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第二部分:  英语知识运用(共两节,满分35分)

第一节    单项填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
  从 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项
11.--- Did you wash your new blouse in hot water ?
--- I am not ________ foolish .
       A. such        B. that       C. as        D. very much
12--- The TV set doesn’t work properly , I’m afraid .
--- Why can’t you do ________ about it ?
A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing
13.My trousers are worm out . I have to get _______ .
A. a new one        B. another one  C. a new pair  D. new ones
14.   It looks ________ it is going to rain this afternoon .
A. that B. as if C. if D. like
15.   Tom is a very clever school boy . _______ !
A. Is he B. Isn’t he C. He is D. He isn’t
16. Be quick, Jim. You will be late for the concert ______ you start right now.
      A. or else            B. until              C. unless             D. before
17._____ from the number of the cars, he thought, there weren’t many people at the restaurant
       A. Judged             B. Judging            C. Being judged     D. Judge
18. If you don't have a jar, a basin will ________.
      A. make               B. fit                C. do                 D. help
19. Please _______ me the favour to put the notice up on the wall.
       A. do                 B. give               C. help               D. offer
20. Oh, Toddy, I'm sorry to have put you _____ the trouble ______ my bike.
       A. into; of changing  B. to; of changing   C. to; to change          D. into; to change
21.Now and then they would ________ our house and have a talk with us.
       A. drop in on              B. drop in            C. drop at            D. drop in at
22.______ something wrong with his composition, I am afraid.
       A. There seems to have              B. There seems to be
       C. He seems to be                   D. It seems to be
23.The customer insists the shop assistant _____ the jacket for another one.
       A. changes             B. change            C. will change          D. has changed
24.The stranger is _______ person the police _______.
       A. very; have been after              B. a very; has been after
       C. the very; have been after          D. very; has been after
25. ______ do you think works the hardest in your class?
     A. Who         B. Whom        C. Which       D. Why

第二节: 完形填空(共20小题,每小题1分,满分20分)
I was eight years old when I got my first pair of football boots. This may not seem ___26___ now, but in those days clothing was rationed(配给) ___27___ the war, and I knew my father had to go ___28___ a coat to give it to me ___29___ my birthday.
    After school I went to play ___30___ in a park at the other end of the town, and after my first game I walked ___31___ to the bus stop. When we were ___32__ the town center, I happened to look ___33___ and saw I was holding just one boot. I looked under the seat but there was no __34__of the other one. Of course, I was only eight and not used to __35___boots together. One of them must have come undone. I could ___36___ my parents' faces when I told them I had lost it.
    I jumped ___37___ the bus and caught one going in the ___38___direction.To my surprise, a lady who was a friend of my mother's was on it, and she was surprised ___39___,because she could not understand___40___ I was going that ___41___ at that time in the afternoon. I told her what had happened and she wished ___42___ good luck.
   When I got to the park, I started walking slowly across it, trying to remember all of the various ___43___ roads I had taken. Suddenly, after about 100 metres, I saw the boot ___44___ all by itself in the middle of the grass. It seemed ___45___ a small object that I thought it was a miracle that I had found it.
26. A. strange       B. necessary       C. funny           D. important
27. A. since       B. because of              C. in                         D. at
28. A. with       B. without                C. wearing                    D. having
29. A. on                   B. before                 C. after                      D. in
30. A. basketball            B. tennis                 C. football                   D. games
31. A. away                 B. towards         C. around                     D. across
32. A. arriving              B. running                C. passing                    D. walking
33. A. down                 B. up                    C. under                      D. in
34. A. shadow               B. hope                  C. sign                       D. notice
35. A. carrying              B. putting                C. holding                    D. seizing
36. A. think                 B. think of                C. imagine                    D. consider
37. A. out                   B. down           C. off                        D. away
38. A. park                  B. opposite         C. right                      D. back
39. A. too                   B. neither          C. either                     D. very much
40. A. why                  B. how                C. where                      D. that
41. A. road                  B. way            C. direction           D. hurry
42. A. my                   B. us                    C. her                        D. me
43. A. small                 B. possible         C. narrow                     D. passing
44. A. lying                 B. sleeping                C. laying                     D. hiding
45. A. like                  B. only                   C. such                       D. so

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