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1. This afternoon he suddenly fell ill and an ________(救护车) was called to carry him to hospital.  1.____________ 
2. They ________(尖叫) for help from the window of the burning hotel.              2.____________
3. The _________(系统) under lying modern physics is not fully worked out.          3.____________
4. There has recently been ________(趋势) towards simple style in women’s dresses.   4.____________
5. It was a ________(荒芜的)land and nobody was living on it.                  5.____________
6. This new product is sold ________(世界各地).                               6____________
7. When I went in, he ________(假装) to be sleeping.                   7____________
8. I will never ________(宽恕)you for what you have done to your parents.  8____________
9. Both our material and ________(精神) life has been greatly improved in recent years.  9____________
10.He has formed the habit of getting up and going to bed early and does everything ________(有规律地)

Keys: 1.ambulance   2.screamed      3.system      4.trend          5.deserted
6.worldwide   7.pretended      8.forgive      9.spiritual      10.regularly

1. He has 30 _______(绵羊) on the farm.                                     1.____________
2. ________(贫困) prevented the girl from continuing her education.               2.____________
3. She is wearing a ________(破旧的) coat .                                  3.____________
4. We have decided to________(牺牲) a trip for a new car .                       4.____________
5. Mary is so ________(累) that she can’t go with us.                            5.____________
6. A fence at the back of the garden ________(分开) us from the neighbors           6.____________
7. Millions of people from all over the world have ________(参观) the Great Wall.    7.____________
8. The teacher asked the students to practise ________(说) English  every day.      8.____________
9. It’s very ________(稀罕的) for him to be late for school.                      9.____________
10.Our rice is very ________(合情合理), you can depend on us.                  10.____________

Keys: 1.sheep      2.Poverty       3.shabby      4.sacrifice       5.tired
6.separated   7.visited        8.speaking       9.rare  10.reasonable

1. We should take some measures to prevent the river from being further p________.   1____________
2. After saying “ Good-bye ”, they all went off s__________.                      2____________
3. I know you are very busy. Would you mind s__________ me a few minutes?        3____________
4.He is a teacher by ________(职业) .                     4____________
5. There is a beautiful carved f__________ on the stone.                          5____________
6. You’d better speak h__________, not tell lies.                                 6____________
7. As everybody knows, Thursday is the f__________ day of a week.                7____________
8. Textbooks were  ________(分配) free of charge .                             8____________
9. “ Heavy ” is the o__________ word of “ light ”.                               9____________
10. I should ________(确保) myself to reporting the facts.                       10____________

Keys: 1.polluted      2.separately     3.sparing     4.profession   5.figure
6.honestly      7.fifth          8. .distributed     9.opposite      10.restrict

1. I could hear them ________(私语)under the tree over there .               1.____________
2. The question is which model of telephone is ________ (灵巧),this one or that one? 2. ____________
3. This hotel can ________ (供给住宿)300 guests.                           3.____________
4. He has no________(资格) for this job.                                  4.____________
5. We’ve got to be ________(实际) and buy only what we need.                5.____________
6. The teacher nodded with a _________(满意的) smile.                       6.____________
7. China is sure to turn all her wishes into________(现实) as we all know.         7.____________
8. Stick stamps on the ________(信封) and post the letters.                    8.____________
9. The professor will fly ________(直接) to Tokyo tomorrow morning.           9.____________
10.It’s not ________(自然) for a child of his age to be so quiet.                 10.____________

keys: 1.whispering    2.smarter       3.accommodate    4.qualification  5.practical
6.satisfied      7.realities      8.envolopes     9.directly        10.natural

1.The government is taking measures to improve the living c________ of the people in that area. 1.____________
2. Tom always d________ of becoming a pilot when he was a boy.         2____________
3. Our library is a big one. There are all kinds of m________, books,
  and even newspapers for us to read.                                3____________
4. There is no more money needed for f________ research into this matter.   4____________
5. The prisoners a_______ to escape but failed at last.                    5____________
6. He went to ________(德国)twice on business last year.              6____________
7. The mother bear ________(生)two baby bears in the zoo last year.        7____________
8. All the teachers went ________(楼下)to have a meeting.                8____________
9. My father was once the great physicist’s ________(助手).               9 ____________
10.The dustbin near the building hasn’t been _________(倒空) for almost  three weeks.

Keys: 1.conditions    2.dreamed/dreamt 3.magazines   4.further        5.attempted
6.German      7.bore          8.downstairs   9.assistant      10.emptied

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