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高考高频词汇讲与练 4
1,   All the year round  
      All day long            
All night long         
      All the time    
2, Average  可用作名词,“平均数,一般水平”
平均工资        The ______________ of the pay
姑娘 的平均年   The __________  age of the girls
平均气温        The ______________ temperature
平均以上/ 以下   Above /below the ________________
②按平均数计算     On  (the/ an)  average
① 这个厂的工人平均每月收入700元。
______ _______ , one worker in this factory gets 700 yuan every month.
② 4,5,6,9的平均数是6。
_______  _______ of 4,5,6,9 is 6
③ 我们班女同学的平均年龄为15。
The ________ age of the girls in our class is 15.
④ 你们地区冬季的平均气温是多少?
What’s _____  ________ temperature in your area in winter?
⑤ 他的功课一般以上。
He is _______ the average in his lesson.
3,  表示态度、语气的短语归纳
诚实地说来  Honestly speaking          
一般说来          __________ speaking
就我个人而言      __________ speaking 
严格说来          ___________ speaking           
说实话            __________  tell you the truth
老实说            __________  be honest                  
信不信由你        ___________  it or not        
从他的口音来判断  __________  from  his appearance  
4,  表示“不同,区别”
①_________  the difference between A and B         辨别A与B
② _________ A from B                                   辨别A与B
③________ be some  _____________  between A and B       
④________ _________ _________between A and B             
⑤Do sth ________from                             做起某事与….不同
⑥A be different _____ B                              A与B不同
⑦_______ sb/ sth deferent from                          使某人/事不同于….
⑧________ no difference                                无关紧要
5,  refer
可用做及物动词,   用于refer…to“将…提交给”         注意:
可用做不及物动词, ①提到  ②查阅 ③参考      Refer to the dictionary.
       ④与…有关 .      用于“refer   to”            Look up a word in the dictionary
                                                   Look up a word in the dictionary
                                                   Refer to指语言、内容与某人(物)有关
                                                   Point to 用手指向某人(物)
I didn’t know whom she was ______  _______
She _____   __   the map and explained to the students.
1, I suggest that you ___ maps  when you  learn geography.
       A, referred to    B, refer to   C, pointed    D, point to
2,  The girl __________ forward to buying a new gold watch.
       A, referred to look  B, referred to looking  C, referred to looks  D, referring to  looks
3,The professor ____ at  the meeting will give us a lecture next  week.
       A. referred   B, referred to  C. referring  D, referring to
4,when he made a speech there , he often ___ his notes.
       A. looked up to      B, referred to    C. asked for     D, picked out
5, What I have to say ___ all of you.
       A, to refer  B, refers   C, referrs    D, refers to
6,  exploit
①利用(make use of)   ②开发  (develop)
1,You must _______ chance to learn new things.
2,They tried every means to __________ the oil under the sea.
3,We must _________our rich resources _______  the development of our industry.
7, spare
_______________________________( 业余时间)
  ________________( 为我抽出几分钟时间)
  spare time for a holiday
spare him a little oil ______________________
8,  make (good /full) use of  充分利用
1,Their demand is the good use we ____ our spare time for our study of science and technology.
      A. make from   B, make of  C, make out  D, make into
2, Every minute is made full ___ of ____ our lessons well.
     A,  to use ; study  B, use ; to study    C,  use ; studying    D,  used ;  studying

3, They began to consider ____ could be made of it.
A, what use  B, using    C, how it   D,what it
9, struggle
Struggle  against ----- fight against    和….斗争
Struggle for  ---- fight  for  /
struggle with---- fight with 为….而斗争 ,  和…斗争  
struggle to do sth.               努力争取去做               
1, The revolutionaries struggle ____ the freedom of all the people.
           A,  for    B. with   C. against    d. to
2, They struggled ____ the strong wind and finally reached the village.
           A, for    B, with    C, against     D, to
3, Man  has to struggle ____ pollution.
           A, with  B, to   C, for    D, of
4, Everyone has to face the  struggle _____existence(生存).
           A,   for    B, with   c, against   D, to
10,  Clear
1, 用作形容词,“清楚的,明白的”       2, 用作动词,“清除,清理,使干净”
      in a clear voice                            clear one’s room / table/ a street
      be clear about sth                          clear away the waste
      be clear to sb. 
      make one’s meaning clear                 3,clear up
      make it clear that…….                       ①  表示 “ 清理,收拾, 解决”
      It be clear that…                            ②   表示 “(天气)转晴”
                                                ③    表示 “ 露出喜悦的心情”
1, 他对下一步干什么十分清楚
        She is ____  ____ what to do next.
2.  很清楚敌人是不会放弃他们的 计划的。
        ___  ___  ___ that the enemy wouldn’t give up their plan.
3,  他明确表示他要离职。
        He ____ ___  ___ that he would leave office.
4,  在离开办公室以前,请把你的桌子整理一下。
        ___ ___ your desk before you leave the office.
1.          no less than
           rather than
           more than
           together with
           but ( except , besides , including)
           as well as
   the rest
   all / a part / some        of 
   most / a lot / lots
   plenty / part

3. each, any
    many a,  every
    the number of
    either;  neither
    no…and no…
    each…and each…
    every…and each…

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