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1, ※
lose one’s sight
have long short sight
out of  sight
in/ within sight
at the sight  of
catch sight of
have good /poor eye sight
2, the  + adj
   the rich poor / blind  / young / aged  /old  /  wounded  / dead
3, fit
   The food was not _______  _______ children.     不适合孩子
   The food was not _______  _________eat.        不适合吃
   The shoes don’t _______ her.
   The coat you bought  was a bad ____________.        不合身
   The new secretary is a good ___________.              很合适的一位
   Your ideas  _______ ________  ______mine.        与我的不一样
   Such a man as he isn’t  _______  _________  __________ a lawyer.  不适合当律师
   Those who _______ ________ ____________ their jobs will be fired    不称职
4, damage/ destroy
   damage one’s health
   do damage to
   cause great damage
   destroy a house / the whole city
5, 宾补与主补的对比
a) They named him David.------- He was named David.              (名词)
b) People found the house empty. ------The house was found empty.    (形容词)
c) We found the car damaged. ------ The car was found damaged       (过去分词)
d) She kept us waiting long.------ We were kept waiting long.         (现代分词)
e) The boss made her do heavy work.------ She was made to do heavy work.  (不定式)
f) I regard him as my closest friend.------ He was regarded as my closest friend. (介词短语)
g) They left the soldier in in the end .------ The soldier was let in in the end.  (副词)
① Our school will be made more and more beautifully.
② The old woman was helped get on the train by a Young Pioneer
③ He was chosen a captain of the football team, which made his family happy.
④ The whole city was found completely destroying in the earthquake .
6,   问句和答语中情态动词的不一致性
①---May I pick a flower in the garden?   ----- ______________.
 A, No ,you needn’t  B, Not, please  C, No ,you mustn’t   D, No, you won’t
②---- Could I borrow your dictionary ?   ----- Yes, of course you__________.
  A, might    B, will   C, can   D, should
③---- Shall I tell John about it ?   ---- No, you_________. I ‘ve told him already.
 A, needn’t   B, wouldn’t   C, mustn’t      D, shouldn’t
7,   another + 数词 + 名词复数
①---- Have you finished your report yet?  ----No, I ‘ll finish it in ____ ten minutes.
A, another  B, other  C, more   D, less
②He had to stay here for two _________ weeks.
A, another   B, more   C, few  D, some
8,  after,  soon after,  shortly after,  long after
a) After  _________, we often play basketball.    (放学后)
b) After  _______ _______ _______, we often play basketball.   (放学后)
c) I went home long after _________ _______   (会议之后很久我才回家)
d) I went home long after ____ ________  _____  ______ (会议之后很久我才回家)
e) Soon after_____  ______  _______, she remarried.  ( 丈夫死后)
f) Soon after ________ ________ ______, she remarried. ( 丈夫死后)
9,  after all,  be after ,  after three days,  one after another
The first bell rang ______ ______ he got to the classroom.   (不久….)
It was _______  _______ the fire was  put out     (过了很长时间)
10,  suit
be suited to------ be suitable for ----- be fit for
a suit of clothes
a set of rules/ equipment / furniture
suit …..to   …..     We should suit the action to the word.
He is too weak and isn’t suited  to  such a hard life.
① 这种方法适合我们的需要.
This method is ________ _______ our needs
This method is ________ _______ our needs.
This method is ________ _______ our needs.
② 你很适合当教师
You are quite _________ _________ a teacher.
You are quite _________ _________ a teacher.
You are quite _________ _________ a teacher.
You are quite _________ _________to be a teacher.
You are quite _________ _________ to be a teacher.
11, serve
   The school workers serve for the students.  (Wrong  or right)
   In some parts of thee world, tea ________ with milk and sugar.
A, is serving   B, is served   C, serves   D, served
   Which of  the following sentences is wrong ?
    A, My brother has served in the air force since 1980
    B, My brother has been in the air force since 1980.
    C, My brother has joined the air force since 1980
D, My brother joined the army about 20 years ago
12, insist on  / stick to
   ① We insisted on ___________(see) the manager as soon as possible.
   ② I insisted that we ________ (write) to him immediately.
   ③ The woman doctor insisted that the patient _________(be) seriously ill.
   ④ The school leader insist that all the students____________ inside the school yard before school is over. Most parents and teachers also insist it __________ necessary for the students to do so.
      A, should stay, should be  B, stay, is   C, would stay, would be  D, should stay, would be
   ⑤ The guard at the gate insisted that everybody _________ the rules.
       A,  obeys   B, obey     C, will obey   D. would  obey
   ⑥ She insisted that she ___________ the bike .
     A, not stole    B, hadn’t stolen   C, should not steal   D, wasn’t steal
13, fault , mistake
   at fault
   find fault with sb (sth)
   be one’s fault
  ① ___________ __________ is it if it is not our fault?     (谁的错)
  ②Which of  the two drivers was ______   ______ in the accident ?    (出错)
  ③She’s always _______ ___________ _________ the way I so my hair.   (挑剔)
1. Persuade sb to do sth      Advise sb to do sth    Try to persuade sb to do sth
2. Dislike doing sth
3. Remain very weak  ( crying, locked, in business)
4. I ‘ m afraid……
5. Die from drinking too much
6. More than once
7. One smoker in  four
8. Live next door to
9. Share (in) sth with sb
10. Have a population of….
11. Can hardly do sth
15. 重点句型
1,  A 地 +be +… yards /meters /miles… to (from) + B地
①Our school is ___________________ the station.  (远离二里地)
②________________________________(离旅店大约十五里) our hotel to the coast
2   Excuse me .can you tell me (how to get to ……) the way to…..?
Excuse me, can you show me the way to…./ how can I get to ….
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