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1. A l________ is a person who helps you when you want to borrow books from a library.  1____________
2. When I was on h_______, I visited my uncle.                                 2____________
3. The accident o________ at five o’clock in the morning.                         3____________
4. This is a s________ day for her because on this day ten years ago she married David.  4____________
5. The storm did a lot of d__________ to the crops.                               5____________
6. Her health is __________ (逐渐)improving.                                   6____________
7. Go to see a doctor, you are                    (显然)ill.                    7____________
8. She is too poor to satisfy family’s _________(物质)need.                         8____________
9. According to the weather report, the weather will ________(继续) fine till this weekend.   9____________
10.I’ll have several travels on business in ________(八月份).                          10____________

Keys: 1.librarian     2.holiday      3.occurred      4.special        5.damage
6.gradually    7. obviously    8.material     9. continue      10.August

1. The toy is the boy’s ________(喜爱).                            1____________
2. She is a woman of high ________(地位).                         2____________
3. This kind of machine was invented in the ________(十九) century.    3____________
4. He is not _________(漂亮) but is very pleasant-looking.             4____________
5. Please put some ________(柴火)on the fire, or it will go out.        5____________
6. He is to b__________ for he has done a great fault.                 6____________
7. The g________ boy ate so many cakes that he fell ill.                7____________
8. The c_________ of the factory are smoking heavily, polluting the air.  8____________
9. He couldn’t swim, and he was nearly d__________ in the water.          9____________
10.The film r________ him of his bitter childhood.                  10____________

Keys: 1.favorite (favourite) 2.position  3.ninteenth     4.handsome    5. firewood
6.blame          7.greedy   8.chimneys     9.drowned     10.reminded

1. The electric wires are ______ ( 保护 ) by a rubber covering.                  1.____________
2. What a poor m_________ I’ve got! I always forget everything.                 2.____________
3. In the accident 15 passengers were s_________ injured, including three children.   3.___________
4. Though the doctor doesn’t a__________ my father to smoke, he
  can always find some excuse for his smoking.                                4.____________
5. China is doing her best to catch up with d_________ countries Such as America and Japan.  5.____________
6. Hard work leads to success and f________ lies in laziness.            6.____________
7. I don’t want to attend his birthday party, because I haven’t got his i_________.   7.____________
8. It’s n_________ for us to master a foreign language.                        8.____________
9. To her d_________ she found he didn’t pass the exam.                       9.____________
10.As soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell a_________.                  10____________

Keys: 1.protected  2.memory    3.seriously      4.allow       5.de.veloped
6.failure      7.invitation   8.necessary    9.disappointment  10.asleep

1. September is the n________ month of a year.                       1.____________
2. Where we will go swimming d_________ on the weather..            2.____________
3. The boat is sailing a________ the wind, so it is moving very slowly.     3.____________
4. He tried to e ________the reason why he was late.                  4.____________
5. Going a_______ means going to work or live in a foreign country      5.____________
6.Recently our factory succeeded in________(采用) a new method to deal with industrial wastes.  6.____________
7. The underground trains carry more p_________ than the buses do.      7.____________
8. Bob and John are in the same school but in d_________ grades.          8.____________
9. It’s a s________ for a young man like you not to study hard.             9.____________
10.He said he p_________ drawing to painting.                        10.____________

Keys: 1.ninth      2.depends      3.against       4.explain      5.abroad
6.adopting    7.passengers    8.different      9.shame     10.preferred

1. The ________(特征) I like best in him is his honesty.                   1.____________
2. He ________(答应) that the roof should be repaired within two days.      2.____________
3. ________(彩排) the play before you perform it on the stage              3.____________
4. You can’t ________(可能地)run a mile in two minutes.                 4.____________
5. The gold ring is kept in a _________(秘密的)hiding place.              5.____________
6. I think I must make an a________ to her for not going to her party.        6.____________
7 This road is about 1,000 meters in l_________..                                7.____________
8.People who live with_________(残疾) should have equal access to public facilities.    8.____________
9.The teachers were busy _________(分析) how to improve the students’ spoken English. 9.____________
10.We were married on 20 May 1986 , so every year we have a party on our_________(周年纪念). 10. __________

Keys: 1. characteristic     2.promised       3.Rehearse      4.possibly           5.secret  
6.apology    7. length   8.disability/ disabilities    9.analysing/ analyzing   10.anniversary

1.It’s bad ________ (礼貌) to talk with your mouthful.                  1.____________
2. He became ________(有经验)at learning English.                     2.____________
3. Don’t be __________(泄气), try again.                              3.____________
4. The water in the wet clothes is being turned into v______(水蒸气)and they get drier and drier.  4.____________
5. As the storm became nearer, black clouds were ________(聚集)over the sky. 5.____________
6. Something is wrong with my bike. I’ll have it r_________.              6.____________
7. He wrote one of his great______( 著作) , “The Civil War in France”.     7.____________
8. The boy is interested in ______(生物), isn’t he?                     8.____________
9. Don’t draw a c________ before you think it over.                     9.____________
10.The police ______( 控告) him of stealing.                    10.____________

Keys: 1.nanners     2.experienced    3.discouraged     4. vapour      5.gathering
6.repaired     7 works.        8. biology        9.conclusion  10.accused

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