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高二选修6 Unit 1 Art 语法精讲:虚拟语气110题
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56.  It is imperative that you ___ on time.
  A.  are   B.  will be  C.  be   D.  would be
57.  I didn’t go to the party, but I do wish I ___ there.
  A.  was  B.  were  C.  had been  D.  went
58.  It is time we ___ up our results.
  A.  sum  B.  summed  C.  will sum  D.  would sum
59.  If the doctor had been available, the child ___. 
  A.  would not die   B.  would not have died  C.  could not die  D.  could not have died
60.  Dr.  Bethune worked hard as if he ___. 
  A.  never had felt tired  B.  had never felt tired  C.  never felt tired  D.  was tired never
61.  I enjoyed the movie very much.   I wish I ___ the book from which it was made.
  A.  have read  B.  had read  C.  should have read  D.  am reading
62.  You are late.   If you ___ a few minutes earlier, you ___ him. 
  A.  came/ would meet  B.  had come/ would have met  C.  come/ will meet 
  D.  had come/ would met
63.  I wish my husband ___ as well as yours. 
  A.  had dressed  B.  dress  C.  will dress  D.  dressed
64.  Edison kept phosphorus carefully in a bottle lest it ___. 
  A.  would burn  B.  burned  C.  was burning  D.  should burn
65.  He looked as if he ___ ill for a long time.
  A.  was   B.  were  C.  has been    D.  had been
66.  If the doctor had come earlier, the poor child ___.
  A.  would not have been lied there for two hours
  B.  would not have laid there for two hours
  C.  would not have lied there for two hours
  D.  would not have lain there for two hours
67.  I wish that I ___ with you last night.
  A.  went   B.  could go  C.  have gone   D.  could have gone
68.  Let’s say you could go there again, how ___ feel?
  A.  will you   B.  should you  C.  would you   D.  do you
69.  Mr.  Brown left for London long ago.   That’s pity.   I wish ___.
  A.  I meet him.   B.  I’ll have met him  C.  I’d had met him  D.  I’d meet him
70.  I can’t stand him.   He always talks as though he ___ everything.
  A.  knew  B.  knows   C.  has known  D.  had known
71.  I wish I ___. 
  A.  will tell him that  B.  didn’t tell him that
  C.  told him not that   D.  had not told him that
72.  If you had told me in advance, I ___ him at the airport. 
  A.  would meet  B.  would had meet  C.  would have met  D.  would have meet
73.  Kunar can take his car apart and put it back together again.   I certainly wish he ___ me how. 
  A.  teaches   B.  will teach   C.  has taught   D.  would teach
74.  I would have told him the answer had it been possible but I ___ so busy then.
  A.  had been   B.  were  C.  was   D.  would be
75.  I wish I ___ able to tell him all about it last night.
  A.  should be   B.  were   C.  had been   D.  was
76.  If it ___ another ten minutes, the game would have been called off. 
  A.  had rained   B.  would had rained  C.  have seen  D.  did see
77.  He suggested that they ___ use a trick instead of fighting.
  A.  should  B.  would  C.  do   D.  had
78.  My father did not go to New York; the doctor suggested that he ___ there.
  A.  not went   B.  won’t go   C.  not go   D.  not to go
79.  I would have gone to the meeting if I ___ time.
  A.  had had  B.  have had  C.  had   D.  would have had
80.  John wished ___.
  A.  he will study more   B.  he had studied more  C.  he studies
  D.  he won’t have studied more
81.  You look so tired tonight.   It is time you ___.
  A.  go to sleep  B.  went to sleep  C.  go to bed  D.  went to bed
82.  “Why didn’t you buy a new car?”  “I would have bought one if I ___ enough money. ”
  A.  had   B.  have had  C.  would have   D.  had had
83.  I recommended that the student ___ his composition as soon as possible. 
  A.  finishing writing   B.  should finish the writing  C.  finish writing  D.  finished writing
84.  If she could sew, ___. 
  A.  she make a dress  B.  she would have made a shirt  C.  she will make a shirt
  D.  she would had made a coat
85.  ___ today, he would get there by Friday.
  A.  Would he leave   B.  Was he leaving  C.  Were he to leave   D.  If he leaves
86.  His doctor suggested that he ___ a short trip abroad.
  A.  will take  B.  would take  C.  take   D.  took
87.  The Bakers arrived last night, if they’d only let us know earlier, ___ at the station.
  A.  we’d meet them  B.  we’ll meet them  C.  we’d have met them  D.  we’ve met them
88.  If I __ you, I ___ more attention to English idioms and phrases.
  A.  was/ shall pay   B.  am/ will pay  C.  would be/ would pay  D.  were/ would pay
89.  We might have failed if you ___ us a helping hand.
  A.  have not given  B.  would not give  C.  had not given   D.  did not give
90.  The Law requires that everyone ___ his car checked at least once a year.
  A.  has  B.  had  C.  have  D.  will have
91.  I wish ___ I busy yesterday; I could have helped you with the problem.
  A.  hadn’t been   B.  weren’t    C.  wasn’t   D.  have not been
92.  Had I known her name, ___.
  A.  or does she know mine?  B.  and where does she live?
  C.  she would be beautiful    D.  I would have invited her to lunch
93.  He has just arrived, but he talks as if he ___ all about that.
  A.  know   B.  knows  C.  known   D.  knew
94.  If I ___ the money, I would have bought a much bigger car.
  A.  possessed   B.  owned   C.  had   D.  had had
95.  I wish I ___ a young man again.
  A.  am   B.  was   C.  were   D.  will be
96.  The librarian insists that John ___ no more books from the library before he returns all the books he had borrowed.
  A.  will take  B.  took   C.  take   D.  takes
97.  I left very early last night, but I wish I ___ so early.
  A.  didn’t   B.  hadn’t left   C.  haven’t left   D.  couldn’t leave
98.  I do not have a job.   I would find one but I ___ no time.
  A.  had   B.  didn’t have   C.  had had   D.  have
99.  I wish that you ___ such a bad headache because I’m sure that you would have enjoyed the concert.
  A.  hadn’t   B.  didn’t have had  C.  hadn’t had   D.  hadn’t have
100.  He insisted that we all ___ in his office at one o’clock.
  A.  be   B.  to be   C.  would be   D.  shall be
101.  Helen couldn’t got to France after all.   That’s too bad, I’m sure she would have enjoyed it if ___.
  A.  she’s gone   B.  she’ll go  C.  she’d gone   D.  she’d go
102.  I must go there earlier.   John has suggested that I ___ an hour before the discussion begins.
  A.  go  B.  shall go   C.  will go   D.  would go
103.  If her husband had not liked the dress ___.
she would be delighted         B.  he would get mad
 C.  she would have returned it    D  she must have taken it back to the store
104.  If I ___ you, I ___ worry.
  A.  were/ wouldn’t  B.  was/ wouldn’t   C.  been/ would have  D.  be/ would
105.  We ___ delighted if the report ___ true.
  A.  were/ were   B.  shall be/ were   C.  should be/ were   D.  were/ would be
106.  If he ___ here, he ___ you. 
  A.  had been/ would have helped   C.  would have been/ should have helped
  B.  were/ had helped             D.  would have been/ would had helped
107.  If I ___ so busy, I ___ the lecture that day.
  A.  were not be/ should attend  B.  should not/ should have attend
  C.  was not/ would attend     D.  had not been/ would have attended
108.  If I ___ the way to New York, I ___.
knew / would drive       B.  knew/ will drive  
C.  knew/ would have drive  D.  had known/ would drive
109.  But for the leadership of our Party, we ___.
shouldn’t succeed  B.  could not have succeed
 C.  will not succeed  D.  should not have succeeded
110.  You ___ the train if you ___ a little earlier.
  A.  could take/ started      B.  could have taken/ had started
  C.  could take/ had started   D.  could have taken / started

1.a 2.  d 3.  c 4.  d 5.  c 6.  d 7.  b 8.  c 9.  c 10.  c 11.  b 12.  d 13.  b 14.  b 15.  d
16.  c 17. b 18. b 19.  d 20. b.21.b 22. d 23. a 24.  b 25. a 26. b 27.  b 28.  b 29. d 30. c
31. b 32. c 33. d 34. c 35. d 36. a 37. b 38. c 39. b 40. c 41. a 42. c 43.c  44. a 45. b
46.c  47. a 48 d 49.  d 50. b 51. b 52.  d 53. c 54. d 55. c 56.  c 57.  c 58.  b 59.  b 60.  b
61.  b 62.  b 63.  d 64.  d 65.  d 66.  d 67.  d 68.  c 69.  c 70.  a 71.  d 72. c 73.  d 74. c 75.  c
76.  a 77.  a 78.  c 79.  a 80.  b 81.  d 82.  d 83.  c 84.  b 85.  c 86.  c 87.  c 88.  d 89.  c 90.  c
91.  a 92.  d 93.  d 94.  d 95.  c 96.  c 97.  b 98.  d 99.  c 100.  a 101.  c 102. a 103.  c 104.  a 105.  c
106. a 107. d 108.  a 109.  d 110. b

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