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高二必修5 Unit 5 First aid总结复习演练
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Unit5 First Aid复习小结

1、This material_______(烫熨)well/ easily.
2、Tom had to return to the camp to dress his i_____.
3、He p_______ a gold cup to the winner.
4、What he said does not make any s_____.
5、Changing schools made a big d________to my life.                         
6、The workers received good t_____from the government.
7、The river was s____ with melted snow.
8、There are some b____ on her hand.
9、His nose was b_______.
10、The eyes are the _____(器官)of sight.

1、get________                  受伤
2、protect sb./sth. _____sth.      保护…..免受…..
3、___________               依靠,依赖,相信,取决于
4、________out                    榨出,挤出
5、____________              一再,再三,许多次
6、___________                放在适当的地方
7、 at the Lifesaver_______     在救生员颁奖大会 
8、 at a_________                在颁奖大会
9、________…on sb             对某人实施….
10、 lifesaving__________          紧急抢救
11、 a _______knife attack        骇人听闻的持刀杀人
12、 present sb ____sth          赠送
13、_____________              找到
14、 the ______to the hand        手上的伤口
15、 apply ____to the wound       按住伤口
16、 _______________            敏捷的思维
17、 make___________           产生差别
18、to one’s _________            令某人吃惊的是

1、She likes everything to be ___place before she starts work.
2、They have been squeezed ____of the job market by young people.
3、They presented flowers _____their teacher.
4、Instead ____ spending your vocation on a bus, in a hotel or sitting on the beach, you may want to hiking.
5、Wear a pair of sunglasses to protect you _____the sun.
6、The heavy box belongs ___me.
7、Take clothing ___the burned area unless it is stuck __the burn.
8、John was presented ___his award ___a ceremony.


1. First aid is the first kind of help given to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found.
2. You have three layers of skin that protect you against diseases, poisons and the sun's harmful rays.
3. Burns are called first degree, second degree or third degree burns depending on which layers of the skin are burnt.
4. Take clothing off the burned area unless it is stuck to the burn.
5. John was presented with his award at a ceremony, which recognized the bravery of ten people who had saved the life of another.
6. John was studying in his room when he heard screaming.
7. They discovered that Anne Slade, mother of three, had been stabled repeatedly with a knife.
8. John used these to dress the most severe injuries to Ms Slade’s hand.
9. There is no doubt that John's quick thinking and the first aid
skills that he learned at school saved Ms Slade's life.

1. irons 2.injures 3.presented 4.sense 5.difference
6. treatment 7.swollen 8. burns 9. bleeding 10. organs
1. injured 2.against/from 3.depend on/upon 4.squeeze
5. over and over again 6.in place   7.Awards   8. ceremony  
9.carry out    10. first aid11.shocking 12.with
13. put one’s hands on 14. injury 15. pressure
16. quick thinking    17. a difference   18.surprise
1. in 2.out 3. to 4.of 5. against/from 6.to 7.off; to
8. with; at
1、China is a developing country belonging to the third world.
2、Don’t get off until the bus stops/has stopped.
3、I’ll be back tomorrow unless there’s heavy snow.
4、It makes no difference whether he attends the meeting or not.
5、It is his knowledge of first aid that makes much difference.
6、When ironing clothes,he accidentally touched the iron.
7、The computer got (was) damaged when we were moving.
8、It depends on /upon whether you come here or not.
9、He doubted whether they would be able to help.
10、I’m afraid I can’t put my hand(s) on the book you want.

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