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高中英语选修6 短语、重点句子

Unit 1 Art
Ⅰ. Phrases.
1. in the abstract                    抽象地,理论上
abstract sth. from sth.               从…中提取…
2. as well as                         也,同,和;同…一样
3. aim at sth.                        瞄准
aim  to do sth.                       意欲,企图做某事
aim  at doing sth.
with the aim of                       带有……的目的
4. focus on=concentrate on            集中
5. convince sb. Of                    使某人信服
6. a great deal                       大量
7. in the flesh                       活着的  本人
8. take the place of sb. = replace    代替,取代
   take one’s place                  代替,取代;入座;就位
9. break away from                    脱离,摆脱,放弃
10. at the same time                  同时;但是
11. would rather do sth               (主语)宁愿做某事
would rather sb. did sth.           宁愿某人做某事(现在或将来)
would rather sb. had done sth.      宁愿某人做某事(过去)
12. as a consequence =in consequence = as a result   结果
as a consequence of =in consequence of =as a result of  由于…的原因
13. in possession of                   拥有…
in the possession of sb =in one’s possession  为某人所拥有
take/ have possession of                       拥有(占有)
14. consider doing                             考虑做某事
consider sb./sth. to be/as                           
consider that-clause                           认为,看待
consider it adj./n.+to do sth.
15. be well worth doing                        值得…(表被动)
16. be contemporary with                       与…属同时期
17. convince sb. of sth                        使某人确信/明白某事
   convince sb. +that clause                   使某人相信…
convince sb.to do sth.                         说服某人做某事
15. attempt to do sth.                         企图做某事
16. on one hand…… on the other hand……      一方面…另一方面…
17. scores of                                  许多,大量
18. not only……but also                       不但……而且
19. every two years                            每两年
   every second year
   every other year
20. be (well) worth n./doing(主动表被动)       …值得…
1. Art is influenced by the way of life and beliefs of the people.
2. If the rules of perspective had not been discovered, people would not have been able to paint such realistic pictures.
3. Among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting were the impressionists who lived and worked in Paris.
4.  When people first saw his paintings they were convinced they were looking through a hole in the wall at a real scene.
5.  The garden of this lovely mansion is also well worth a visit.
6.  In the Renaissance, new ideas and values took the place of those that were held in the Middle Ages.
7.  People became focused more on humans and less on religion.
8. They paid famous artists to paint pictures of themselves, their houses and other possessions, as well as their activities and achievements.
9.  Nowadays, there are scores of modern art styles, but without the impressionists many of these painting styles would not exist.
10. Its art collection covers more than 5,000 years of civilization from many parts of the world, including America, Europe, China, Egypt, Africa and South America.
它的艺术品收藏涵盖了5,000多年来世界上众多国家的文明史, 期中包括美洲、欧洲、中国、埃及、非洲和南美洲。
11. (一句多译)这个地方值得参观。
   This place is worth visiting/a visit.
   This place is worthy of being visited/a visit.
   This place is worthy to be visited.
   It is worthwhile visiting this place/ to visit this place.
Unit 2 Poems

I. Phrases                        
1. go over 复习,检查
2. make sense 有意义,说得通  
(Sb.) make sense of sth 理解……  
(Sth.) make sense to sb. 有意义,说得通
3. recite / read / explain sth. to sb. 给某人背诵/读 / 解释……
4. couvey one`s emotions 表达情感
5. bow to …  向鞠躬 / 屈服
6. stay/sit  up 熬夜
7. take it easy = take  things  easy 放轻松,别紧张
take one`s time 别着急,慢慢来
8. (Sb.) run out of sth. 用完,耗尽(及物)   
(Sth.) run out  用完(不及物)
9. make up 组成 / 编造 / 化妆 / 弥补 / 和解
be made up of = consist of … 由……组成
10. a  few  more  minutes  再多几分钟
11. be  popular  with … =  be well received by … 很受欢迎
12. be brimful of = be full of … 充满
13. translate A into B 把A翻译成B
14. week in ,week out 一周又一周
day by day  一天又一天
15. on and on 继续不停地
16. by chance / accident 碰巧
17. hold on  继续 / 别挂断(电话)
18. (Sb. / Sth.) be likely to do sth.有可能…..
19. try out 试验
try on 试穿
20. let out 泄漏 / 发出(声音) / 释放 / 放宽(衣服)
21. look forward to  盼望

II. Sentences
1. There are various reasons why people write poetry. Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way that will give the reader a strong impression. Others try to convey certain emotions.
2. They delight small children because they have strong rhyme and rhythm and have a lot of  repetition.
3. We would have won if Jack had scored that goal.(对过去的虚拟)
4.It is not a traditional form of English poetry but it is very popular with English speakers.
Unit 3  Healthy Life

I. Phrases                        
1. due to 由于;归功于
2. be/become addicted to 对……有瘾
3. decide on 对……做出决定
4. be/become/grow accustomed to sth./doing sth.  习惯于某事/做某事
5. feel like (doing)   想要(做)
6. in spite of 不管;不顾
7. stand for 支持;代表
8. get (sb.) into (sth.) 陷入;染上坏习惯;进入
get into the way/habit of doing sth. 学成做某事的方法/养成做某事的习惯
9. be ashamed of/that.… 为……感到惭愧/羞愧
be ashamed to do sth. 羞于做某事
10.take off   开除/脱衣/起飞/取消/休假
11.quit (doing) sth. 停止做某事
12.at risk 处在危险之中
take risks(a risk)  冒险
13.manage to do sth. 设法做好/设法办到某事
14.so far 到目前为止(与现在完成时连用)
15.make sure 确定;查明;弄明白
16.prevent sb. (from) doing sth. 阻止某人做某事
17.every time 每次;每当……时

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