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1. face--to--face,  face to face
   I ‘like to have a ______________ talk with my girlfriend.
   I ‘d like to talk with my girl friend ______________.
2. fix
   fix s shelf to the wall
   fix a radio
   fix a time (the date) for discussion.
   Fix one’s attention/ thoughts/ mind on…
   Fix one’s eyes on (upon) sth/ sb
   Fix sth in one’s mind
①Have they fixed the date __________ the meeting?
②Fix you mind _______ what I ‘m explaining.
③She was nervous because thousands of eyes were fixed _________ her.
3, to
㈠ Look forward to
①He looked forward  to___________(see) what was going on.
②We are looking forward to__________(visit) the photo exhibition.
㈡ Be used to
①I ‘m not used to ___________  (speak) to like that.
②Coal can be used to____________ (produce )electricity for agriculture and industry.
㈢ Stick to
①No matter what you say, I will stick to ________ (finish) my work.
②Never stick out your tongue to___________ (taste) a dish at table.
㈣ See to
①Who is seeing to ____________  (repair) the bridge ?
②Women workers were seen to  ________  (repair ) the bridge.
㈤ Be devoted to
①She was devoted to  ___________  (help) the poor all her life.
②She devote herself to  ___________  (help) the poor all her life.
㈥ Get down to
①She got down from the top to ___________ (have) a rest.
②Let’s get down to ___________ (prepare) for the meeting.
改错: ①The college students are looking forward to spend their holidays in Hainan Island.
②The doctor was devoted to find a way to deal with this strange disease.
4, cover
   be covered by..
   be covered with
   ②By sunset we ________________40 miles.             (已经走了40 里)  
   ③The exhibition _____________________ 10000 square metres. ( 占地….)
④Two more reporters were sent to _____________ the events   (采访)
⑤How many pages ____________ you ___________?         ( 已经看了多少页)
5, had better do sth
   would rather do
   would rather do …than do…
   do nothing but do
   All I did was tidy the room.
   My idea is to climb the mountain from the north
   I often hear her sing a song.
   She is often heard to sing a song..
   ①They knew her very well. They had seen her ____________ up from childhood.
     A, grow    B, grew  C, was growing    D, to grow
   ②Though he had often made his little sister_____, today he was made ____ by his little sister.
     A, cry , to cry   B, crying, crying   C, cry, cry   D, to cry, cry
   ③Paul doesn’t have to be made________ , He always works hard.
     A, learn   B, to learn   C, learned   D, learning
6, learn about (of)   \learn
   hear  / hear of (about)
   knew / knew of(about)
   speak   /speak of (about)
   tell/  tell of (about)
   understand   / understand of (about)
7, care
     take care
  ①  take care of
     care for sb
  ② care for  one’s health
     care for pop music
  ③ care about
  ④ would you care to go for a swim?
8, as well,  as well as
   She is learning English and French _____  _______.    (也学法语)
   This child is lively ______  _________  ______ healthy.  ( 即健康又活泼)
   His mother, as well as his father,   _______(be )  hardworking. 
9, add
   ①add up the money/ costs /the number/ the figures
   ②add ….to
   ③add to
   ④add up to
  ⑴The visiting Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks, ___that he had enjoyed his stay here.
    A, having added      B, to add   C, adding    D, added
⑵His illness  _______ _____ our difficulty.       (增加)
⑶Five and fifteen  ___  ____  ___ twenty.       (加起来总数为)
10,there be (no) ….left for (doing) sth.
① 还有些时间和你谈一谈。
There is _______ ________ left _____ ________  ________ ________ _________.
② 已没有时间去拜访你。
There is ______ _________ to _______ ___________ .
③ 已没有 钱买书
_______ _______ ________ _______ left ________ ______.
_______ _______ ________ ________ left _____ _______ ________.
_______ _______ _______ ________ to _______  _______ ________ ______.
11, late,     
later          ①Because of the storm, the plane _____ _____ _____ _______ _________.
latest                    (飞机晚点半小时)
②I called on him last Monday and called again______ ______ _____(两天以后)
later on       
③I haven’t seen her _________.        ( 最近)
④He first went to Canada. ____  ____ he settled in American (以后)
12, save (up) money
   save for sth
   save sb much trouble
13, ① take sb a picture/ photo  / photograph
    ② take a picture / photo  / photograph of sb (sth)
③ have one’s photo / picture  / photograph  taken
14,   what ‘ s on tonight ?
what’s on at Xinhua cinema ?
There is a new film on at the cinema .
15, get down to
   Let’s get down to discussion.
   I must get down to repairing the house.
16, It looks (seems) as if (though)……
   ①______________ (看来)we shall have to do the work ourselves.
   ②When a pencil is partly in a glass of water, ___________(看上去好象) it were broken.
17 be set in  
The film ____________  California in the middle of the nineteenth century.
( 以。。。为背景)
44,what a pity   /what a shame
it ‘s a pity that ……
it’s a shame to be……
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