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高二选修6 Unit 1 Art 语法学案-虚拟语气
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教案Unit1 Art Grammar

Teaching aims
Enable the students to master the usage of the Subjective mood.
Teaching important points
How to enable the students to know the structure and the usage of the Subjective mood.
Teaching difficult points
How to enable the students to learn about the usage of the Subjective mood.
Teaching aids
A projector, and a blackboard
Teaching procedures

Step 1 Dictation
T: Now let’s review some words and expressions of the text. Please look at the screen and finish the exercises. (slide show)
1.I a__________ to read the entire novel in one sitting.
2.Does the p________of wealth bring happiness?
3.Can you p_________ what will happen here in the future?
4.The more he said, the less c________he was.
5.This will help to make the scene more l_______.
Keys: 1.attempt  2. possession  3. predict  4.convincing  5.lifelike
6.The storm did a great deal of material damage.
7.I like music, while he prefers sports.
8.I have scores of CDs at home.
9.All the eyes were focused on him.

Step 2 Grammar summary
T:Today we’ll learn the Subjective mood. Please look at the screen and pay attention to the usage of it.

英语动词有三种语气, 陈述语气,祈使语气和虚拟语气。
一、陈述语气 (The Indicative Mood):
 用来陈述一个事实,或提出一种看法,有肯定、  否定、疑问或感叹等形式。
 The sun is larger than the earth.
 Does Tom usually get up very early?
 What a clever boy!

二、祈使语气(The Imperative Mood)
Wait outside until you are asked .
Let‘s just take a break, shall we ?
The Subjective Mood虚拟语气
虚拟语气表示说话人的某种假设、愿望、怀疑、猜测、建议等含义,即动词所表示的动作或状态并非事实,或不可能实现 。
Look at the sentences and tell when we use the Subjunctive Mood.
1.If I were you, I would go there. 假设
2.I wish I were a bird flying in the sky. 愿望
3.I suggested he go there. 建议
4.God bless you. 愿望

一 与现在事实相反:
if-------------------1.动词过去式(或were)-------should/ would /could/ might+动词原形
If I were you, I should stay at home.
If I had the time, I would make a trip to Italy to see the Leaning tower.

二 与过去事实相反
if------------------had+过去分词------------should/ would/could/might + have+过去分词
If you had come yesterday, you would have met him. (come)
If the hurricane had happened during the daytime, there would have been many deaths.

三 与将来事实相反
if------------------1.should+动词原形------------should/ would/ could/ might +动词原形
                        3.were to+动词原形 
If you came tomorrow, we would have the meeting. (have)
If it were to/should rain tomorrow, the meeting would be put off. (rain)

①从句省略 if, 用倒装句式"were, had, should+主语”
Were I in school again, I would work harder.
Had you been here earlier, you would have seen him. Should there be a meeting tomorrow, I would come.
Without air, there would be no living things. I would not have succeeded but for your help.
If he had followed the doctor’s advice, he would be quite all right now.

1.Wish 引导的宾语从句
与现在 事实相反   过去时(were)
与过去事实相反   had+过去分词
与将来 事实相反   would/could/might+动词原形
I wish I were a bird.
I wish he hadn‘t done that. (do)
I wish I would be rich in the future.
2 advise等引导的宾语从句
从句中用“should + 动词原形”构成。而且should可以省去。用于此结构的动词有:advise, require, demand, decide, command, insist, order, propose, request, suggest, intend等。
1. The doctor suggested that he (should) try to lose his weight.
2. He insisted that we (should) tell him the news.

Step3 Exercises

Multiple choices
1. If he had not lost his money, he ____ the piano last week.
 A .would buy                B. had bought 
 C. could have bought          D. bought
2. I don’t think that I shall fail. But if I ____, I would try again.
 A. fail                 B. would fail 
 C. should fail           D. had failed
3. I wish I ____ able to tell him all about it last night.
A. was     B. were    C. had been    D. should be
4. The man insisted that he _____ there.
A. should send         B. would be sent   
C. sent                 D. be sent
5. The teacher demanded that the exam _____ before eleven.
A. must finish    B. would be finished 
C. be finished     D. must be finished
6._____ today, he would get there by Friday.
A. Would he leave                  B. Was he leaving
C. Were he to leave                  D. If he leave
7. Should it rain, the crops _____.
A. would be saved                    B. would have been saved
C. will be saved                      D. had been saved
8. You _____ come earlier. The bus left a moment ago.
A. would      B. should have      C. may      D. have
9. I _____ you some money, but I hadn’t any on me then.
A. would lend     B. would have lent C. could lend D. may have lent
10. A few minutes earlier and we _____ the rain.
A. have caught     B. had caught C. could have caught   D. were to catch
11.--- “Have you ever been to Beijing?”            
     --- “No, but I wish I _____”
A. have  B. will  C. do  D. had
12.We _____ the work on time without your help.
A. hadn’t had finished               B. didn’t have finished
C. couldn’t have finished            D. can’t have finished

Step4 Homework
1. Write a passage “If I were a millionaire, I would…”
2. Preview Using Language.

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