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①She was disturbed about her mother’s sudden illness.
②She was disturbed to hear of her mother’s sudden illness.
③She was disturbed by the news of her mother’s sudden illness.
④Don ‘t disturb the sleeping child  / one’s plan  / the public peace.
⑤Don ‘t disturbed the papers on my desk.
①I am sorry to trouble / disturb you , but do you think you could call me back later?
②Can I trouble you with one more question?
③She was troubled by the news of her mother’s illness.
①Don’t interrupt the speaker ; ask your question after the meeting .
②Don’t interrupt me while I am busy.

①The boy seated at the table and began to eat.  (改错)
②Several tall students were seated at the back of the classroom. (改错)
③He was buried in thoughts when I knocked at the door. (改错)
④I found him seating in front of the room. (改错)

①Everyone is eager for success / knowledge.     
②He is too eager to return his hometown.
③These doctors are anxious for /about his health.
④He is anxious to know his test result.

①He did a great wrong to Ms Green when he left her house without telling her.
②Doing morning exercise does good to you.
类似:①对…有好处____________ ② 对…有害处__________ /_____________
      ③帮某人一个忙_____________/ ____________ ④做好事______________
③You must know the wrong to which you have done her. (改错)
④He was done wrongly because he was wrong punished for no good reason. (改错)

①I shall do everything in my power to help you.
②The two parties came to power by turns.
③The boy gathers all his strength to stand up.
④By his strength of will, he overcame his illness.
⑤He opened the door by force
⑥Heat is a form of energy.
⑦Children usually have too much energy so that they do not keep still.

①Don ‘t punish the boy for no good reason.
②He had to give up teaching for the reason of health.
③for no reason         _______________________________
④for some reason       _______________________________
⑤for no good reason     _______________________________

①He attended her in hospital.
②You must attend to your work and sop talking.
③Yesterday I attended a important meeting .
④There are said to be two experts doctors attending on the wounded soldiers.

①He suffered a broken leg in the accident.     ①  ______________________________
②We suffered huge losses in the battle.        ②  ______________________________
③I suffer from hunger / headaches / cold and hunger  / the losses of money 

①At the news, the whole country was in deep sorrow (悲哀)
②He was frightened at the sight
③He turned red with anger.  /anger / pleasure /pride
④The children jumped up with joy.
⑤He made the mistake through his carelessness.
⑥He was put into prison through no fault of his own
⑦The boy became ill through eating too much.

①One murderer was sentenced to three years in prison and the other was sentenced to death.
②The thief received a sentence of 5 years in prison.

①They had the girl sentence to death.
②He was sentenced for six months in prison.

①On hearing someone crying for help , he rushed out of his office.
②On reaching the classroom, he began to study.
表示 “一……就…..”  

①On arriving at the station, he found his friend waiting to meet him.
②On his arrival in the city , he called at the old house which he used to live in with his father.

①The two young people have been in love with each other for18 years.
②The first time Tom met the girl, he fell in love with her.

①We arrived early at the station to make sure of getting a ticket.
②Can you make sure of success?

l 表示推测的情态动词 _____________________________
l 对现在情况的推测:
l 对过去情况的推测:
情态动词 + 不定式完成式
①I would love ____ to the party last night but I had to work extra hours to finish a report.
A, to     B, having gone   C, going   D, to have gone
②--- I stayed at hotel while in New York.
--- Oh , did you? You _________ with Barbara.
A, could have stayed  B, could stay   C, would stay   D, must have stayed
③There was plenty of time ,she _______.
A, mustn’t have hurried       B, couldn’t have hurried 
C, must not hurry              D, needn’t have hurried
④Tom ought not to ____ me your secret, but he meant no harm.
A, have told   B, tell   C, be telling     D, having told
⑤I told Sally how to get there, but perhaps I ___ for her.
A, had to write it out           B, must have written it out
C, should have written it out    D, ought to write it out
⑥----There were already five people in the car, but they managed to take  me as well.
  ---- It ____ a comfortable journey.
A, can’t   B, shouldn’t be     C,mustn’t have been    D, couldn’t have been

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