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第二部分:  英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)
第一节    单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项
11.---Can I have a look at your new cartoon book?
A.Of course, please look.               B.Sure, go ahead.
C.Yes, have a look.                        D.Sorry, please don’t look
12._____ want to go to the zoo will meet at the school gate tomorrow morning.
    A.Those                B.Anyone who      C.Who                D.Those who
13.There are about a hundred people in the shop, ten children _____.
       A.including           B.include            C.included          D.to be include
14.As soon as he arrived in Beijing, he ____ working at his studio.
       A.got down        B.got down to       C.got down to be    D.got off
15.The train runs ______ the speed _____ 100 kilometres an hour.
       A.at, at              B.of, of             C.at, of            D.of, at
16.Mr. Green, _____ we have made rapid progress in English, is one of the best teachers in our
       A.whose help         B.of whom            C.with who         D.with whose help
17.The mother _____ her son not to smoke, but he wouldn’t _____.
       A.persuaded, listen B.advised, hear        C.taught, hear        D.tried to persuade, listen
18.Football is very popular _____ young people all over the world.
       A.with                B.to                  C.by                D.for
19.The next morning people found the old man _____ on the ground, _____.
       A.lying, died        B.lying, dead         C.laying, died        D.laying, dead
20.--- Shall we go and have a walk in the park?
--- I don’t feel like going for a walk, _____, it is too hot outside.
       A.beside           B.besides            C.except           D.except that
21.The building _____ here will be a hospital.
       A.to build            B.building           C.is being built       D.to be built
22.There are trees and flowers on _____ side of the street.
       A.both              B.either               C.every             D.all
23.Sorry, I have got no more money ______ to buy you any more new clothes.
       A.left                     B.leaving                C.to leave               D.to be left
24.We must often read newspapers. It can help us to ________ news up to the minute.
       A.keep up               B.catch up              C.keep up with        D.catch up with
25.The young couple stood _______ in the dark without saying anything.
       A.face and face                                       B.face-to-face
       C.face-and-face                                      D.face to face
第二节: 完形填空(共20小题,每小题1分,满分20分)
The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.  — Thomas Macaulay
    Some thirty years ago, I was studying in a public school in New York. One day, Mrs. Nanette O’Neill gave an arithmetic __26__ to our class. When the papers were __27__ she discovered that twelve boys had made exactly the same mistakes throughout the test.
    There is nothing really new about __28__ in exams. Perhaps that was why Mrs. O’Neill __29__ even say a word about it. She only asked the twelve boys to __30__ after class. I was one of the twelve.
    Mrs. O’Neill asked __31__ questions, and she didn’t __32__ us, either. Instead, she wrote on the blackboard the __33__ words by Thomas Macaulay. She then ordered us to __34__ these words into our exercise-books one hundred times.
    I don’t __35__ about the other eleven boys. Speaking for myself I can say: it was the most important single __36__ of my life. Thirty years after being introduced __37__ Macaulay’s words, they __38__ seem to me the best yardstick (准绳) , because they give us a __39__ to measure ourselves rather than others.
    Few of us are asked to make __40__ decisions about nations going to war or armies going to battle. But all of us are called __41__ daily to make a great many personal decisions. Should the wallet, found in street, be put into a pocket __42__ turned over to the policeman? Should the __43__ change received at the store be forgotten or __44__? Nobody will know except you. But you have to live with yourself, and it is always __45__ to live with someone you respect.
26.A.test                    B.problem              C.paper                   D.lesson
27.A.examined            B.completed           C.marked                D.answered
28.A. lying                 B.cheating              C.guessing               D.discussing
29.A.didn’t                 B.did                      C.would                  D.wouldn’t
30.A.come                 B.leave                   C.remain                 D.apologize
31.A.no                      B.certain                C.many                   D.more
32.A.excuse               B.reject                  C.help                     D.scold
33.A.above                 B.common             C.following              D.unusual
34.A.repeat                 B.get                      C.put                      D.copy
35.A.worry                B.know                  C.hear                     D.talk
36.A.chance               B.incident               C.lesson                  D.memory
37.A.for                     B.by                      C.with                     D.to
38.A.even                   B.still                     C.always                 D.almost
39.A.way                   B.sentence              C.choice                  D.reason
40.A.quick                 B.wise                   C.great                    D.personal
41.A.out                     B.for                      C.up                       D.upon
42.A.and                    B.or                       C.then                     D.but
43.A.extra                  B.small                   C.different               D.necessary
44.A.paid                   B.remembered        C.shared                  D.returned
45.A.easier                 B.more natural        C.better                   D.more peaceful
第三部分: 阅读理解(共20小题,每题2分,满分40分)
When you fly, fly with Bel Air. People who travel a lot fly with Bel Air, because they know they will get what they want. They want to go quickly, and safely, across the country, across the sea, or right across the world—and they know Bel Air will take them where they want to go. Bel Air flies all the newest and fastest, to more towns and cities in more countries in the world, than any other airline.
Do you want to go to Paris, Washington, Tokyo? Bel Air will take you there at all times of the day or the night, right through the week.
But Bel Air flies not only to the big cities in the rich countries. We fly two or three times a week to towns and cities in the very heart of Asia, Africa and South America.
People who travel a lot fly with Bel Air, because they know they will leave on time and arrive on time. They know that the food they will receive, and the film they will watch, will be of the best.
Bel Air is second to none. When you fly, fly with the Bel Air.
46.Bel Air is________.
       A.a kind of plane                             B.a name of an airline
  C.a name of an airport                     D.a city’s name
47.Bel Air’s planes fly to cities like Paris and Tokyo _______.
  A.once a week                            B.twice a week
  C.once a day                             D.more than once a day
48.According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?
  A.Bel Air’s planes fly to many countries
  B.Fly with Bel Air, you will get the best service
  C.Bel Air’s planes are newest and fastest
  D.Few people fly with Bel Air
49.This passage is _______.
  A.an advertisement                          B.taken from a guide book
  C.a piece of news                           D.a notice
50.The phrase “second to none” here means ______.
A.one of the largest                               B.better than any other
C.the most popular                                D.very good
It would be very exciting to be a reporter on a newspaper. As soon as a reporter’s boss gives him a story to write, the reporter is on the job. He keeps his mind on what he is going to do. He does not begin writing the story until he knows what he is supposed to find out. He must know why he should write the story.
At times a reporter must search hard to find all of the facts he needs for a story. The facts may not be right under his nose. To find the facts, he must also be able to recognize important details (细节).
As a reporter is gathering information for a story, he asks himself questions: Should I use this piece of information? Is this an important fact?
A reporter writes the story as fact as he can, so it can go right away into the newspaper. The story also needs a headline, which tells very quickly what the news story is about. The headline is the part of the news that is printed bigger and blacker than the rest of the news story.
Every big newspaper has many reporters, because many stories are needed in the newspaper. Would you like to be one of them?
51.The passage is about __________.
       A.the job of a news reporter                B.how to gather information for a news story
       C.how to write the headline of an article    D.big newspapers in the world
52.Before a news reporter begins to write a news story, he must know ______.
       A.all the useful facts he needs            B.what he writes the story for
       C.how to please his boss                 D.both A and B
53.A reporter writes the story as fast as possible because ______.
       A.he wants to have a rest
      B.he is good at writing it
       C.he wants it to go into the newspaper right away
D.people prefer to buy today’s newspaper
54.A headline should be _____.
       A.simple and clear                                B.printed bigger and blacker
       C.long and in detail                           D.both A and B
55.Which is the writer’s opinion? _____.
       A.reporter’s boss is usually very hard to his men
       B.The job of a newspaper reporter is not easy
       C.Everyone can write a good news story
       D.No one likes to be a journalist

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