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1. There will be an _________(展览) next week in our city.                        1____________
2. She had her arms and feet hurt in a car __________ (事故).                      2____________
3. Madame Curie made an __________(重要的) discovery.                        3____________
4. Mr. Li studied law at college and became a ___________(律师) after graduation.      4____________
5. Have you ever seen the famous ___________(喜剧) Twelfth Night by Shakespeare?  5____________
6. A doctor should answer for his p___________ just as a teacher for his students.       6____________
7. Sports can keep us h_________.                                            7____________
8. The coldest continent on the earth is A____________.                           8____________
9. You look too fat. I advise you to lose your w____________.                      9____________
10.The doctor told me to have more v____________ and fruit.                     10___________

Keys: 1.exhibition    2.accident     3.important     4.lawyer       5.comedy
6.patients      7.healthy     8.Antarctic      9.weight       10.vegetables

1. The building ________(环绕) with green trees is the our library.       1____________
2. This kind of car can be driven at a speed of 120 ________(千米) an hour.  2____________
3. Poets often use their _________ (想象力) to write poems             3____________
4. When did the ________(宇航员) first land on the moon.              4____________
5. The word “see” has the same __________(发音) as the word “sea”.     5____________
6. _______(现代)agriculture has many advantages than traditional agriculture. 6____________
7. There are many kinds of a_________ in the zoo.                    7____________
8. Mary is o__________ about her chances of winning a gold medal.      8____________
9. We often go swimming in summer v_________.                        9____________
10.Marx’s mother t___________ is German.                         10____________

Keys: 1.surrounded    2.kilometers    3.imagination   4.astronaut    5.pronunciation
6.Modern        7.animals      8.optimistic    9 vacation    10.tongue

1. He has ________(总共) collected 1020 stamps.                     1____________
2. The whole city was ________(美丽) lit up on the mid-autumn night.    2____________
3. It’s time you make your own ________(选择).                     3.____________
4. He offered his ________(祝贺) on our victory.                     4____________
5.The four poles, __________(支撑) the ceiling were well built.         5____________
6. Cotton and wooden ________(工业) are developing very fast in this country.  6____________
7. It’s no use ________(争吵) with such a man.                       7____________
8. At ________(高度) of four miles, the air becomes too thin to breathe.  8____________
9. I had to be _________(打断) while walking.                       9____________
10.I can’t sleep with those __________(吵闹) children in the house.     10____________

Keys: 1.altogether   2.beautifully    3.choice       4.congratulations   5.supporting
6.industries    7.quarrelling   8.height       9.interrupted      10.noisy

1. I like t________. I have been to many places in the world and I am going to New Zealand this year.1.________
2. Dolphins are wild c________.                                  2____________
3. Can you give one of the best m________ to learn a foreign language?   3____________
4. The Spring Festival is our t_________ festival.                     4____________
5. When there is not enough rainfall, i__________ is needed, because the crops won’t grow without water. 5.________
6. The P________ Ocean is the largest ocean in the world.              6____________
7. Benjamin Franklin’s experiments showed that lightning and e _______are the same. 7____________
8. We can c_________ in both Chinese and English.                            8.____________
9. There are many rivers and m__________ in our country.                      9.____________
10.The meeting lasted for a whole day but no ________(协定)was reached.        10.____________

Keys: 1.traveling     2.creatures     3.methods       4.traditional    5.irrigation
6.Pacific       7.electricity    8.communicate   9.mountains    10.agreement

1.“Mind you________ (行为) , ”the mother said to her young boy.    1.____________
2. Our party has now a correct ________ (政治)line.                  2.____________
3. Living in the country is less _________ (昂贵)than in the city.        3.____________
4. I have a ________(负面的) opinion about this matter.              4.____________
5. She was really quite ________(孤独) in the world.                5.____________
6. Can you understand this passage without e__________?              6.____________
7. Light travels much faster than sound w__________.                 7.____________
8. They have some s________ dishes not found anywhere else,             8.____________
9. Without hard work, it is i_________ for anyone to learn a foreign language.   9.____________
10.Our school has founded the Students’ U__________.             10.____________

Keys: 1.behavior     2.political      3.exensive      4.negative      5.lonely
     6.explanation  7.waves        8.special       9.impossible     10.Union

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