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第二部分:  英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)

第一节    单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
11.Which do you like better, films ________ plays?
—I prefer films ______ plays.
A.and; than B.or; than C.and; so D.or; to
12.It is ________ that Class Ten will go all out to will the football game.
A.sure                  B.certainly                  C.certain                  D.surely
13.Could you please _____ us _______ way we can work out the problem?
A.say; how B.tell; in what C.speak; which D.show; by which
14.Betty went to Hong Kong _______ a satisfactory job there, but without any success.
A.in the hope of getting B.for the hope of getting
C.in a hope to get          D.with a hope to get
15._________. Just keep on doing it and we are sure about your success.
A.Don’t lose any heart B.Don't lose your heart
C.Don’t lose heart    D.Don’t lose your hearts
16.Our head teacher is very kind and friendly _______ us but he is also very strict ________ us.
A.with; to     B.to;to              C.to; with           D.with; with
17.The man sat at the desk, _______ about something.
A.thought       B.having thought       C.thinking            D.to think
18.Oh, I didn’t know your sister ________ to the party this evening.
A.will come      B.would come      C.has come      D.can come
19.It’s said that another bridge _________ across the Qiantang River soon.
A.would be built B.will be built C.has been built D.had been built
20.He walked ________ the village _______ I liveD.
A.as far as;where                        B. arther to;that
C.as long as;in which                    D.to;which
21.Could you tell me ______?
A.the way of the post office                 B.how to get to the post office
C.how I could get to the post office           D.where is the post office
22.Do more practice, _________ you’ll succeed in passing the driving test.
A.and      B.or      C.so      D.otherwise
23.You’d better _______ an umbrella in case it rains.
A.bring about         B.get along            C.take away          D.take along
24.The fine weather is bringing the crops _______ nicely.
A.out                B.on                 C.up                D.in
25.By the time we got to the theatre, the play ____ for half an hour.
A.had begun      B.would begin      C.had been on   D.has been on



We were standing at the top of a church tower. My father had ___26___me to this spot in a small Italian town far from home in Rome. I ___27___why.

Look ___28___,Elsa, Father saiD. I ___29___ all my courage and looked down, I saw the square in the centre of the town. And I saw many streets around the square.

"See, my dear, "Father said gently. "There is more than one way to the square.___30___ is like that. If you can't get to the ___31___ where you want to go by one road,___32___ another."

Now I understood why I was there.___33___ that day I had begged my mother to do ___34___ about the lunch that was ___35___ at school. But she refused ___36___ she couldn't believe the lunch was as bad as I saiD.

When I turned to Father ___37___ help, he would not interfere(干预).___38___,he brought me to this tower to ___39___ a lesson---the value of an open, searching minD. By the time we reached home, I ___40___ a plan.

At school the next day, I secretly ___41___ my lunch soup into a bottle and brought it home. Then I ___42___ the cook to serve it to Mother at dinner. The plan ____43____perfectly.She had one spoonful and said, "The ___44___ must have gone mad!" Quickly I told what I had done and Mother said firmly that she ___45___ take up the matter of lunch at school the next day.

26.A.sent      B.brought      C.left      D.explained
27.A.wondered      B.understood           C.thought           D.knew
28.A.here             B.up                  C.down              D.about
29.A.gathered          B.found               C.gave              D.lost
30.A.Life                B.Lunch              C.School            D.Mother
31.A.street              B.square              C.place             D.church
32.A.want              B.wish                C.hope              D.try
33.A.Later             B.Earlier              C.Late              D.One
34.A.her best           B.everything           C.anything          D.something
35.A.made             B.served              C.cooked            D.burned
36.A.when               B.so that             C.because           D.although
37.A.by                 B.with                C.for               D.after
38.A.Instead             B.Therefore            C.Besides           D.Indeed
39.A.teach me            B.give me             C.prepare           D.start
40.A. had               B. considered           C. appeared          D. thought
41.A. spread             B. poured              C. dropped           D. covered
42.A. made              B. advised             C. spoke             D. persuaded
43.A. did          B. realized             C. worked            D. made
44.A. soup              B. school              C. child             D. cook
45.A. would             B. was able to          C. could             D. might

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