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1. I don’t quite agree with you. I think just the o_______. We need more discussion.
1. So far a large number of scientific and t_______ workers have been sent abroad for further training.
2. She is in a poor s_______ of health. I think she needs to see a doctor.
3. ---Oh, it’s you! Jane. I didn’t r_________ you!
---Sorry, I’m wearing new glasses.
4. Having s_______ such heavy loss, the businessman didn’t have the courage to go on.
5. Had I realized the importance of learning English, I would have taken it more s_______.
6. This collection of poems is said to be t_______ into at least seven foreign languages in the year to come.
7. It is r_______ that great efforts made to look into the case have paid off.
8. Turn on the t_______ or open a magazine and you will often see advertisements showing happy families.
9. John asked me to r_______ the telephone number a second time so that she could write it down.
10. When I was very young, I was t_______ frightened of school, but soon I got over it.
11. ---It’s twelve o’clock. I think I must be off now.
---Oh, really! I didn’t r_______ it at all.
12. ---Did everyone get t_______ the driving test? 
---No, not all. A few failed
13. We often see Tom sitting in front of his desk, deep in t_______.
14. Your composition is well written except for some s______ mistakes.
15. He made his lab the base for his s_______ research.
16. The house is broken. It needs making r_______.
17. He was too frightened to say a s______ word.
18. The young man s______ away all the difficulties and won in the end.
19. The teacher was much s______ with his students’ progress in English.
20. Since we are good friends, we should s_______ our happiness and sorrow.
21. Did you still remember the r_______ where we had our lunch last week?
22. Jack is r_______ as the top basketball player in the school.
23. How I r_______ the time I should have worked hard but wasted playing!
24. This is something between you and me. Remember it is a s_______.
25. We know the blind men t_______ their own sense of touch very much.
26. The street is full of r_________ and smells terrible.
27. When I came back, the door r_______ locked, so I had to wait again.
28. In its hibernating state, the animal has r________ its movement greatly.
29. You hurt yourself too much so you need an o_______ at once.
30. We don’t feel that we’re getting r______ progress if we read a book that has been made simple.
31. Some South African o_______ will go to Washington for talks with the United States on development of economy.
32. My father cried out in s_______ when he won the game at last.
33. His discovery has been used widely, and many t_______ of people have been saved all over the world.
34. After six hours’ climbing, we s_______ in reaching the top of the mountain.
35. She dare not tell the boss because she doesn’t want to make t______.
36. The r_______ why he was late was that he didn’t get up early enough.
37. The People’s R________ of China was founded on October 1, 1949.
38. The murderer was soon caught and s_______ to death.
39. ---Have you heard from John r_______?
---Yes. Only yesterday.
40. She t______ the fish and found it very delicious.
41. The young man is working hard to turn his wish into r_______.
42. The book was well r________ by the critics and the public.
43. The story has widely s______ that princess would soon marry.
44. Anyone who want to apply for the position must s______ up here.
45. It is one thing to make comments on others’ performances, but it is q_____ another to perform skillfully yourself.
46. After packing all the things into his t______ bag, he sat on the sofa, waiting for the taxi.
47. It shames me to say it, but I told a lie when being q_______ at the meeting.
48. I would like to live in a q_______ neighborhood so that I won’t be disturbed.
49. Let me r_______ you about the meeting tomorrow morning. Don’t forget it.
50. She has a pain in his s________, so she doesn’t want to eat anything.
51. S_______ in my life have I met such a determined person as he.
52. The speaker r_______ his voice but still couldn’t make himself heard.
53. Can you think of a s_______ where “doing it alone” might be more important than teamwork?
54. Soldiers are expected to o_____ their officer’s orders without question.
55. SAR is an illness that can result in death unless t_______ in time.
56. I heard a cat walking on our r_____ and then I looked up.
57. That she hadn’t kept her mind oh her work r________ in the failure.
58. Few people go to watch plays nowadays, so the t_______ will have to close.
59. ---What do you think of the medicine?
---To tell you the t_______, it has side effect.
60. All of a s_______, the ship hit an iceberg and came to a stop.
61. However late he is, Mother will wait for him to have dinner t_________.
62. The army officers led a r_______ against the king.
63. When you answer questions in a job interview, please r________ the golden rule: Always give the monkey exactly what he wants.
64. Our school o_______ trips to different places of interest every summer.
65. ---When will you r_______ the novel to the library?
--- On finishing reading it.
66. They started off late and got to the airport with minutes to s______.
67. ---What does Canada export?
--- Large q________ of wheat are sent abroad.
68. This cake is very s______. You must have put a lot of sugar in it.
69. You didn’t buy the car at a r________ price; it wasn’t worth that much.
70. Did you hear the noise? It seemed that some people were q________ there.
71. In the early nineteenth century, millions of Africans were sold in America to work as s____.
72. ---How do you think about his explanation?
---I don’t think it makes s_______.
73. The president of this university t_______ agrees to this plan the group made.
74. In some countries it is illegal to advertise t_______ products.
75. Her hands are r______ because pf the hard work.
76. How kind of you it is to o______ me your help!
77. She didn’t give a r_______ to my letter.
78. In order to protect our environment, we mustn’t t______ away so much waste.
79. A s________ line is the shortest distance between two points.
80. These goods are t_________ to Japan by water not by land.
81. The t_______ day of a month is the 20th.
82. It was George Washington who led Americans to s______ for building an independent country.
83. I have returned the money I o______ to her.
84. I could hardly recognized him at the r_______ station after ten years of separation.
85. The conductor of the train asked us to show him our t_______.
86. My friend came up and patted me on the s_______.
87. You can stick to your o_______, but I will insist on my own view.
88. When I get to Linhai, don’t forget to r_______ me to telephone to them.
89. His father is a s_____, who is always at sea and seldom has time to be with him.
90. A fence at the back of the garden s_______ us from the neighbors.
91. We aim at q_______ rather than quantity.
92. Take the rotten fish out of the refrigerator! They are s_______.
93. Mr Harris ran out of the hall quickly, as soon as the clock s_______ seven.
94. If I don’t get this finished in time, I’ll be in t_______.
95. Three-quarters of the world’s s_______ is covered by water.
96. If you want to be a teacher, you need s________ training.
97. The twin brothers look very s______. I can’t tell one from the other.
98. I need something to r_______ the dirty thing from my skirt.
99. The American t_______ in Iraq were reported to have a fierce fighting with the terrorists.

1. opposite   2. technical   3. state  4. recognize 5. suffered 6. seriously 7. translated
8. reported    9. television  10. repeat 11. terribly  12. realize 13. through   14. thought 15.spelling    16. scientific   17. repairs  18. single   19. smoothed  20. satisfied  21. share 
22. restaurant  23. regarded   24. regretted  25. secret  26. trust  27. rubbish 28. remained  29. reduced    30. operation   31. rapid  32. officials 33. surprise  34. thousands 
35. succeeded   36. trouble    37. reason  38. Republic  39.sentenced   40. recently 
41. tasted  42. reality   43. received   44. spread   45. sign   46. quite  47. traveling   48. questioned 49. quiet    50. remind  51. stomach  52. Seldom  53.raised  54. situation 55.obey  56. treated   57. roof  58. resulted  59. theatre  60. truth   61. sudden  
62. together   63. revolution  64. remember  65. organizes  66. return 67. spare 
68. quantities 69. sweet  70. reasonable  71. quarreling  72. slaves  73. sense  74. totally
75. tobacco  76. rough  77. offer   78. reply  79. throw  80. straight 81. transported 
82. twentieth  83. struggle  84. owed  85. railway  86. tickets  87. shoulder  88. opinion  89. remind 90. sailor  91. separates  92. quality  93. smelly  94. struck  95. trouble 
96. surface  97. special  98. similar  99. remove   100. troops

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