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1, together  / altogether
①I don’t _____________ agree with you.     并不完全同意
②__________ there are over 345 teachers in our school.   共有
③We live _____________ in the same house.   同一房间
④Tom, ______ ______ his four friends, _____(have/ has) finished the work.   与。。。一起完成工作
⑤I am ___________ on your side in this matter.        完全支持
⑥________, this book is worth reading.           总的说来
2, warn sb of /about  / against sb /sth
warn sb against doing sth.
Warn sb not to do sth
Warn sb off
Warn (sb) that ……
①The patient was warned__________ oily food after the operation.
 A, to eat not    B, eating not   C, not to eat       D, not eating
②The government _____ the villagers there __________ the fires in spring .告戒村民注意防火
③We warned them ______ ________ ________ on the thin ice。警告他们不要在薄冰上滑冰
④We warned them ___________________ on such thin ice. 警告他们不要在薄冰上滑冰
⑤We have  ______ the soldiers_______ it is not  allowed.  警告士兵这是不允许
3, 左右
about one hundred students
at around eight o’clock
some twenty years ago
in a week or so
4, request
make a request for
request sth from sb
request sb to do sth
request  that sb should…….
The workers out of work______ ______ ______ ____ help.   请求得到帮助
Students _________ _______ not to touch anything in the lab.    要求学生不要….
My parents ________ me _______  ______a second foreign language.
My parents requested that ________________________ a second foreign language.
5, awake / wake
l The noise awoke me up.
l The noise woke me.                                Wide  / fully awake
l She usually awakes at six in the morning                sound /  fast / deeply asleep
l She usually wakes up at six in the morning .
l He wakes up him at six.
l This is the last awake person under the ground..
l Anyone awake heard the sound..
6, moment
for a moment
in a moment
a few moment later
a moment ago
at any moment
at the moment
at that very moment
The moment the teacher entered the classroom, the students stood up.
7, frighten
①frighten the birds away ______________be frightened by_________.
②be frightened of sb/ sth  ____________ be frightened off/ away__________.
③be frightened to death
④frighten sb into  (doing)  sth
frightened children 
⑤    frightening voice
her frightened look
her frightening look
8, for one thing
for one thing  ….,or another…..
 for one thing …..., also…..
 He can be chosen as a  basketball player. For one thing, he is tall; he is fond of playing it
 For one thing they keep the water clean .Also they make the tank look much prettier.
9, could / might
  It ‘’s nearly seven o’clock .Jack __________ be here at any moment.
    A. must     B, need   C, should   D,  can
--- when   can  I come for the photos ? I need them tomorrow afternoon.
---- They ___________    be ready by 12:00
A, can   B, should   C,  might    D. need
10,  run out /  run out   of
  give out    ------ run out ----- run short
run out  of ------use up ---- run short of
11,  speed
with great speed  
at full/ top  / slow / a  high / an ordinary speed
at a speed of….
12, 动词 + at
1. glance at                      8,  shout at
2. take a look at                   9 ,  laugh at
3. poll at                         10 ,  throw at
4. arrive at                       11 ,  shoot at
5. come at                        12,   point at
6. tear at                          13,  ,aim at
7. stare at                         14    call at 
13. 词汇解释
1. Take ….along
2. In the hope of   in hope of / in hopes of
3. Lose heart   ( be discouraged)
4. Day after day
5. In this way /by this means
6. Be strict with sb /in sth
7. Wear /have a beard
8. Wear/have long hair
9. Bring on
10. Go straight ahead
1, take along,
①why don’t you _______  _______ your mother to the concert?  ( 带….)
②The map on the wall is too old.  ______  _____  ______. ( 取下来 )
③Sorry , I _____ _____ what I said just now.             (收回….)
④I ______ him _______ my younger brother.             (把…当成….)
2,   go ahead            
      go ahead on (with)    
ahead of            
ahead of time   
①They have completed thee design three weeks _______  _____ time.   (提前)
②She arrived two hours _________  _________me.  ( 早到 )
③May I take this seat? ________  ________    (请坐)
④He _______  ______ to see what had happened.   (朝前走去)

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