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高二必修5 Unit 4 Making the news词汇解析
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Unit 4 词汇讲解1

1. occupation  n
1). Teaching is my occupation. 职业
2). Swimming is my occupation. 使…忙碌的事情;消遣
occupy  v.
occupy oneself in/with sth.

employment; occupation; job; profession; vocation; work; trade

2.  assign  v.
assignment n.
She gladly accepted the assignment.  (分派的任务;工作)
The English assignment is a book report. (课外作业,功课)

3.  on one’s own
of one’s own
for one’s own
We should complete the test _________
4.  experienced  adj.
be experienced in/at  sth/doing sth.
Who is experienced in cooking in your home?

5.  The first/last time + 时间状语从句
The first time I came here, I was not used to the climate here.
Cover  n.  封面,掩盖(物) ;
1). Tom will covered the outbreak of the disease.  
2). The road was covered with snow.                                       
3). She laughed to cover her worry.
4). The red army covered about 30 miles a day.
5). Is the money enough to cover the cost of a new shirt?

7.  Be eager    for sth. (sucess)
              to do sth.
              that clause
He is eager to see his daughter.
We are eager that the project should be started early
be anxious about =be worried about

8.  Concentrate on  sth./doing sth.
We should concentrate on our study.
Tom is concentrating on fishing.

9.  of +抽象名词(importance; value; use; help; benefit)
of special interest=               
of no use=                 
The meeting is of great importance.
Each minute is _____ for us.
of greatly valuable
great valuable
of great value
for much value

10.  acquire; get; gain
1). I sat in the front of the bus to ___  _  a good view of the countryside.
2). Gradually we _______ experience in how to do the work.
3). They _____the victory after a bloody battle.

11.  have a nose for 嗅觉灵敏
She has an ear for music. 有鉴赏能力
She has an eye for color and style in clothes. 有眼光

12.  Meanwhile=in the meanwhile
                =in the meantime
                =at the same time
Mother went shopping; meanwhile, I cleaned the house

13.  trade   n.  v.
1). Japan does lots of trade with the United States.
2). He is a shoemaker by trade.
3). She trades 3 apples for some bananas.

14. Trick
1). 窍门,手法
2). play a trick(joke)on sb.
=make fun of sb. (玩笑,恶作剧)
3). He got into the building by a trick (诡计,花招)

15. Challenge
1).He challenge my view on that matter.
2).To finish the job in 2 days was a real challenge.

16. Support  
 n.  1).I need your support.
 v.  1)为…提供证据,证实
2) The old man entered the room supported by his grandson.
3). He has always supported the weaker party.
4). He has a large family to support.
17. Case
1).He thought he had solved the problem , but that was not the case.
2).Here is a case of being careless.
3).We will look into that case.
in case of sth. 如果,万一…
in that/this case 在那样/这样情况下
in no case 决不
in case + 从句     以防;可能;倘若
Take an umbrella in case it rains. 
(in case 从句常用一般现在时表将来, 或should+do)

17. accuse sb. of sth. 
=charge sb. with sth.
Tom ____  his boss of having broken his word.

18.  so as to do sth. 只能在句末
= in order to do sth.
=so that + 从句 
= in order that + 从句
I got up at five so as to catch the train

19. admit
admit doing /having done
admit sb. Into/to (the university)
Lily finally admitted___ my umbrella by mistake.
 to take
 to have taken
 having taken
 have taken

20. n.      adj.
profession     professional   具有….特点
21. Accurate  准确,精确
1)  Is this watch accurate?
2) His information was accurate

22.  set to sth./doing sth.  开始做某事
=get down to sth./doing sth
1). As soon as I got home, I set to preparing supper.
2). They’ll set to the project, as soon as it is approved. 
※  Look forward to…, devote… to…, be/get used to…, lead to…, prefer…to…, pay attention to…, object to…

23.  approve vi.   (approval  n.)
approve of sth./doing sth.
=agree to/on/with
1).Your parents won’t approve of your going there. = agree on
2).I cannot agree to this plan. =approval of

24.  process  v. 加工,处理
1) The street is in the process of repair
2). They are using a new process to make glass.
process food   adj. 加工过的,处理的

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