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高二必修5 Unit 4 Making the news倒装讲解及练习
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语法专题--- 倒装

(一)   这(里)、那(里)、上、下、进、出、离。
(二)   强调表语和状语。
(三)   否定副、连位第一。
(四)   so, nor, neither, 也如此。
(五)   as(though), however引导让步句。
(六)   only 修状位句首切牢记。
 说明:(一)在以here, there 或out, in, up, down, away(off)等副词开头的句子里, 表示强调,主语是名词时用倒装句。此结构不需加助动词。
(1)       Here comes the bus.
(2)       There goes the bell.
(3)       Down came the rain.
(4)       Into the hall came three women.
(5)       Away(off) went the girl without telling anyone.
(6)       Out rushed the man, gun in hand.
(7)       In came the teacher.
(8)       Away she went with tears in her eyes.
(1)       East of the town lies a beautiful lake.
(2)       In a lecture hall of a university in England sits a professor.
(3)       Outside the doctor’s clinic were twenty patients.
  (三)含有否定或半否定意义的副词、连词如:hardly(scarcely), never, not, not only, little, seldom, no sooner…(than), not until, no where等,放在句首时要用倒装句。
(1)       Hardly(Scarcely) had he reached the station when the train started.
(2)       Not once did we visit the city of our own.
(3)       Seldom in all my life have I met such a determined person.
(4)       Not only was there no electricity, but also no water.
(5)       Not until he shouted at the top of his voice did she turn her head.
 (四)so 或neither, nor放在句首,表示前面说话的情况也适用于另一个人(物)即“也(也不),如此”,用倒装句。
(1)       She is busy doing her homework. So is her brother.
(2)       You passed the exam. So did I.
(3)       He doesn’t like shopping. Neither do i.
(4)       He can’t speak any foreign language. Nor can  his father.
(5)       However hard it was raining they went on working.
(1)  Only after three operations was she able to walk without sticks.
(2)  Only then did we realize that the man was blind.
(3)  Only by seizing every minute can we finish it on time.
 (4)Only a few young men went to the theatre.

1.─You like singing and dancing.
 ─     .
 A.So do I  B.So I do
 C.I do so  D.do I so
2.Her mother is a warm-hearted old lady.     .
 A.So my mother is  B.So is my mother
 C.Is my mother so  D.my mother so is
3.The fairy story "Snow White" is very interesing.     .
 A.So it is  B.So is it
 C.it is so  D.is it so
4.You didn't go for an outing at the seashore.     .
 A.Neither do I    B.Neither did I
 C.I didn't neither  D.Did neither I
5.Marx was born in Germany,and German was his native language.     .
 A.So it was with Engels  B.So was Engels
 C.So Engels was      D.Was Engels so
6.─Look.There     .
 ─Oh,there     .
 A.comes the bus;comes it
 B.the bus comes;it comes
 C.comes the bus;it comes
 D.the bus comes;comes it
7.Not until     sixteen     to school.
 A.he was;did he go  B.he was;he went
 C.was he;he did go  D.was he;went he
8.Not until the next morning     .
 A.did Mary come back  B.Mary came back
 C.came Mary back    D.came back Mary
9.Hardly     when it began to rain.
 A.had he got home   B.he had got home
 C.had got home he   D.he home had got
10.No sooner     than he fell asleep.
 A.his head had touched the pillow
 B.had his head touched the pillow
 C.touched the pillow his head had
 D.touched the pillow had his head
11.Little     .
 A.did I think of it   B.I thought of it
 C.did think I of it   D.thought of it I
12.Seldom     .
 A.LiLi her feelings showed
 B.did show LiLi her feelings
 C.LiLi showed her feelings
 D.did LiLi show her feelings
13.Never before in her life     such beautiful and precious jewelry.
 A.he saw      B.did he see
 C.has she seen   D.she has seen
14.Many a time     the chess competition.
 A.had taken he part in   B.he taken part in had
 C.had he taken part in   D.he had taken part in
15.So busy     that he has no time to spare.
 A.he was    B.was he    C.he is    D.is he
16.     with a bunch of flowers in her hand.
 A.A girl in came    B.Came in a girl
 C.In came a girl    D.A girl came in
17.Out     .
 A.from behind a tall tree ran a little boy
 B.from behind a tall tree a little boy ran
 C.ran a little boy from behind a tall tree
 D.a little boy ran from behind a tall tree
18.In the clear blue sky     .
 A.does shine the bright moon.
 B.the bright moon does shine
 C.shines the bright moon
 D.the bright moon shines
19.Only in this way     .
 A.we can well do it    B.can we well do it
 c.we can do it well    D.can we do it well
20.Only when he has finished his homework     .
 A.is able to he play with his friends for a while
 B.he able to play with is his friends for a while
 C.is he able to play with his friends for a while
 D.he is able to play with his friends for a while
21.     ,he continued his study.
 A.Late as it was      B.As it was late
 C.Late although it was   D.Although was it late
22.Next door to us     .
 A.lives an old man,who is an overseas Chinese
 B.does an old man live,who is an overseas Chinese
 C.an old man lives who is an overseas Chinese
 D.an old man who is an overseas Chinese does live
23.     as young as you,I would study hard.
 A.Was I    B.Were I    C.If I am    D.If I was
24.     so hard,they wouldn't have won such great success.
 A.Hasn't they trained  B.If they hasn't train
 C.Hadn't they trained  D.If they didn't train
25.Not a single word     when he left.
 A.did speak he  B.spoke he
 C.did he speak  D.he spoke

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