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高二选修6 Unit 1 Art 语法精讲:虚拟语气110题
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1.          The boy acted ____ he had never lived in Canada before.
A. as though   B. even if     C. as      D. since
2.          ____ to the doctor right away, he might have been alive.
A. If he went    B. Were he gone   C. Should he have gone   D. Had he gone
3.          If you were older, I ____ you to go there yesterday.
A. will allow   B. should allow     C. would have allowed    D. had allowed
4.          The secretary suggested that they ____ the men in at once.
A. had brought   B. should have brought    C. brought    D. bring
5.          I wish I ____ able to tell him all about it last night.
A. was     B. were    C. had been    D. should be
6.          If we ____ here ten minutes earlier, we ___ the bus.
A. arrived/would catch      B. arrived/would have caught 
 C. had arrived/had caught    D. had arrived/would have caught
7.          If I ____ more time, I would have gone with him.
A. had    B. had had       C. have had        D. would have
8.          He was very busy yesterday, otherwise he ____ to the meeting.
A. would come       B. came        C. would have come    D. had come
9.          The Jade Emperor ordered that the Monkey King _____ right away.
A. would be arrested     B. must be arrested   C. be arrested   D. had to be arrested
10. Jane's uncle insisted ____ in this hotel any longer.
A. not staying    B. not to stay   C. that he not stay   D. staying not
11. Don't touch the sleeping tiger.   If he woke up, he _____ you.
A. would come to    B. would come at   C. would have come toward  D. will come to
12. Without electricity human life _____ quite different today.
A. is    B. will be       C. would have been    D. would be
13. How I wish I ____ to reapair the watch!  I only made it worse.
A. had tried     B. hadn't tried         C. have tried        D. didn't try
14. He demanded that the laboratory report ___ immediately after the experiment was done.
A. was written      B. be written       C. must be written     D. would be written
15. The man insisted that he _____ there.
A. should send     B. would be sent    C. sent        D. be sent
16. If he had not gone out in the storm _____.
A.he will be alive now   B. he would be alive now  C. he would have been alive now
17. If it ___ tomorrow, what would we do?
A. rains          B. were to rain       C. would rain       D. rain
18. It is required that you ____ at six.
A. will arrive        B. arrive           C. arrived          D. would arrive
19. If only I _____ how to operate an electronic computer as you do.
A. had known      B. would know      C. should know     D. knew
20. He spoke in a quiet, distinct voice, as though his thought _____.
A. was far away    B. had been far away   C. were far away    D. went far away.
21.  If it ___ rain, we ___ get wet.
  A.  is to, should  B.  were to, would   C.  were going to, would  D.  was going to, should
22.  If he ___ to the teacher attentively, he ___ the answer to the problem now.
 A.  had listened, would have known  B.  listened, would know  C.  listened, would have known
  D.  had listened, would know
23.  But for the party, he ___ of hunger 30 years ago. 
  A.  would have died  B.  would die  C.  must have died  D.  must die
24.  ___ today, he would got there for holiday.
  A.  Was he leaving   B.  Were he to leave  C.  Would he leave  D.  If he leaves
25.  I would have come earlier, but I ___ that you were waiting for me.
  A.  didn’t know  B.  hadn’t know  C.  would have known  D.  haven’t known
26.  It’s high time that we ___ to school.
  A.  would to  B.  went  C.  go  D.  will go
27.  It seems as if it ___ rain.
 A.  will   B.  is going to  C.  is to  D.  were going to
28.  I’d rather you ___ right away.
  A.  leave   B.  left   C.  will leave  D.  to leave
29.  He is working hard for fear that he ___.
  A.  fails   B.  failed  C.  would fail   D.  fail
30.  It is really strange that the girl ___ so early.
  A.  has been married  B.  has married  C.  be married  D.  would marry
31.  Supposing I ___ this gift, what would he say?
  A.  accept   B.  accepted  C.  should accept   D.  would accept
32.  The teacher agreed to the suggestion that the students ___ two weeks to prepare for the exam.
  A.  give  B.  should give  C.  be given   D.  would be given
33.  I was busy yesterday, otherwise I ___ your birthday party.
  A.  attended  B.  had attended  C.  would attend   D.  would have attended
34.  He insisted that he ___ me before.
  A.  see   B.  should see  C.  had seen  D.  saw
35.  The two strangers talked as if they ___ friends for years.
  A.  were   B.  would be   C.  have been  D.  had been
36.  We ___ our lives had it not been for the policeman.
  A.  would have lost   B.  should lose   C.  might lose   D.  could have lost
37.  ---- I thought you would come back tomorrow.
   ---- I would if I ___ to attend a meeting.
  A.  don’t have  B.  didn’t have   C.  will not have   D.  would not have
38.  He wishes ___ mistakes.
  A.  he doesn’t always make   B.  he isn’t always making   C.  he didn’t always make
  D.  he wouldn’t always making
39.  It ___ very nice if only it were possible.
  A.  will be  B.  would be   C.  is   D.  were
40.  Without your help, our team ___ the last match.
  A.  won’t win  B.  will lose  C.  wouldn’t have won  D.  can’t win
41.  I wish ___ I what to do.
  A.  knew   B.  have known  C.  know  D.  would know
42.  ___, I would take an umbrella with me. 
A.  Had I been you  B.  I were you  C.  Were I you   D.  I had been you
43.  If I had hurried, I ___ the train. 
  A.  would catch  B.  could catch  C.  would have caught  D.  had caught
44.  He insisted that John ___ it. 
  A.  do  B.  does  C.  did   D.  would do
45.  It is high time we ___ off.
  A.  are  B.  were  C.  be  D.  will be
46.  He felt as if he ___ more time to study for the test.
  A.  needs  B.  were needed  C.  needed  D.  need
47.  It is important that I ___ with Mr.  Willians immediately.
  A.  speak  B.  spoke  C.  will speak  D.  to speak
48.  James wishes he ___ the football game instead of the film.
  A.  saw  B.  see  C.  had been seen  D.  had seen
49.  I wish ___. 
  A.  he left  B.  he leaves me alone  C.  he be left  D.  he would leave me alone
50.  If I had known that, I ___ so.
  A.  wouldn’t do  B.  wouldn’t have done  C.  won’t do  D.  have not done
51.  The doctor suggested that she ___. 
  A.  will not smoke  B.  not smoke  C.  would not smoke  D.  did not smoke
52.  If I ___ you, I wouldn’t return the call.
  A.  be  B.  am   C.  was  D.  were
53.  You talk as if you ___ there. 
  A.  were really  B.  has really been  C.  had really been   D.  would really be
54.  He suggested that the work ___ at once. 
  A.  would started   B.  would be started   C.  should started  D.  should be started
55.  It is strange that such a thing ___ in your school.
  A.  will happen  B.  happen  C.  should happen   D.  happened

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