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新课标必修5 Unit 4 Making the news 词汇专项练习
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Unit 4 Making the news

1. After graduation he took an o______________as a teacher in the city.
2. The a______________offered by the manager is difficult for him to finish.
3. An expert is a man who is engaged in p______________ business.
4. All his c______________who work with him in the same factory are all ready to help others.
5. You should c_____________on your work when you study.
6. In the__________(案子) of Ma Haitao, he was treated unfairly.
7. We also can a__________________knowledge during playing.
8. He hit me on the head with a ball d_____________which made me very angry.
9. He felt g________________after he stole some money from the old couple.
10. His________________(简练) introduction of the product got great interest of the people.
11. He worked as a e________________in that newspaper.
12. She graduated from English d__________________of Beijing University.
13. Don't just say almost, nearly... , what we need is a____________number.
14. My shoes are so dirty that they need to be P______________.
15. I can't understand your meaning, can you give me a little h____________.
16. Before marrying, they always made an a ___________ in that park.
17. If I've hurt your feelings, it was quite without_______________(有意).
18. Her father will never a_____________(同意) of her marriage to you.
19. I don't want a _______________(否定的) answer to my question.
20. In harvest time, he has to______________(雇佣) more people to work for him.
21. A p_____________is a type of job that required advanced education or training.
22. If you have an a__________with someone, you have arranged to see them at a particular time, usually in connection with their work.
23. An i___________that you have is an idea or plan of what you are going to do.
24. Your o______________________is your job.
25. Industrial development is being_______________(集中) in the west of China.
26. He had to rewrite his essay, because his teacher said it needed some  ___________________(润饰) in language.
27. The little boy cried_____________(故意地) to draw his mother's attention.
28. An __________(精确的) instrument is able to give you information that is correct to a detailed level.
29. Some smoking and alcoholic drinks are an _________ (获得的) taste and are not in born.
30. The busy mother feels really _________(内疚的) at forgetting her daughter's birthday again.

3. 为了(做……)_______________________________________
6.  传递______________________________________________

1. We should_____________(保卫) ourselves against the coming flood.
2. They found that cave__________________(意外地).
3. It's necessary for young people to receive_________  _________(正规教育)
4. They are all________  ____________that idea(反对).
5. You should concentrate yourselves on the class and avoid ________  ________.
The Consumer Council exists to__________ the customers' right and interests ___________ unscrupulous traders.
7. 那个著名的教授被指控偷取学生的理念并将它们发表。
The famous professor has been __________  _________ stealing his student's ideas and publishing them.
What the government has done this year will be of________  _______ all the citizens living in Guangzhou.
The manager has decided all the _______ of the company will go on a ________ to the Yellow Mountain in Anhui province this winter.
The woman reporter ________  _______  _______ to cover the situation in Iraq for Phoenix TV.
11. 如果你想开一家餐馆,最好向Mary请教,她对这行的诀窍很清楚。
If you want to open a restaurant, you should ask Mary's advice. She knows all the __________of the trade.
I read in the newspaper that the____________figures had improved but it has got hold of the wrong end of the stick--unemployment is still ___________.   
Such is human nature that many people don't _______ the things they process until they have lost them.
___________ had they got to the airport __________the plane took off.
Only when you have acquired a good ________ of grammar can you write _______.

Unit 4
一。 1. occupation  2. assignment  3. professional  4. colleague  5. concentrate
6. case  7. acquire  8. deliberately  9. guilty  10. concise  11. editor
12. department  13. accurate  14. polish  15. hint  16. appointment 17. intention
18. approve  19. negative  20. employ  21. profession  22. appointment
23. intention  24. occupation  25. concentrated  26. polishing  27. deliberately
28. accurate  29. acquired  30. guilty
二。1. Concentrate …on   2. accuse…of  3. so as to  4. fill in  5. depend on
6. pass on  7. set to work  8. last of all  9. work on  10. be used on
三。 1. defend  2. by accident/chance  3. normal education  4. opposite  to
5. losing mind  6. defend ; against  7. accused of  8.   benefit to  9. employees
; visit  10. risked her life 11. tricks  12. unemloyment  13. value 
14. Hardly; when  15. knowledge; correctly

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