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新人教必修5 Unit 2 The United Kingdom 质量检测题
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人教新课标必修五 第二单元质量检测题
1.  Our class _______ of thirty-two boys and twenty-three girls.
    A. composes   B. concludes   C consists   D. contains
2.  A quarrel _________, which made him ______ his family.
A. was broken out; break away  
B. broke out; break away from   
C. was broken away; break down 
D. broke down; break out
3..  The girl looked at me with a _______expression. Maybe the problem was quite ______.
A. puzzled; puzzling  B. puzzling; puzzled  C. puzzled; puzzled  D. puzzling; puzzling
4.  Electric trains have now _______ steam trains in England?
A. taken place   B. taken up   C. taken on   D. taken the place of
5  The teacher _____ his students______ five groups..
 A divided…into          B. separated…from  .
C. separated…into…       D. divided…from
6  As we joined the big crowd I got _______ from my friends.
A. spared  B. lost  .C separated  D. missed
7.  Miss Zhou,  as well as Mrs. Lin, _______ good French.
A. speak  B. spoke  C. spoken  .D speaks
8.. This wire connects _____ that one.
A. to  B. of  C. on    .D with
9. Now when people refer to England you find Wales______ as well.
A. include   Bincluded  C. including  D. includes
10. When I came back, I found the door _______.
A. lock  B. locking  C. to lock   D locked
11 five books on the shelf are found _____.
A. tear  B. tearing  C. tore  D. torn
12 e watched the whole house _____ down.
a) burn  B. burning  C. burnt  D. to be burnt
13 He said he never heard this word ______ in spoken English.
a) use  B. used  C. using  D. to use
14 She felt herself _______ by her friends.
A. misunderstand  B. misunderstanding  C. misunderstood  D. to misunderstand
15 We had a photo ______ with the foreign friends.
a) take  B. took  C. taking  D. taken
16 The result of the test was rather _____ He was very ______ at the result.
a) disappointed, disappointed  B. disappointing, disappointing
b) disappointed, disappointing  D. disappointing, disappointed
17 There were two roads ______ to the station.
a) lead  B. led  C. leading  D. to lead
18 I observed two men in raincoat ______ the hall.
a) enter  B. entering  C. entered  D. to enter
19 A man was seen _______ to break into the house.
a) try  B. trying  C. tried  D. to try
20. We must get the house _____ during the holidays.
A. painted  B. painting  C. paint  D. to paint

   The British isles is made up of two large islands①: One is called Ireland and the other 1 . Britain, or Great Britain, is the larger of these two islands, and it is 2 into three parts: Scotland , Wales and England.
  The United Kingdom is that 3 of the British isles ruled over by the Queen. It is made up of Scotland, Wales and England, that is, the 4 of Britain, and also about onesixth of Ireland, the Northern part. The 5 of Ireland is selfgoverning. The 6 name of the United Kingdom is 7 “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”.
  8 is larger and richer than Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and has the most 9 of the United Kingdom, so people often use the 10 “England” and “English” when they 11 “Britain” and “British”. This sometimes makes the Scots and the Welsh a little 12 . The Scots in particular are very 13 of their separate nationality. The Welsh too do not regard 14 as English, and have a culture and even a 15 of their own.
  Ireland became part of the United Kingdom in 1801, but for forty years the “Irish 16 ” was the greatest headache of the United Kingdom. 17 , Ireland is divided into two: Northern Ireland still 18 to the United Kingdom, and in 1922 the rest of Ireland 19 to found an Irish Free State, later called Eire and now the Republic of Ireland.
  The Republic of Ireland does not regard itself as part of Britain②, and is not now even a supporter of the Commonwealth of Nations (英联邦). Unlike the major Commonwealth countries it did not lift a finger to 20 British in the Second World War and now wants the whole of Ireland to be a republic.
  1. A. Wales B. Britain C. England D. Scotland
  2. A. divided B. cut C. broken D. separated
  3. A. piece B. island C. country D. part
  4. A. south B. north C. part D. whole
  5. A. smaller B. larger C. rest D. island
  6. A. correct B. true C. full D. complete
  7. A. also B. therefore C. likely D. perhaps
  8. A. The UK B. The British isles C. Great Britain D. England
  9. A. colleges B. officials C. cities D. population
  10. A. words B. names C. spellingsD. pronunciations
  11. A. call B. forget C. speak D. write
  12. A. angry B. difficult C. tired D. lonely
  13. A. proud B. fond C. full D. kind
  14. A. it B. WalesC. them D. themselves
  15. A. capital B. language C. history D. programmes
  16. A. Country B. Question C. Disease D. Republic
  17. A. At last B. So C. Meanwhile D. Also
  18. A. returns B. belongs C. gets D. speaks
  19. A. hoped B. refused C. broke away D. used
  20. A. feel B. touch C. fight D. help

Passage A
   Did anyone find the names of “Great Britain”, “the United Kingdom”, “England” and “the British commonwealth” which have the same meaning? Strictly speaking, these names all refer to something different①. None of them are exactly the same as any of the others.
  The British isles refer to the main islands and several thousand small ones as well, which you can see on the map②. Great Britain, or Britain, refers to the larger of the two main islands. But the word “Britain” is often used as a short form for the United Kingdom or you call it the UK .
  Now as for England, it refers simply to the largest of the three countries on the island of Great Britain. The United Kingdom is the name of the state and the official name of the country, which many people popularly refer to England.
  Finally, the Britain commonwealth is the usual name for what is left of the British Empire (帝国). This change shows the weakening of British Empire and the rising of the national liberation movements throughout the world today.
  1. According to the passage, we know that ____ .
  A. Great Britain has the same meaning as Britain
  B. the United Kingdom has the same meaning as Britain or England
  C. all the names in the first paragraph have the same meaning
  D. all the names refer to England
  2. It is clear that the British isles refer to ____ .
  A. Britain, England and the UK.
  B. the two main islands and thousands of small ones
  C. three countries and several islands
  D. Great Britain or the United Kingdom
  3. Which of the following shows the right relationship (关系) between the British isles (BI), Britain (B) and England (E)?
  4. If you want to write to someone in Edinburgh that lies in Scotland, you should write the address as ____ .
  A. Edinburgh, England
  B. Edinburgh, Great Britain
  C. Scotland, Edinburgh, England
  D. Great Britain, Scotland, Edinburgh

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