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新人教必修5 Unit 1 Great Scientists 单元测试题[3]
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新课标  块五 单元测试题一

21 He suggests we ____ to the cinema at once, otherwise we ____ late.
A must go; are  B go ; will be   C will go ; will be  D would go ; are
22 The writer ___ his writing so that he forgot to have his lunch.
A absorbed   B was absorbed into  C absorbed into  D was absorbed in
23 The president ____ the new economic policy.
A announced  B told  C informed  D promised
24 _____ the injuries to his face, he broke both legs.
A In addition to B Except  C But  D Except for
25 I don’t understand what you are talking about, would you ____ a little ?
A explain you  B express you  C explain yourself  D express yourself
26  Before using the machine, you must ____ carefully to these instructions .
A join  B join in  C take part in  D attend
27  Only in this way ___ to make progress with your English.
A hoped  B wished  C liked  D expected
28    Who is ____ the patient?  Maybe his sister.   
A taking care  B looking for  C joining in  D attending on
29. I had no idea when and where ________..
A. it happened                     B. does it happen  
C. it had happened                  D. had it happened
30   Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed to her?
--- Yes, I gave it to her ____ I saw her.
A while  B the moment  C suddenly  D once
31   The ___ look on his face showed that he hadn’t expected it .
A astonished   B astonishing  C being astonished  D having astonished
32    Do you still remember the chicken farm ___ we visited three months ago?
A where    B when    C that      D what
33. He ____ her to go to school, even though she did not want to .
A advised  B suggested  C made  D persuaded
34.  Only when the war was over ____ return to his hometowns.
A have the soldiers  B the soldiers  C the soldiers did  D did the soldiers
35.  I feel it is your husband who ____ for the spoiled child .
A is to blame  B is going to blame  C is to be blamed  D should blame

第二节 完型填空
 When I woke next morning, I was dying of _36__. I seemed to have a hole instead of a _37__.  I dressed quickly and hurried down to the dinning-room. It was a big room with six tall windows and the ugliest wallpaper I had ever seen ! _38_ , I had been told the hotel was not beautiful but that you were better __39__ there than in any other hotel; and that was _40__ I wanted just then.
   The waiter came hurrying up. Before I came downstairs I had prepared __41__ carefully for what I must __42_. I had looked three times in my dictionary to make sure __43__ “breakfast” really meant “breakfast”. I had tried to get the right _44_ and I had stood in the front of a mirror and twisted my mouth until it ached.
   The waiter asked me _45__ I could not understand, but I spoke only my one prepared word “breakfast”. He looked at me in a _46 way. so I repeated it. Still he did not understand. It was _47_ that English people didn’t understand their language.. The waiter _48__ his head and went away, but he came back in a minute and brought a tray with tea, bread and butter--- enough to feed a small army--- and went away. But I was hungry, and I left __49__. When the waiter came back I thought his face showed a little __50__, but you can never __51_. What a waiter’s face really shows. In another minute he brought _52__ tray with some bacon(熏肉) and some eggs. He _53_ have misunderstood me , but I thought it was no use explaining to people who don’t understand their own language , so I just set to work on the bacon and eggs, wondering whether I could possibly clear that plate.
   Well, I finished the bacon and eggs. I got up and made my way slowly to my room- at least five pound __54_. I never believed until then that any meal could _55__ me, but on that day I met my Waterloo(滑铁卢).
36. A hunger       B. cold          C.. anger          D. illness
37. A. stone        B. head          C. breast          D. stomach
38. A. Therefore     B. Otherwise      C. So            D. However
39. A. received      B. fed            C. cared          D. eating
40. A. just          B. what           C. that           D. why
41. A. English       B. meal           C. questions       D. myself
42. A. speak         B. answer         C. say            D. explain
43. A. that          B. about           C. of             D. to
44. A. pronunciation   B. meaning        C. form          D. spelling
45. A. whether       B. something       C. when         D. what
46. A. surprised      B. friendly         C. puzzled       D. touched
47. A. unbelievable   B. true            C. thought        D. a pity
48. A waved         B. shook          C. bowed         D. patted
49. A. much         B. a little          C. nothing        D. empty
50. A. pleasure       B. surprise         C. pride          D. satisfaction
51. A. tell           B. guess           C. design        D. express
52. A. other          B. another         C. more         D. me
53. A. should        B. might           C. would        D. must
54. A. lighter        B. heavier          C. weightier      D. more
55.A. hurt          B. fat              C. defeat         D. please


  When I was in the third grade,I was picked to be the princess(公主)in the school play.For weeks my mother had helped me practice my lines.But once onstage,every word disappeared from my head.Then my teacher told me she had written a narrator's(解说者的)part for the play,and asked me to change roles.Though I didn't tell my mother what had happened that day,she sensed my unhappiness and asked if I wanted to take a walk in the yard.

    It was a lovely spring day.We could see dandelions(蒲公英)popping through the grass in bunches,as if a painter had touched our landscape with bits of gold.I watched my mother carelessly bend down by one of the bunches."I think I am going to dig up all these weeds,"she said."From now on,we'll have only roses in this garden."

    "But I like dandelions,"I protested."All flowers are beautiful-even dandelions!"

    My mother looked at me seriously."Yes,every flower gives pleasure in its own way,doesn't it?"she asked thoughtfully.I nodded."And that is true of people,too,"she added.

    When I realized that she had guessed my pain,I started to cry and told her the truth.

  “But you will be a beautiful narrator,”she said,reminding me of how much I loved to read stories aloud to her.

    Over the next few weeks,with her continuous encouragement,I learned to take pride in the role.The big day finally came.A few minutes before the play,my teacher came over to me.“Your mother asked me to give this to you,”she said,handing me a dandelion.After the play,I took home the flower,laughing that I was perhape the only person who would keep such a weed.

    56.The girl did not play the role of the princess mainly because .
    A.she felt nervous on the stage.
    B.she lost her interest in that role.
    C.she preferred the role of the narrator
    D.she had difficulty memorizing her words
    57.Why did the mother suggest a walk in the garden?
    A.To remove the dandelions
    B.To enjoy the garden scene
    C.to have a talk with her daughter.
    D.to hlep her daughter with the play.
    58.What is the main idea of the story?
    A.Everybody can find his or her own way to success.
    B.Everybody has his or her own value in the world.
    C.Everybody should learn to play different roles
    DEverybody has some unforgettable memory.


    Italian Lakes and Greek Islands(12Days)

    Prices starting from $1,999

    Your tour begins in Milan,Italy,and moves on to the pretty Italian Lake District and the attractive resort(胜地)of Stresa,your home for two nights. Collette Vacations has carefully chosen the Costa Victoria as your home away from home for your 7-night journey along the waterways of the Mediterranean. The cruise ship is filled with the warmth and culture of Italy and is richly designed with entertainment(娱乐)areas and very good living conditions. It will take you to the places of your dreams.

    You'll spend 4 days touring Greek cities you've always heard about. In Katakolon,you will have the only unguided tour to nearby Olympia on the whole journey. Then with a local guide you will visit the Greek islands of Santorini,which is often related to the story of the lost city of Atlantis,and Mykonos,a wonderful island with beautiful beaches.

    Your journey ends in Verona,home of the love story Romeo and Juliet,with a fun-filled farewell dinner-a perfect ending to a pleasant journey.

    12Day,25Meals:10Breakfasts,6 Lunches,9Dinners
    Day 1 Overnight flight to Italy
    Day 2-3 Regina Palace,stresa,Italy
    Day 4-10 Costa Victoria(Costa cruises)
    Day 11 Hotel Leopardi,Verona,Italy
    Day 12 Leave for home
    Please Note:
59.How is the journey planned?
  A.It starts and ends in Italy.
  B.It starts and ends in Greece.
  C.It starts in Italy and ends in Greece.
  D.It starts in Greece and ends in Italy.
  60.What can be inferred from the travel plan?
  A.The price may get lower than those in the plan.
  B.The prices include three meals a day.
  C.The price is the highest in summer.
  D.The prices include entertainment service.
  61.What does the underlined part“the Costa Victoria”most probably refer to?
  A.A famous hotel. B.A beautiful resort.
  C.A comfortable ship. D.A long-distance bus.
  62.Tourists will travel on their own in    .
  A.Stresa B.Olympia C.Mykonos D.Verona

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