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1. “Thank you” and “Sorry” are often used in our d____ life.
2. It is hoped that the terrible tsunami on the way can be broadcast by the advanced g_____ warning systems in future.
3. Speed skater Li Jiajun d_______ the Chinese crowd with a stunning upset( 意外的结果),winning a bronze medal.
4. Photography is strictly f______ in the museum.
5. Her tears f______ fast at the news that both her parents had died in the flood.
6. He d___ the number 8580000 and waited.
7. Ronaldinho won the G_____ Ball on Monday as European player of the year, another honor for the Brazilian following his FIFA player of the year award last year.
8. The g______ has taken measures to curb( control ) further outbreaks of the bird flu.
9. After many f_____ and successes, he at last achieved his goal.
10. G____ must check out before noon, or they will be charged for the day.
11. Health officials are concerned about the possibility that the virus will mutate(变异) into a form that can spread e_____ from person to person.
12. E_____ pollution should be paid enough attention to by the local government and citizens.
13. The children g_____ in the garden to set off fireworks.
14. The students set up a small laboratory and d_____ every moment to the learning project.
15. The words of his head teacher, which were said at the g_____ party, left a lasting impression in his mind. He’s still affected by them.
16. Taiwan people are warmly welcoming and e_____ the arrival of panda couple.
17. As is well known, Britain and France are E_____ countries.
18. I was so f_____ by the sight that I would not take my eyes off it.
19. There is not much f_____ in the house he rented.
20. If you are e_____ by a company, you are an employee.
21. Class Two are holding a class meeting, e_____ the experience of learning English.
22. Jack and his classmates are doing a chemistry e______ in the second lab.
23. According to the constitution, everybody in that country enjoys f_____.
24. China is made up of many peoples, so we can enjoy the cultural d_____.
25. There is no clear e______ to show that he is doing something wrong. You’d better get something to prove if you think so.
26. Most of the story Robin Hood happened on a d_____ island.
27. News that China was to h_____ the 2008 Olympic Games excited every Chinese.
28. Our school has been given some new e_____ , such as computers and TVs.
29. Please remember to finish your composition and hand them in before the d______.
30. Everybody wants to go for an outing. There is almost no d_____ about the plan.
31. His health is g____ improving because of the doctor’s successful treatment.
32. The American cyclist Lance Armstrong was d____ with cancer and many thought it meant the end of his career.
33. She was less e_____ than others about going to Huangshan because she had been there twice.
34. He can’t afford to travel abroad once a year at his own e_______.
35. Little Tom is more d_____ than intelligent.

36. Just as IOC President Rogge said, the Five Friendlies are a little f____, chosen carefully by Beijing 2008 to represent all of China and to carry a message of friendship to the children of the world.
37. The camera which he bought in Hong Kong last year has been d____ by his little son.
38. It’s d_____ to ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
39. The Smiths have two d_____ and one son, all of whom are working abroad.
40. Her d_____ to marry an 80-year-old man surprised everybody.
41. Who cooked this? It’s d_______.
42. They want to know what the d_____ of the well is.
43. The police asked her to give a detailed d_____ of what had happened.
44. He d______ a lecture on genetic engineering as planned.
45. Modern industrial development has almost d_____ the natural environment in some way, which the humans must rely on.
46. Nothing could be done to save the patient and he was d_____ fast.
47. Read the d______  on the bottle carefully before taking the medicine.
48. In recent years he has made two important scientific d______.
49. The problem which came up at yesterday’s meeting is under d_______.
50. The world is d_____ into seven continents.
51. The accident was due to careless d_____.
52. The machine is run by e______ not by man power.
53. All the e_____ except the manager are encouraged to work online at home.
54. Young people usually have more e_____ than old people.
55. He e_____ me my trip to Beijing.
56. I like the film very much--- e______ the last part.
57. The suit fitted me very well e_____ that the colour was a little brighter.
58. The scenery was beautiful beyond e____.
59. F_____ is the mother of success.
60. She looks f______ to me, but I don’t remember her name.
61. Will you do me the f_____ to translate this sentence into English?
62. “ What is your f______ sport ?” Jack asked me.
63. Smoking in a gas station will be f_____.
64. I looked for my watch everywhere and f_____ found it on the desk.
65. The Five Friendlies will be e_____ popular and will help to spread Olympic messages throughout the world.
66. F_____ , people are beginning to realize how serious the situation is.
67. He is a f_____ visitor to our house.
68. The radio doesn’t f_____ properly and I will have it fixed.
69. The only piece of f_____ in their living room is a sofa.
70. My friends and I have always been regarded as f_____ by the local folk.
71. March comes after F_____.
72. He has had three accidents in the past f_______.
73. The f______ to Beijing is now boarding at Gate 8.
74. These G______ are sure to read the novels written in English.
75. Now many farmers make a living by g______ vegetables.
76. Parents should help their children to form good h_____.
77. Nowadays most people use paper h_____ instead of cloth ones.
78. Judging from the h______, the letter must be written by a child.
79. Smoking is h_____ to your health. Stop smoking.
80. The problem of unemployment is a big h_____ for the government.
81. Publishing house must publish more new books h_____ to teenagers.
82. If h_____ to a high temperature, water will change to vapour.
83. Don’t h_____ to ask me for help if you have any question.
84. Are there any h_____ or sports you particularly like?
85. How will you spend your summer h_____ after the college entrance examinations?
86. The young g______ is the hope of our motherland.
87. He is a hardworking student and feels h_____ about the future.
88. What h_____ weather! We can’t go out for a picnic again.
89. China has tried every effort to become the h_____ country of 2008 Olympic.
90. He tried his best to solve the problem, however d______ it was.
91. People enjoy reading h_______ advertisements.
92. The students all have a h______ for knowledge.
93. The couple’s quarrelling and f______ hurt each other.
94. He jumped into the river to save the d______ child without hesitation.
95. The sun was h_____ by the clouds.
96. Did he have anything to say in e______ of his bad behavior?
97. The two girls are of the same age and of the same h_____.
98. The soldier was ordered to keep g_____.
99. The doctor told him to take more e_____ and eat less junk food.
100. You’ve done an e_____ job, which your parents will be satisfied with.

1. daily  2. global   3. delighted   4. forbidden   5. flowed  6. dialled/dialed 
7. Golden  8. government  9. failures  10. Guests  11. easily  12. Environmental
13. gathered  14. devoted  15. graduation  16. expecting  17. European 
18. frightened  19. furniture  20. employed  21. exchanging  22. experiment
23. freedom  24. diversity  25. evidence  26. deserted  27. host  28. equipment
29. deadline  30. doubt  31. gradually  32. diagnosed  33. excited  34. expenses
35. diligent  36. family  37. damaged  38. dangerous  39. daughters  40. decision
41. delicious  42. depth  43. description  44. delivered  45. destroyed  46. dying
47. directions  48. discoveries  49. discussion  50. divided  51. driving 
52. electricity  53. employees  54. energy  55. envied  56. especially  57. except
58. expression  59.Failure  60. familiar  61. favour/favor  62. favourite/favorite
63. fined  64. finally  65. extremely  66. Fortunately  67. frequent  68. function
69. furniture  70. foreigners  71. February  72. fortnight  73. flight  74. Germans.
75. growing  76. habits  77. handkerchiefs/handkerchieves  78. handwriting 
79. harmful  80. headache  81. helpful  82. heated  83. hesitate  84. hobbies
85. holidays  86. generation  87. hopeful  88. horrible  89. host  90. difficult
91. humorous  92. hunger  93. fighting  94. drowning  95. hidden  96. explanation
97. height  98. guard  99. exercise  100. excellent

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