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第二部分:  英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)
第一节    单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
--- I am a chemistry teacher . I teach chemistry .
       A.What are you going to do at school
       B.What do you do at school
       C.What would you like to do at school
       D.What do you do as a chemistry teacher
12.---Why is Tom wet all over?
---Because he_______ all the time.
       A.has been playing football            B.liked water
       C.drank too much water       C.had a car accident
13.Their only son was lost , so they went all out _______ him all over the city .
       A.to search           B.looking for           C.in search of  D.found
14.It is said the new play _______ at the theatre the following week .
       A.is to put on                   B.is going to be put on
       C.was going to be put          D.would be put on
15.The policemen _____ on a rainy night. They wanted to catch the murderer as soon as
       A.set off          B.set up         C.brought up           D.set about
16.He went home sadly without ______ him to the party.
       A.anyone invited            B.anyone to be invited
       C.anyone’s invitation            D.anyone inviting
17.______ difficulty we may have, we won’t give up.
       A.What            B.How               C.Whatever          D.However
18.---It is quite ______that we will be able to finish the work tomorrow.
---Don’t be so ______. It depends on the weather.
       A.uncertain; sure             B.right; certain
       C.certain; sure                  D.sure; certain
19._______ either you or Kite interested in stamp collecting?
       A.Is            B.Are               C.Have         D.Do
20.They wouldn’t agree to sell the house to us at the same price _____ they had asked, _____
was rather disappointing.
       A.which; as          B.as; which         C.as; that        D.that; that
21.The bad weather only ______ our difficulties.
       A.added to           B.came to           C.got close to    D.added up to
22.When you read the book, you’d better make a mark ______ you have any questions.
       A.at which            B.at which             C.the place where       D.where
23.The station is five miles ______ here.
       A.far from           B.from              C.far away from       D.away
24.What ______ are you going to ______ in the film?
       A.man; make         B.part; act            C.person; do        D.character; take
25.---Which do you prefer, Sprite or Coke?
       A.either does well       B.each is nice  C.either will do         D.both are well
第二节 完形填空(共20小题,每小题1分,满分20分)
Charlie Chaplin was born in a poor part of London in 1889, and _26  on the stage for the first time at the age of five.
When he was seventeen, Chaplin joined  a group of traveling  27   and spent seven years traveling. In 1913, a Hollywood  28   company gave him a __29    and he settled in the United States,  30   became his home for almost forty years.
Charlie had  31   in the United States for less than a year when he started to become  __32__   and he turned into a popular film hero  33   overnight.
Chaplin became the writer, producer, and star of his  34   . The character he created and called “ The Tramp (流浪汉)”,  35   amuses millions of people  36  .
There is no doubt that Chaplin’s  37   years had an important influence (影响) on his work.. He had deep feelings for  38   who were poor and in  39  of help, and his films all showed the battle of the “little man”  40   the strong and the powerful.
In his early days  41   an actor and director, Chaplin produced sixty-two short  42_   films in four years.
In 1952, Chaplin returned to  43   , and settled in Switzerland. He did not go back to the United States  44   1972. In that year, when he was 83 years old, he returned to Hollywood and received an “Oscar”  45   his contribution to the history of the cinema.
26.A.appeared       B.lived       C.stayed       D.grew up
27.A.professors   B.actors       C.visitors       D.doctors
28.A.TV                  B.oil                C.telephone            D.film
29.A.letter                B.job                C.talk                 D.lesson
30.A.where               B.it                  C.which               D.that
31.A.taught               B.visited              C.happen              D.been
32.A.famous              B.rich                C.lucky               D.funny
33.A.quite                B.particularly          C.almost               D.just
34.A.film                B.books               C.company             D.cinema
35.A.once                B.ever                 C.soon                D.still
36.A.today               B.in American       C.forever              D.since then
37.A.late                 B.old                  C.early                D.following
38.A.that                 B.those                C.it                   D.this
39.A.front                B.need       C.run out              D.short
40.A.together with         B.for                  C.between             D.against
41.A.as                  B.like        C.of                  D.with
42.A.silent                B.dumb                C.American            D.English
43.A.American             B.his home             C.Hollywood           D.Europe
44.A.after                 B.when                C.until                D.in
45.A.because              B.for                  C.so that               D.as

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