last month of the year is D__________.
45. This song is becoming widely p_________ in schools.
46. It’s kind of you to do me the f_______ to carry my bag. 
47. ---Do you say you like the shirt over there?
…Not e__________. I said it’s not bad.
48. The art school holds an art e_________every year, where students’ paintings and drawings are shown.
49. He’s broken his leg and needs an o__________immediately.
50. We’d better r______ the big stone on the road, for it’s in the way.
51. e do quite a lot of e______ in the science lab to help us better understand our textbooks of physics, chemistry and biology.
52. I am worried by all the v_______ in the novels. I wonder why everything has to be dealt with by fighting and killing.
53. The contributions of African Americans to US musical history began with the a______ of the first Africans on its mainland in 1619.
54. African slaves were often treated no better than a______.
55. Students must attend classes e______ those required courses like math, physics, English or they will be noted as absent.
56. Governments, media and people became obsessed with something called Sudan I last month. This c______ dye, found in many food products, was said to cause cancer.
57. Everyone knows that diamonds are s_____.
58. Nowadays, almost all popular music c______ elements of African music.
59. He sliced off a thick piece from the loaf and began to prepare his b______.
60. As the t_______ drops, the desire for snacks to keep away the cold winter blues rises.
61. I got a most unusual present from my aunt. It was really a p_____ surprise.
62. Selecting a mobile phone for personal use is no easy task because t______ is changing so rapidly.
63. For hundreds of years humans have dreamt of finding life on other p_____.
64. Your search on the Internet brings up loads of i______ but can you trust it?
65. Chinese people now have a new weapon – the Anti-Secession Law (反分裂法) to oppose those who want to s_____ Taiwan from the mainland.
66. Californian high school students made a long-distance phone call to the International Space Station. About 500 students chatted with the two a_____ there.
67. I had to sign v_____ documents before they would let me into the country.
68. I can’t remember how the tune goes but I’ll r_____ it when I hear it.
69. Clean water has become a very p______ commodity in many parts of the world.
70. Tuesday's deadly chlorine leak (氯气泄漏) in East China's Jiangsu Province has done great damage to the surrounding farmland, killing many crops, including wheat and v_____.
71. I find it c_____ to be able to do shopping on line.
72. With only one child, the parents can give, and the child can receive, more q_____ time and attention.
73. I had just been for a run and I was rather short of b_____.
74. For the Chinese tourism sector (部门), b_____ in 2005 seems to be a war for a theme, or any significant message that tourism officials or managers anywhere can find to lure tourists to their cities' attractions.
75. The tomato soup was hot and smelt absolutely d_____.
76. No vehicles are allowed on Bai Causeway and Su Causeway, two of the ten scenes of the West Lake, because driving has been f______ there.
77. The West Lake is also named after Xi Shi,  one of the famous ancient b_____, because of the comparison made between the two by the poet Su Dongpo.
78. The Twelve Days of Christmas is the period from December 25 to J_____ 6 and is a time of celebrations.
79. I heard your sister passed her driving test yesterday. Do give her my c________.
80. The Prime Minister is the head of the g________.
81. Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America  are the seven c______ in the world.
82. Can you tell me whether “spread” is a r______ verb?
83. The thief was caught when stealing a bicycle and was badly beaten by p_____ before being taken away by the police.
84. The court will have to decide what o______ on the night the victim died.
85. How many trunks does an e______ have?
86. This professor is famous t______ the world.
87. A s______ consists of two thin round cakes with fillings such as egg, cheese or tomato between them.
88. What was the most important scientific d______ in the 20th century?
89. Most announcers on the BBC speak s______ English.
90. She is a wonderfully creative dancer but she doesn’t have the t______ of a truly great performer.
91. Is Spanish George’s mother t_____?
92. Maria asked the l_____ to reserve the book for her.
93. In Hangzhou, some children go to k______ when they are three years old.
94. Be p_____ with her – she’s very old and can’t do anything quickly.
95. The United Nations S_____-General will be traveling, early next week, to Switzerland and Norway.
96. They often eat out in a r______ near their home.
97. For a goalkeeper, it’s a great a________ to have big hands.
98. Weather s______ are used to collect information about weather.
99. Is it n________ for all of us to be present at the meeting this afternoon?
100. I felt a few spots of rain so I put my u______ up.
101. He was a young sailor on his first sea v______.
102. A witness has given the police a very detailed d______ of the man who robbed the bank.
103. Oxford is one of the most famous u______ in the world.
104. She leaned over and w______ something in his ear.
105. Many people come from the surrounding v______ to work in the town.
106. We got lost in London – it was quite an a______.
107. In this part of our city, you can see ancient and m_____ buildings next to each other.
108. The soldiers had carry their e______ on their backs for miles.
109. An electric fan was hanging from the middle of the c______.
110. Do you always c______ your birthday by having a party?

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