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高二必修5 Unit 2 The United Kingdom重点词汇解析
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Unit 2 Words and expressions

1.unit (v.)  united (adj.) the United Nations

2. 1) consist of  由…组成,包括
= be made up of
The group consists of 4 students.
2) consist in   存在…之中
Happiness consists in freedom.

3. divide…into  把整体分成若干部分
separate…from 把原来连在一起的或靠近的部分分隔开来.
Please _______ the good apples ____ the bad ones.
The teacher _______ the class ____ seven groups.
divide sth. in half/into halves 把某物分两半

4. puzzle(n./v) 
a cross-word puzzle  纵横字谜
be in a puzzle about 对…大惑不解
puzzled (adj.) 感到迷惑的
puzzling(adj.) 令人困惑的
5. debate on/about sth with sb.
 open /close a debate 开始/终止辩论
 under debate 在辩论中
cf. debate(辩论)/argue(争辩)/quarrel(争吵)

6. clarify (v.) 阐明,变的清晰
  clarify a problem
His mind clarified.
clarification (n.)

7. break (broke, broken)
  break away from 挣脱…
  break out (战争,灾难,疾病)爆发
  break down (机器)出故障,(谈判)失败,
  break up 打碎,解散,结束
  break into 闯入  break in 插话
  break off  中断
  break the rule 违反规定
  break the record 打破记录
  take a break   休息

8. with/in relation to 关于…
  A与B有关: A be related to B
              A relate to B
relationship 友谊

9.educational(adj.) educate(v.)education (n.)

10.legal --à legally (adv.)

11. at your convenience  在你方便的时候
  for (the sake of) convenience 为了方便起见
 make a convenience of sb. (乘机)利用某人
It is convenient for you to do
 inconvenient (adj.)

12. attraction : 某物对某人有吸引力
sth. have an attraction for sb.
  attract:  attract one’s attention
attractive   adj. 有吸引力 unattractive

13. collection  n.[u] 收集
             n.[c] 收藏品
   a collection of … 一系列的…(收藏品)
   collect (v.) 

14.construct (v.)
  construction (n.)  be under ~
  constructive (adj.)
  constructor (n.)

15.influence :
1) have a good/bad ~ on /upon sb.
Cf.  have an effect on …
2) be influenced by…

16. leave out   省去,遗漏
   leave alone  听其自然,不管
   leave for    动身去..
   leave sb. doing sth. 听任某人做某事
   leave sth undone  留下某事未完成
   leave sb. with sth= leave sth. to sb.(把某物留给某人)
   leave behind  留下
   leave word 留下口信

17. take the place of sb.= take one’s place
   in place of=instead of
   take place 发生,举行 (无被动态)

18.arrange  arrangement(n.)

19. fold:  fold up   折叠
   unfold : 打开

20.sth. be available for …可供…利用
 time available to you 做后置定语(你可利用的时间)

21. to one’s delight  使人高兴的是
   delighted   高兴的
   delightful   令人高兴的
   take delight in  喜好…

22.thrill (v.)  thrilling /thrilled(adj.)
thrill with delight 为高兴而激动
a thrill of joy     一阵喜悦
 Warming Up :
1.       know about =know of
be known as
be known for
Sth be known to sb. 某物被某人所知
make oneself known to sb. 自我介绍
as far as I know
2.       divide sth. among 在…中分配某物
be divided by  用…除
Six divided by two is three

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