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1,  A 地 +be +… yards /meters /miles… to (from) + B地
①Our school is ___________________ the station.  (远离二里地)
②________________________________(离旅店大约十五里) our hotel to the coast
2   Excuse me .can you tell me (how to get to ……) the way to…..?
     Excuse me, can you show me the way to…./ how can I get to ….
3,  祈使句 + and  (then, and then)  you (we)……..
祈使句  + or  ( or else, otherwise )  you (we)  ……
改错:   ① Be active , you will have the chance.
              ②If you have a good  rest, and you will be all right
③Work hard, or you will pass the examination
4, Do / would you mind  if…..  
me/ my doing …….
  ①Do you mind if I ____________ (turn ) on the light ?
  ②Would you mind if  I ____________( open) the door ?
  ③Do you mind _____________ (我) taking this seat?
  ④Would you mind _____________ (offer ) him another chance ?
5, I wonder if ……  是一种用来表示委婉、客气地提出请求的常见句型。
  ①I wonder if I can /could watch TV now . __________________________________

1, take along,
①why don’t you _______  _______ your mother to the concert?  ( 带….)
②The map on the wall is too old.  ______  _____  ______. ( 取下来 )
③Sorry , I _____ _____ what I said just now.             (收回….)
④I ______ him _______ my younger brother.             (把…当成….)
2,   go ahead            
      go ahead on (with)    
ahead of            
ahead of time   
①They have completed thee design three weeks _______  _____ time.   (提前)
②She arrived two hours _________  _________me.  ( 早到 )
③May I take this seat? ________  ________    (请坐)
④He _______  ______ to see what had happened.   (朝前走去)
3, admit , advise, consider , delay  ,  enjoy  , excuse ,  escape,  finish,  forbid ,  imagine   keep ,  mind , miss , practise ,  suggest,   understand
4, insist on ,  think of ,  give up, dream of ,   hear of,   depend on , feel like ,  devote to ,     be used to  , can’t help  ,   prevent…..from  , look forward to ,   put off be worth
1) The squirrel was lucky that it just missed ____________
A/ catching   B. to be caught    C, being caught   D, to catch
2 ) Only one of these books is ______________
A/ worth to read   B, worth being read    C, worth of reading   D, worth reading
3)  I really enjoy _________ that kind of job.
A/ do   B, doing    C, to do   D, to be doing
4) “ what are you going to do this morning?”  “ I ‘ m thinking of __________ to visit my aunt .”
A/ go   B, going   C, having gone    D, my going
5) We agree _____________ here but so far she hasn’t turned up yet.
A/ having met  B, meeting    C, to meet   D, to have met
6) She pretended __________ me when I passed by.
A/ not to see  B, not seeing    C, to not see   D, having not seen
7) Little Jim should love_____________ to the theatre this evening.
A/ to be taken   b/  to take   C, being take   D, taking
5, in the hope of 
have the hope of….
There be hope of ……
①He went there _______  _______  ________  _______  ______ some fresh fish.
②He went there______  _______  ________  ________he could buy some fresh fish.
③He went there ________  _________  ________ some fresh fish.
6, imagine
①You can’t imagine _______  ________ on the island.           (生活)
②She never imagined ______________ abroad for further education.   (他出国)
③You can’t imagine ______  ______  ________  _____ those days.   (他多么着急)
④The boy imagined ________  _______  _________ a hero.            (自己是一个)
⑤I can hardly imagine Peter _____________ across the Atlantic Ocean in five days.
  A, sail    B, to sail   C, sailing    D, to have sailed
6, open
(1) John was so sleepy that he could hardly keep his eyes __________.
A, Open     B, to be opened    C, to open      D, opening
(2) Some new oilfields __________ since 1976
A, were opened up  B, has been opened up C, have been opened up  D, had been opened up
(3) The computer center, ___________ last year, is very poplar among the students in this school.
A, open    B, opening   C, having opened     D, opened
7,   as (so) far as
     as so long as
     as well as
as good as
①They have _________  ________ _______ promised to help us.          (事实上)
②Painted, this bike is _________  ________  _________ a new one .       
③Xiao Li speaks English _______  _________  ______she speaks Chinese.
④He ______  ________  _______ his parents is kind to me .           
⑤After supper we walked ______  __________  _______ the foot of the hill.  
⑥_____  ______  ______ I know, he ‘ll be away for two months。    
⑦_____  ________  ________ you work hard , you ‘ll succeed in time.   
⑧This newly—built bridge is said to be ______  _______  ______ the old one .
7, be pleased        
be satisfied        
be busy
be careful
be connected      with  (sb/sth)
be patient
be strict
be wrong
①As a teacher you should _______ _______ _____your students. (有耐心)
②Both husband and wife_____ _______ ______ their work.  (忙于)

8, in the past few years
   ①Many factories were built in the past ten yeas in my hometown.
   ②Both my father and mother have been busty since the past few weeks.
9, reduce
①The number of smokers has been reduced ________30%
②Now the cost of a bike has been reduced  ___________ 56 dollars
10, chance
        give sb a chance…
        have a chance to do sth
        miss a chance
        lose a chance
the chance is that…….   ( the chances are…….)
11, ask for permission
ask sb for permission to do sth   
ask permission to do sth                
give sb permission to do sth          
with one’s permission
without one’s permission
① No permission has ______for anybody to enter the building
A, been given                 B, given             C, to give                    D, be giving

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