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1,this /that
  ask for this much     ①Do you think the problem of pollution is _______ _______  (如此严重)
  wait this long        ②I didn’t expect the weather was _______  ________   (这么冷)
  jump that high
2,need/ dare
   ①You needn’t to rewrite the composition , it is well written.
   ②Need I telephone him now ?    No, you mustn’t.
   ③If you need to hold a meeting to discuss the matter, I ‘ll give you a help.
   ④She doesn’t need to test her eyesight.
   ⑤He has never dared to trouble me .
   ⑥He is a beginner .He dares not speak English in public.
   ⑦Dare you to jump down?
    (dare/ need)
   ①You ______ not come to the meeting this afternoon if you have something important to do.
   ②You don’t _________ to go there if you have no time.
   ③Having broken a vase , the boy stood still without ________ raise his head.
   ④I wonder how he _________ to say that to the teacher.
3. what’s worse------- worse still , to make things worse, to make the matter worse, even worse
what’s more
①It’s a useful tool, and __________ , it’s cheap.
②______________, some people were badly hurt.
③It began to rain , and _____________ we lost our way in the forest.
④He is very clever, ____________ he works hard.
4,  order
①The doctor ____ him ______ ______ in bed for a couple of days.    (嘱咐他卧床)
②The doctor ordered that he ______  _______  (stay) in bed for a couple of days.
③Everything is ______ ______ in his room.   ( 井然有序)
④We ____ an order ______ 234 pairs of shoes ________ that factory. (向。。。。订购)
⑤They _____ ____ _______that they _______ _____( march前进) on at night.(接到命令)
5, depend on
①I may go home to spend holidays , but _________________  (看情况)
②All living things _______  _________ the sun for their growth.  (依靠)
③You can’t _______  ______ him______ help you.    (依靠他来帮你)
④Whether we’ll go climbing _________  ______ the weather.  (依靠)
⑤This _______  ________  _______ my wife will deal with the problem. (依靠我妻子如何。。。。)
6, favor
①Will you ____________ me  a favor, please?
  A, give    B, make    C, do  D, bring
(改错) ①Would you please do me favour ?
②Will you do a favor to me ?
③Please do me a favor to take this letter to him .
7, ago / before     (改错)
①He has never studied Russian ago.
②When did you have  a meeting ?  Three days before.
③The shop had opened only the week ago. 
④I started working in this company three years before.
⑤She said that she had graduated from a university three years ago.
⑥My family have never seen an elephant ago.
8, apologize/ apology
①The captain _________ an apology t the passengers for the delay caused by bad weather .
  A, made   B, said  C, put   D, passed
②I must ______ ____ _____ _____ him _______ ______ _____ to his party.
③Our government ________ an immediate ________ ________ the United States.
④I_____  ______ you for ______  _____ for work again. (我向你道歉因为没有要求工作)
⑤---- I must apologize ______ ahead of time.          ---- That ‘s all right.
A. letting you not know B, not letting you know  C, letting you know not  D, letting not you know
9,  judge
①A teacher shouldn’t ____ his students only______ their marks in exams. (只凭。。。。判别)
②We _____ her _____ .  We judge her ______ _________ ________. (我们断定他很诚实)
③_______  ________ his looks , he maybe sick.  ( 从他的外表看)
10,  possible / likely / probable
l It is possible to  do sth
l It is possible for   sb to   do sth
l It  is possible   that …….
l It is probable that ….      ( 不与 not 连用)
l It is likely that….
l Sb /sth is likely to do sth
11, ※
be a great blow to sb
give sb a heavy blow on the head
12, strike
u The teacher _____________ the table whenever he was angry.   (敲)
u The clock has just_______ twelve.                          钟声刚过
u What __________ us most was the great number of bicycles on the street.   给。。。印象
u I am ____________ by Annie’s honesty.                       被诚实所打动
u Hs cousin was said to be ____________ by a snake.               (咬)
u Workers often ____________ in that country.                    (  罢工)
13, anxious /eager
      be anxious to do sth                           be eager to do sth
  ①  be anxious about                        ②   be eager for (after, about ) your help
      be anxious for                               be eager about peace
14, “没有必要做谋事”
l There be no need (for sb) to do sth
l It be not necessary (for sb ) to do sth
l 主语 + don’t / doesn’t  / didn’t have  to  do sth
l 主语 +  needn’t  +  动词原形
l As far as
l Anything of interest/ anything interesting
l The days of MaoZedong
l Get a wonderful view
l Be pleased with
l Don’t have to do sth / needn’t do sth   /don’t need to do sth
l Go ahead
l Burn down
l Give up
l Be used to doing sth      Be used to do sth        Used todo
l Be compared to         be compared with
l Get into the habit of
15,  祈使句 + and  (then, and then)  you (we)……..
祈使句  + or  ( or else, otherwise )  you (we)  ……
改错:   ① Be active , you will have the chance.
②If you have a good  rest, and you will be all right
③Work hard, or you will pass the examination
16, Do / would you mind  if…..  
me/ my doing …….
  ①Do you mind if I ____________ (turn ) on the light ?
  ②Would you mind if  I ____________( open) the door ?
  ③Do you mind _____________ (我) taking this seat?
  ④Would you mind _____________ (offer ) him another chance ?
17, I wonder if ……  是一种用来表示委婉、客气地提出请求的常见句型。
  ①I wonder if I can /could watch TV now . __________________________________

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