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1. She is u_________ while her sister is pretty beautiful.
2. Students shall wear school u__________ at school.
3. He is always very punctual, but this morning he got to school twenty minutes
later than u________.
4. Take the u_________ with you in case it rains.
5. We had a heavy snow this March, which was most u_________ here.
6. Our world is but a small part of the u__________.
7. Do you know which u__________ he graduated from?
8. We were about to leave when we had an unexpected v__________.
9. Sorry to have taken up so much of your v___________ time.
10. The scientist decided to leave London for v_________ reasons.
11. Eating plenty of v____________ is good for your health.
12. After finishing school, she found work in a restaurant as a w___________.
13. Uncle used to live in a city in the w___________ part of the country.
14. A high-speed maglev train has no w________ and no engine.
15. The box is not plastic---it’s w___________.   
16. Sorry, I can't read your w________, it's too small.
17. He cared nothing for w__________, otherwise he would be very rich now.
18. Listen! The radio is w________ people against going out during the storm.
19. A lot of household w_________ can be recycled and reused.
20. She stopped crying and w________ her eyes with a tissue.
21. The boy tried to get into the classroom without being noticed, but luck went a_________ him.
22. During Mr. Gao’s a__________, a 13-year-old girl was asked to take his place and work as a teacher.
23. His father frequently goes a_________ because he has many branch stores in these countries.
24. It was said that pirates(海盗)used to b________ treasures under the ground in the cave and then failed to collect them.
25. Take care! Don’t you think the ice is too thin to b___________ your weight?
26. The only road leading to the village was b__________ by the heavy snow.
27. We should not turn a b__________ eye to our mistakes or we will be punished some day.
28. If you want to get on well with them, first of all, you should b__________ in them.
29. At the airport, all the b_________ is carefully examined by the customs officers.
30. --What’s being a__________ over the loudspeaker?
--Our train has been delayed.
31. He appeared c___________, but inside his heart was beating wildly with fear.
32. The three children are looking forward to c_________ their parents’ silver wedding.
33. I always keep c___________ in the house in case there is a power failure.
34. Albert Einstein is considered to be the leading scientist in the 20th c___________.
35. Several new railways are under c____________ in China. They are expected to come into use next year.
36. Children are c___________ about everything around them.
37. She caught a bad cold and kept c_________ all night.
38. Antarctic is the coldest of the seven c______________ in the world.
39. The bus was so c_____________ that there was only standing room.
40. With his digital c___________, he took lots of pictures when he visited the city.
41. He is brave. I’m filled with admiration for his c_____________.
42. Christmas falls on D___________ 25th, when families in western countries get together and celebrate it.
43. I have no sense of d____________, and can never tell east from west, north from south.
44. The Third World is made up of d____________ countries.
45. After twenty years’ hard work they paid off their d_________.
46. He hates it when his sleep is d_________ by loud noises in the middle of the night..
47. He’s a person to be d_______ on. You can count on him to come to your help in time of need.
48. Camels can travel long d___________ over the desert.
49. Some runners try to gain an unfair advantage by taking d______.
50. It never o___________ to John that his wife might be unhappy.
51. We quickly used the mouth-to-mouth way to give the d_________ boy the first aid, who had been in water for about 5 minutes.
52. It seems that American English is a little d__________ from British English.
53. In that mountain area lots of trees are ____________(毁坏) by the burning each year.
54. We are all ___________ (决心) to work hard and try to do well in the NCEE.
55. The whole nation was shocked at the news that Lincoln was shot _______(死) at the threatre in Washington D.C.
56. To the boy’s great __________ (失望), he didn’t win the English contest held last week.
57. The young man devoted these two years to __________ (设计) the city stadium.
58. The manager was very pleased to learn that the output of the TV sets in his company __________ (翻了一倍) that of last year.
59. His ___________ (努力)  eventually paid off.
60. The boy has great ___________(困难) pronouncing the word “breathe”.
61. Germany is a ____________ (欧洲) country, so is France.
62. Some people are extremely ___________(挑剔) about what they eat.
63. The new tax system will come into __________(实施) in the spring.
64. It's time you started to think __________ (认真) about the future.
65. His parents watched with _________(骄傲) as Mike went up to collect his prize.
66. On January 2nd, 1984, a terrible __________(地震) hit the city of San Francisco, causing a lot of damage.
67. If you want to lose weight , you have to eat less and __________(做运动) more.
68. The weather of Chengdu in February is still cold, ___________(尤其)
 at night.
69. The thief __________(夺走) her handbag and ran off with it
70. With the ___________(电) cut off, the whole city was in dark.
71. Don’t forget to stick a stamp on the __________(信封) before posting the letter.
72. It was in this lab that we did physics ___________(实验) last Friday.
73. The waste-paper basket is full . Would you please _________(倾倒) it?
74. You’d better go to the hospital and have your eyes ___________(检查).
75. We should all treat older people with more ________(尊敬)
76. The doctors did everything _________ (尽可能) to save his life.
77. I came across an old friend of mine at the _________(入口) to the station last Friday.
78. We’re looking forward to your ____________(回复).
79. To our joy, they all arrived at the party several minutes earlier than __________(预期).
80. The medicine he took didn’t come into _________(有效) until half an hour later.
81. She looks _________(面熟的) to me, but I don’t remember where I met her before.
82. Smoking is ___________(禁止) in many public places in our city.
83. Besides English, he can speak some other __________(外国) languages.
84. __________(失败) is the mother of success.
85. Karl Marx left his country for _________(政治) reasons.
86. The bus stops from time to time to pick up more __________(乘客).
87. Mary stood back and looked at her work with a sense of __________(满足)
88. You should always keep your cash and credit cards __________(分开).
89. In __________(近来) years there have been many changes.
90. Your handwriting is very ___________(相似) to mine.
91. Tell me _________(直接), doctor ?is it serious?
92. I gave her ___________(严格) instructions to be home before 9.00.
93. The bad news came as a _________(震惊) to her.
94. I cut myself  ___________ (刮脸时)this morning.
95. The ¬¬__________(影子)of the buidling lengthened as the sun went down.
96. The train was delayed owing to a __________(技术) problem.
97. Some people believe that it’s _________(残忍) to use animals for medical tests.
98. He failed his college entrance exams twice, which was a __________(打击) for both him and his parents.
99. December is the _________(十二) month of the year.
100. It’s well known that light t________ faster than sound.

1. ugly    2. uniforms 3. usual 4. umbrella    5. unusual
6. universe7. university 8. visitor9. valuable    10. various
11. vegetables  12. waitress 13. western   14. wheels15. wooden
16. writing17. wealth  18. warning   19. waste20. wiped
21. against22. absence 23. abroad    24. bury 25. bear
26. blocked    27. blind    28. believe    29. baggage   30. announced
31. calm  32. celebrate33. candles   34. century   35. construction
36. curious    37. coughing 38. continents 39. crowded   40. camera
41. courage   42. December43. direction  44. developing  45. debts
46. disturbed  47. depended48. distances  49. drugs 50. occurred
51. drowning  52. different 53. destroyed  54. determined  55. dead
56. disappointment 57. designing  58. doubled   59. efforts60. difficulty
61. European  62. particular    63. operation  64. seriously    65. pride
66. earthquake 67. exercise 68. especially  69. seized  70. electricity
71. envelope   72. experiment   73. empty74. examined    75. respect
76. possible    77. entrance78. reply 79. expected80. effect
81. familiar    82. forbidden    83. foreign    84. Failure 85. political
86. passengers  87. satisfaction  88. separate   89. recent  90. similar
91. straight92. strict  93. shock94. shaving 95. shadow
96. technical    97. cruel  98. blow 99. twelfth 100. travels

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