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第二部分:  英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)
第一节    单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
11.Smoking is dangerous to health because it ______ illness, deaths and fires.
A.makes                   B.brings up                  C.causes                  D.comes up
12.It is nicotine that _______ the habit of smoking and makes them find it hard to stop.
A.gets the smokers into B.forms the smokers to
C.causes the smokers D.gives the smokers
13.As the wood you saw there is wet, it won’t _________.
A.set fire                  B.be on fire                  C.catch fire                  D.be fired
14.If you don’t _______ smoking, you’ll never get better.
A.give off                        B.give in                        C.give out                        D.give up
15.Children ________ “sunflowers” in many countries of the worlD.
       A.are comparing to            B.are compared to
       C.are comparing with       D.are compared with
16.We have to think of ways to ________ the roof falling down.
       A.protect       B.keep       C.stop       D.cause
17.Would you mind _______ to the school _______ is far away from your home?
A.sending, where                     B.being sent, which
C.to send, in which          D.to be sent, that
18.It is said that in the college one student _______ four _______ from foreign countries.
A.of;  is              B.of; are               C.in; is                D.in; are
19.The old man is famous _______ his great works and he is also famous ______ a great scientist.
A.for; for              B.for; as               C.as; as               D.as; for
20.I wonder if she minds_______ in her room, but I do think you’d brtter not.
A.if I smoke             B.If you smoked         C.my smoking           D.your smoking
21.A teacher was ________ to help the boy with his lessons.
A. called for           B.called in        C.called on       D.called at
22.He paid the boy $10 for washing ten windows, most of ______ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year.
A.these                B.those                 C.that                  D.which
23.______ many women, she was indeed very lucky.
A. Compared to         B.Compare with   C.Comparing to          D.To compare with
24.The terrible mistake you made has cost us 50,000 yuan, ______, we have been working day and night for six months for nothing.
       A.after all                 B.in this way                 C.that is to say                 D.what’s more
25.Which do you enjoy ______ your weekend, fishing or swimming?
       A.spending       B.to spend       C.being spent       D.spend
A sailor had caught an orang-utan (猩猩) in the East, and brought it back to   26  , hoping to sell it. In Paris he had rented a house and   27   the animal in the spare room. However, one day the orang-utan broke out of its room and was   28   up food with the sailor's knife. The knife was long and sharp --- a   29   thing for such a wild animal to play with.
The sailor picked up the stick,   30   which he had been trying to train the animal. Seeing the stick, the orang-utan ran out of the room, jumped   31   an open window and reached the street. It still had the knife. The sailor   32  . It was nearly three o'clock, and the streets were   __33  . The animal turned into a dark street. It saw the light shining from the open window at the top of a house. At the same time, it noticed the rainwater pipe at a corner. With great   34__ it climbed up the pipe and sprang across the space to the   35  , straight into the room. The whole exercise, from the street to the room,   36   less than a minute. The sailor was very   37  , though in one way he was glaD. The animal would   38   have to come back down the pipe; and then he would be able to   39   it. But he was afraid of the trouble the animal might   40__  inside. After a moment, he decided to follow it.
Being a sailor, he   41   the pipe easily enough. But when he reached the height of the   __42   , he could not go any further. If he had tried to spring across the space, he would have   __43__. So he leaned __44__ from the pipe, and could then see inside the room. The __45__   that met the sailor's eyes almost made him fall from the pipe. It seized the hair of the owner of the house.
26.A.Canada               B.France               C.England              D.Australia
27.A.fed                  B.left                 C.kept                 D.locked
28.A.cutting              B.eating               C.using                D.coming
29.A.simple               B.convenient           C.useful               D.dangerous
30.A.from                 B.with                 C.for                  D.by
31.A.into                 B.off                  C.through              D.over
32.A.followed             B.noticed              C.admitted             D.demanded
33.A.busy                 B.crowded              C.quiet                D.noisy
34.A.care                 B.speed                C.interest             D.joy
35.A.window               B.street               C.door                 D.floor
36.A.spent                B.wasted               C.took                 D.got
37.A.tired                B.anxious              C.sorry                D.angry
38.A.almost               B.never                C.soon                 D.already
39.A.find                 B.catch                C.train                D.forbid
40.A.take                 B.put                  C.get                  D.cause
41.A.climbed              B.fixed                C.washed               D.repaired
42.A.pole                 B.pipe                 C.window               D. wall
43.A.fallen               B.entered              C.stopped              D.seized
44.A.upwards              B.downwards            C.inwards              D.outwards
45.A.fact                 B.sense                C.sight                D.picture       
第三部分: 阅读理解(共20小题,每题2分,满分40分)
Jingfu Department Store in the North Shopping Center invites you to a summer clearance sale. Check these prices: men's suits regularly one hundred eighty yuan, now only one hundred fifty; sport coats regularly one hundred twenty, now just eighty yuan. And to go along with these suits and sport coats, you'll find trousers, sport shirts and ties, all colors, all sizes, at low prices.
  In the lady's department, better dresses have been reduced to prices a slow as half price and some lower. This is the greatest clearance sale that Jingfu's has ever haD. Thousands of summer clothing are on sale.
  Shop Jingfu in the North Shopping Centre is open until six Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Open until nine Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays. Closed all day on Sundays.
46.At ordinary times you have to pay ______ for a sport coat.
  A.180 yuan          B.150 yuan          C.120 yuan          D.80 yuan
47.Now you can save yourself 30 yuan for _________ here.
  A.a man's suit                B.a sport coat
  C.a pair of trousers            D.a sport shirt
48.The price of a dress for the lady is at least ______ than usual now.
  A.much higher        B.much lower        C.half lower        D.half higher
49.You can have the cheaper clothes __________.
  A.at any time                 B.at the summer clearance sale
  C.at any shop                 D.at the department store
50.You can't buy the cheaper clothes ___________.
  A.at 8:00 p.m on Tuesday           B.at 6:00 p.m On Mondays
  C.at 7:00 p.m On Saturday          D.at 5:00 p.m On Thursdays
In recent years advances in medical technology have made it possible for people to live longer than in the past. New medicines and machines are being developed every day to extend(延伸)life. However, some people, including some doctors, are not in favor of (支持)these life extending measures, and they argue that people should have the right to die when they want. They say that the quality of life is as important as life itself and that people should not be forced to go on living when conditions of life have become unbearable. They saw that people should be allowed to die with dignity (尊严) and to decide when they want to die. Others argue that life under any conditions is better than death and that the duty of doctors is always to extend life as long as possible. And so the battle goes on and on without a definite answer.
51.The best title for this passage is ______________.
A.The Right to Live                     B.The Right to Die
C.The Doctor’s Duty                     D.Life Is Better Than Death
52.In recent years, people can live longer than in the past. It’s because of_______ .
A.the development of medical technology B.big hospitals
C.good doctors                      D.both B and C
53.According to some people whether a dying patient has the right to die or not is up to _______ .
A.the doctors                         B.the surroundings
C.his or her family                   D.the patient himself or herself
54.In the writer’s opinion _________.
A.death is better than life             B.life is better that death
C.neither death nor life is good        D.none of the above
55.Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?
A.Most of the medical workers join in the argument.
B.The argument has ended in favor of the patient.
C.The argument hasn’t ended yet.
D.The quality of life is not as important as life itself, so it is generally thought that people should not be allowed to die under any conditions.

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