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第二部分:  英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)

第一节    单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
  从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
11. ---I am looking for ______ sweater for my son.
   ---OK. Here's _______ nice cotton one for $38.
    A. a; the              B. the; a              C. a; a                D. the; the 
12. He is ____ old man. He lost his left leg when he was _____; at the age of_____ he last his parents.
   A. 80-year-old; 8; 18 years old              B. a 80-year-old; 8 years old; 18
  C. an 80-years-old; 8 years; 18              D. an 80-year-old; 8; 18
13. Chen Wei and Susan were walking down the street _______ they saw an accident. Susan stayed to look after the wounded _________Chen Wei went to make a telephone call.
     A. while; when                  B. when; while                   C. when; when                   D. while; while
14. I was really anxious about you. You ________ home without a word.
      A. mustn’t leave                            B. shouldn’t have left
     C. couldn’t have left                                D. needn’t leave
15. It ________ last night, for the ground is still so wet .
     A. must rain                    B. must have rained                 C. might rain                  D. should have rained
16. With all my homework __________ in time, I went home happily.
       A. finish                    B. finishing                   C. finished                    D. had finished
17. Please do be careful while __________ the road as the traffic is so heavy.
    A. cross              B. to cross           C. crossing           D. crossed
18. Can you ______ the difference between the two villas?
       A. say       B. explain       C. tell       D. speak
19. This is the only one of the books __________by all the middle school students.
       A.which is enjoyed  B. that are enjoyed         C. that is enjoyed         D. that enjoys
20. Is it really true ________ Bob asked all the airlines to fly the pop stars for free?
     A. how                  B. that                  C. why                 D. whether
21. --Excuse me, is this case mine, Betty?
--Sorry, but it belongs to ________, though it is similar to ________.
       A. me; yours              B. mine; yours      C. me; you                D. mine; you
22. Mrs Pattis gave us another wonderful talk, _______ of great importance to our English study.
       A. I think which is        B. I think it is  C. which I think is       D. which I think it
23. --There's a flower show in the nature park. Shall we go and see it?
       A. Quite well            B. Yes, please             C. Good idea            D. No problem
24. Paula refused the invitation to David's party the next week, ________ of course made
   him puzzled.
       A. what           B. where           C. when                  D. which
25. Sorry. I took your schoolbag ___________.
       A. by mistake           B. by a mistake           C. without a mistake        D. with mistake
第二节 完形填空(共20小题,每小题1分,满分20分)
Ben and his wife Susan were on their way to have dinner with their friends, Ian and Betty. It was a dark,   26   night, and they did not know the road very well. They   27   through Cookstown, until they found   28   they thought was the road to Dorling, where Ian and Betty   29  . But it soon became   30   that they were not on the road to Dorling at all. The road that they were on was getting   31  , and there were no other   32   on it. The wind was blowing   33   with every minute that passed.
Now they went past a small church, and then two houses without   34   on. There was nobody to find who could tell them   35   they were. Just then Ben caught sight of a telephone   36  , fifty metres or so ahead. They planned to telephone Ian and Betty for   37  , so they moved a little bit and   38   their car in front of it. Ben got out of the car and was trying hard to   39   the door of the box when Susan saw a   40   making telephone in the box. They had to   41   for quite a long time in the freezing wind   42   the door opened, and   43   came the young lady. It was
  44   else but Betty, one of the friends they had been   45   for.
26. A. sunny       B. fine       C. windy       D. snowy
27. A. looked       B. walked       C. came              D. drove
28. A. how       B. which             C. where                D. that
29. A. lived                B. worked            C. stayed               D. studied
30. A. sorry                B. certain              C. clear                D. known
31. A. longer               B. shorter              C. wider                D. narrower
32. A. buses                B. trucks               C. cars                 D. people
33. A. harder               B. faster               C. stronger             D. weaker
34. A. phones               B. lights               C. radio                D. window
35. A. what                 B. which              C. where                D. who
36. A. box                  B. card                 C. call                 D. message
37. A. ideas                B. advice               C. information          D. help
38. A. slowed               B. found                C. started              D. stopped
39. A. break                B. shut                C. open                 D. knock
40. A. boy                  B. man                  C. friend               D. woman
41. A. keep                 B. stay                 C. sit                  D. wait
42. A. as                   B. after                C. until                D. when
43. A. up                   B. out                  C. down                 D. in
44. A. nobody               B. anybody             C. somebody            D. everybody
45. A. sending              B. waiting       C. looking              D. asking
第三部分: 阅读理解(共20小题,每题2分,满分40分)
There are many songwriters, but none quite like Noralee Dahl from Torrance, California. The 55-year-old songwriter will write a song for anyone. Just give her a call, and in about thirty minutes she will play an original (最初的) song just for you over the telephone.
   Noralee calls her operation “phone-a-song.” As soon as she receives a request by telephone, she starts writing. The cost is fifteen dollars a song, plus three dollars for a tape of her song.
   Noralee’s songs are a blend (混合) of country and popular music. She does the singing --- which she has been doing since she was three years old --- and the guitar playing. So far, Noralee figures she has wrote about 500 songs.
46. Who does Noralee write songs for?
       A.Some pop stars.                 B. Anyone who calls to ask for songs.        
    C. Those who love her songs.    D. Anyone who telephones her.
47. What does the word “figures” mean?
    A. numbers       B. wishes       C. learns       D. hopes
48. The best title is _____.
A. Noralee’s phone-a-song       B. Selling songs
C. Over the phone                      D. Songwriters and Noralee

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