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① search sb            
② ⑴They went to Shenzhen _____ ______ ___ ____better jobs. (寻找) 
③ search sb for sth      
④ ⑵The police went out ____ _______ _____ the lost child.  (寻找)
③search a place       
⑶The enemies_______ the whole village ________ the Red Army man.
④search a place for          搜查。。。。寻找。。。。
⑤ search out          
⑥ ⑷The policeman searched him and ______ ____ a gun.
⑥search for sb /sth           (结果搜出一把枪)
⑦search through one’s pockets
⑧in one’s (the ) search for  
⑨in search of
win honour for one’s country
leave honours to others
①    give sb. honours  / give honours to sb
show /do /give / pay honour tosb
② be honoured as a good teacher
③ feel honoured to do sth
④ in honour of
⑤ I feel it an honour to do sth
⑥ I feel it an honour that……
☆  I _____ _____ _______ _________ to be invited to this meeting .  (感到荣幸)
☆  During the period, many honors ______ _______ _____ Einstein.
☆ A celebration was held _______ ________ _______  the famous poet’s birthday.
☆ They ________ great _______ _______ their motherland. 
3, way
⊕The only way of _________ (get )into touch with him is by telephone.
⊕I have no way _________( find) out where they live.
⊕I don’t like the way _________ you treated your child. 
A that  B, which  C, in which  D, x
4, act
   act the part of
   play the part of
   play the role of
   ①The girl _______(sit) under the tree is my sister.
       The girl who ___________(sit) under the tree is my sister.
   ②Most of the artists ________(invite) to the party were from South American .
Most of the artists who _________(invite) to the party were from South American .
③Boiling water _____
④ boiled water ________________
⑤ falling leaves______________
⑥ Fallen leaves _____
⑦ a boy sitting on the left  ________
⑧ a teacher respected by all _____
⑨The Olympic Games, __________ in 776 BC, did not include women players until 1912.
 A, first playing   B, to be first played  C, first played  D, to be first playing
⑩There was a terrible noise ___________ the sudden burst of light.
 A, followed  B, following  C, to be followed    D, being followed
⑾The first textbooks _____ for teaching English as a foreign language came out in the 16th century .
A, having written   B, to be written   C, being written   D, written
6, catch
①catch a bus / a train/ a cold / one’s attention /fire
catch hold of 
catch sight of 
②  catch up with
catch sb by the arm
③  be caught in the rain/snow / storm /traffic
④ catch sb doing sth
7, afford
   afford a taxi / a new dress / the time for a holiday
   afford to do sth
① I don’ think we’ll _______ _______ _________ ______ any travel.
( 负担不起。。)
② You  _____ ______ _______ _______  the house if you save your pennies.
③ His family was so poor that he could not _______ _____ _____ for his schooling.
8,whatever/ no matter what
   ①______________ you may do , do it well.
   ②I ‘d like to do _____________ you ask me to.
   ③_____________ will he do when he grows up?
   ④You may start _____________ you please.
   ⑤___________ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.
   ⑥__________ when you come, I’ m ready to help you.
9, trade
    trade  with
trade sth wit sb
trade A for B with sb
China _______ ______ nearly all the countries in the world.  (进行贸易往来)
I ______ my stamps _______ a model boat __________Jack.。  (用邮票换杰克的船模型)
10,hide, devote , station , seat , bury
hide oneself behind the door      
be hidden behind the door    ①The boy ______ ________ at the table and began to eat.
devote oneself to teaching            坐在桌旁。。。
be devoted to teaching      
②Several tall students ______ _______ at the back of the classroom.
station oneself at the foot of the hill           坐在。。。
be stationed at the foot of the hill     
 ③Guards ______________ around the prison. 派驻在。。
dress well                                  
be well dressed                   
④ The officer ________ his men the hill—top.  扎营。。。。
bury oneself in bllks                         
be buried in books
11,“ 众所周知”
It’s known to all that……
We all know that……
As is known…..
As everyone knows…..
12, 要价,钱。 物。交换
   pay …for                            pay the new house for 2334 dollars
   buy ….for                            buy a recorder of only 89 yuan
sell …for                                sell  my car for 45677 pounds
give …..for                              give me the TV for nothing
take …for                                take 3 dollars for this suit
13, start/ begin
   the meeting began/ started at eight o’clock start for London                              
 He was starting/ beginning to get angry .
   make an early start                             
I began to understand who had done this .
   start a swimming                              
The ship started to sink
   start the machine
14, spare
 _______________________________( 业余时间)
  ________________( 为我抽出几分钟时间)
  spare time for a holiday ___________________   
spare him a little oil ______________________

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