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111. The teacher told the boys to c______ up all the waste paper lying about after the picnic and burn it.
112. This course of study is d     to help those wishing to teach abroad.
113. She is r______  her strength after her fever.
114. The newly- built telephone s______played an important role in the first aid.
115. A lot of things used in the New World, were i______ from China, in early times, such as tea and paper, which are the contributions of the Chinese people.
116. It seems that not all the wealthy people spend their holidays in f______ hotels.
117. The troops have m______  near 50 miles today. They must be worn out.
118. You’ll g______ more experience with the help of the teachers than you do it only by yourself.
119. Who can i______such a little girl driving so fast?
120. Those who haven’t e______ such sufferings are difficult to understand them.
121. In winter some animals would c______  a warm place to sleep in.
122. Sofa is more c______  to sit in than chair.
123. She is sitting on a big stone, her arms r______   under his head.
124. I’ve been i______  to give a talk at the conference.
125. The spring sports meet is to be h______ next Monday.
126. I’m not c______  of what she wants, for I don’t know what is her favorite.
127. The p______  of city life forced him to move to the country.
128. It’s impossible to know in a______   what will happen.
129. Why is the window open? Today the students are not s______    to attend school.
130. Japan gets its s______   of raw materials of industry, such as iron and coal and oil form its neighbors.
131. Thanks to those who contributed to the Hope P______ , the children who are in the poor countryside can get schooling.
132. Hope for the best and p______  for the worst.
133. London used to be s______    by fog, which gave it name “Foggy City”.
134. It is very difficult to imagine how far space stretches and how m______  it contains.
135. You’ll make the street d______ if your lorry isn’t packed well.
136. He has been writing since 2 o’clock without a b______ .
137. People’s Daily is the l______  newspaper in China.
138. A new superhighway j______  the two big cities into one.
139. Attack is c______   to be the best form of defense.
140. Teachers should e______ their students not to repeat more, but to think more.
141. Picking up the receiver, I r______   her voice at once.
142. We are r______  in trouble; the situation is hard to deal with.
143. U______   , man realized too late that the world he lives in had been polluted.
144. Don’t a______   with me, my decision is final.
145. His d______   to retire surprising all of us.
146. I take this o______   to thank you.
147. The WTO cannot live up to its name if it does not i______   a country that is home to one fifth of mankind.
148. He warned them not to go skating on such t______ ice.
149. English is taught as a major s______  all over the world.
150. Do all the squirrels s______ food for the winter?
151. They visited the m______  , where a number of stone-age tools were displayed.
152. Don’t s______  your appetite by eating sweets just before dinner.
153. At dusk, the sea c______  down.
154. The doctor was c______  away to an accident.
155. Three men were l______  by helicopter from the burning ship.
156. How far can you t______the stone?
157. I knocked the bucket and the water p______  out all over the floor.
158. The boy scouts h______colorful banners marched in front of the parade.
159. My shoes are too small, p______ against my feet.
160. It is one of the most h______  concentrated energy foods.
161. This kind of lorries can be used for various p______ .
162. C______  your attention on your work, an you’ll solve the problem.
163. The thief passed the day in f______ of discovery.
164. Does anybody h______  to know his address?
165. Nobody would not be o______   by the force of her emotion.
166. We s______   that the boy be sent to school at 7.
167. He ate so much that he had to loosen his b     two holes.
168. If you do your homework c______ again, I’ll tell your mother.
169. My s______ of duty lies in love of our country.
170. The state must c______ for the families of soldiers killed in the war.

171. Please listen for the a________________ at the airport and don’t miss your plane. 
172. He thought it better to begin work i_____________ as time was running out. 
173. He was a poor man with few p______________.______
174. He was a m______________ by the time he was thirty as he inherited a large sum of money from his family.    
175. She loves to wear necklaces, earrings, rings and so on , so her j________ has been insured one million dollars.   
176. Many boys and girls are taught to do g_____________ when they are very little, so some of them can become world champions at the very early age such as Li Ning and Li Xiaoshuang.
177. Tom forgot to bring his raincoat when he had to ride home from school. F___________ his home was only a mile away.   
178.  She could not bear the thought of s___________ from her children for one year.
179. You need to do some r__________ for the coming examinations.   
180.  Patience is a r______________ in teaching.______
181 She was late and only had time for a hurried p_____________ of dinner.  
182.  He is engaged in the o___________ of a new club.  
183.She pretended to be a man by wearing a m_____________.   
184. You must give the cards to the l____________ before you check out these books.  
185. You can tell from the kids’ l___________ that they really enjoy the joke.  
186. Children aged from 3 to 6 can receive regular education in k_____________. 
187. After two hours’ __________, we seemed no nearer a decision than before.   
188. When I’ve talked it over with my wife, I’ll come to a final d_________.   
189. Fold the letter and put it in the e__________.   
190. She hurried over to the e___________ to No. 17 platform.    
191. She is working with e_________ energy.______
192. F_______ is the second month of the year.______
193. A f_______ battle broke out in which both sides suffered heavy loss.    
194. Tigers are f______-eating animals.______
195. Mother put up a big picnic lunch, because she f________ how hungry we would be.  
196. He received a large f________ when his uncle died.   
197. A f________ of water shot up from the burst pipe.   
198. F_________ visits to the museum has made him an experts in plants.  
199. This monument serves as a reminder of the great trip for the future g_______. 
200. He is the spokesman from the g___________.
201. And g________ their talk ceased; long silence followed.    
202. What are you going to do after your g__________ from college?    
203. The teacher put a h_______ of sweets into the boy’s hand.    
204. The children looked wonderfully h_________ with their bright eyes and glowing cheeks. 
205. The i_________ development of the city is amazing.______
206. Before you get a tin of drinks from the machine, you need to i_____ two yuan into it. 
207. A hospital is an i________ to cure the sick.    
208. There are many stars that are i_________ to the naked eyes.   
209. Only say to me, “Stay”, and I will give up this j__________.  
210. I know them both well enough to form my own j__________.   
211. L_________ is an instrument for communication.______
212. There was no person l_________ enough in this country understand it.    
213. He smokes a m_________ of 10 cigarettes a day.______
214. Many shrewd and successful m____________ come from Wenzhou. 
215. A miner works underground, digging out m____________ such as coal, copper, diamonds, etc. 
216. A m__________ country is one in which there are many mountains.______
217.Many young people choose to get married in O________ because the weather is the best. 
218. There was a quarrel about the o_________ of the treasure they had found.    
219. When you do the fast reading, be sure to read each p_________ carefully.   
220.Each p________ is supposed to show his ticket before they can get on the train. 

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