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1.—Mind your behavior in public, or we'll have our              ruined.
  —Oh, no one sees.
    A. figures   B. names C. bodies      D. images    
2.Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examinations so that she could be sure of passing it on her first               .
    A. intention       B. attempt     C. purpose      D. desire
3.He is working hard all day long, which will surely          his success in the future.
A. lead greatly to                     B. contribute greatly to  
C. lead greatly up to          D. contribute greatly for
4.Reading        the lines, I would say that the Government are more worried than they will admit.
A. beyond      B. along         C. between      D. among
5. In order not to be disturbed, I spent three hours _____ in my study.
       A. locking                 B. locked            C. to lock                  D. being locked
6 I found them ______ at a table, _______ in thought.
  A seated;  losing    B seated;  lost    C  seating ;  losing    D  seating;  lost
7 There used to be a church in the east of the city,______?
  A didn’t there    B  usedn’t it     C  didn’t it  D  wasn’t  there 
8 As lots of trees and flowers ________ here and there, the city looks very beautiful.
 A   having planted     B planted    C  have been planted   D  to be planted
9 Now that you like the portable computer so much, why not buy ______ one?
  A that expensive a    B a such  cheap   C  that an expensive  D so a cheap
10 The poor man, ________, ran out of the dark cave.
  A trembled and frightened  B  trembling and frightening  C  trembled and frightening
  D trembling and frightened
11 All around we find nice little towns, villages and houses, and ______.
 A among them many of good size     B among are them many of good size
 C among which many of good size    D among which many of them are good size
12 To ____east of the city lies a mountain, ______south of which is the village where I was born.
 A the;  the    B /  /     C the  /    D /  the
13..       he hasn’t come is_______ he is busy writing his novel.
 A Why, because;   B  Why, that;        C That, because;      D both B and C
14.Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment, ______I will always treasure.
A that;           B one;              C it;             D what
15._________is agreed by the people who have been to Britain_________Britain is a good place for tourism and studying English
 A What,  that;     B What,  it;           C it,  what;      D It,  that
16.____ is agreed by the people who have been to Britain is____ Britain is a good place for tourism and studying English
 A What,  that;     B What,  it;           C it,  what;      D It,  that
17 He went abroad, ________.
  A  never returning   B never returned   C  never to return  D  to never return
18 Mrs Black went back to _______ place ________ she had found the diamond
  A the same ;   where    B the same ;    as    C  the same ;  that  D as the same ;  as
19 The good news inspired us _______ hope.
  A  of  B to   C  with    D   in
20-- How would you like your coffee?
 A It’s well done B Very nice, thank you  C One cup. That’s enough  D The stronger  the better 
21 _______ the coal we use to keep warm started as?
  A What was it that   B What it was that   C  How was it that   D How it was that
22 – Alice, why didn’t you come yesterday?
  _ I_______, but I had an unexpected visitor.
   A  had     B would     C    was going to   D  did
23. The old machine is not adapted to the mass production, so we must             it.
    A. reform                   B. advance                  C. improve                  D. develop              
24.—How much should I pay         all the           , please?
    —Altogether 100 dollars.
    A. on; goods               B. for; products           C. /; shoppings            D. for; purchases
25. The suggestion       he put forward at the meeting was adopted (采纳) immediately.
    A. that                    B. which                   C. /                           D. all of the above
26.—Tom ,keep your             on your studies.
    —Sure, Mum. I'll keep that in             .
    A .mind; mind             B. heart ;head              C .brain ;mind             D .heart ; brain       
27.—I'm leaving now.
    —Make sure              the door.
       A. for you to lock   B .to have locked    C .of locking   D. you lock   
28 In the spring of 2003,when SARS spread all over the country, people             a panic.
    A .came into               B .were at                   C .got into                   D .were into           
29. -When can I come for the photos? I need them tomorrow afternoon.
    -They ____ be ready by 12:00.
     A. can                       B. should                   C. might                    D. need
30.-I wonder if I could call you by your first name, Mr. Carter.
     -Yes, you ____. Just call me Jimmy.
     A. will                       B. could                     C. may                      D. might
31.-It's many years since I last saw you. I didn't recognize you at first.
     -I ____ either, if someone hadn't called you by name.
     A. wouldn't have        B. wouldn't                C. didn't                    D. hadn't
32. If it were not for the fact that you ____ill, I would ask you to do this right away.
     A. were                     B. had been                C. be                         D. are
33 If a person is not breathing , you should ______ the person o n his back and start his breathing at once.
   A  lie   B lay   C lain   D laid
34______ put the poison out of _____ of the children.
   A To , reach  B To , the reach   C Do , reach    D  Do ,the reach
35 The earth, the moon , the other stars and the sun are just part of ______ we call the universe.
  A  that   B which    C what    D  how
36 It’s not likely to happen, but if it ________, we need to be well prepared.
  A  should   B  would      C   might     D      could
37 New reports say peace talks between the two countries _____ with no agreement reached.
  A  have broken down   B have broken out  C have broken in  D have broken up
38 AIDS is a disease which _______ the body’s immune system.
  A  breaks up   B  breaks out    C  breaks down   D breaks into
39 The folk song concert was so well ________ that all the tickets had been sold out on the first day.
   A  accepted    B  recognized     C   received     D   promised
40 The college is planning to offer more English courses to ________ the needs of beginners of English.
   A  meet with    B  meet    C   supply    D  satisfy with
41 –What did she _______ so much money?
  -- Nothing but a necklace made of glass.
   A  spend on   B pay for     C buy for     D  sell to
42 After the meeting, I _______ to write a report on our next term’s work.
   A  set about    B  made off with    C  set out    D   set off
43 I think the car will ______ till we get to the village.
   A  extend out    B  go in for    C  hold out   D  hold up
44 The Party Central Committee ______  the Chinese people to work hard for the economic development.
   A  calls on     B  calls up    C   calls out      D   calls for
45 When I entered his room, I found him _______ an arm chair ,deep in thought.
   A  sitting on    B  sit in    C  seated on    D seated in
46 The good service at the hotel _____ the poor food to some degree.
   A  made up for    B  saved up for    C  took the place of   D  turn out
47 ---Your tie looks smart . It _______ with your shirt perfectly.
  ----Thanks. I’m glad you like it.
   A   matches     B  meets    C  agrees      D  goes
48 His pale face _________ a reluctant smile when he heard the news.
   A  came on      B  was taken on   C   took on    D  turned into
49 --- Can I help you?
  ---- I’d like a room with a bath. How much do you _______?
   A  offer      B afford       C   charge      D  spare
50 --- Will another fifty be enough?
  ---- Just twenty will _______.
   A  work     B  do    C   suit     D  fit


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