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高二选修6 Unit 1 Art 词汇专项练习
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一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)

1. The word “honesty” is an a____________ noun.
2. Which do you like better, his paintings or s______________?
3. There are many art g_____________ in New York.
4. They are put on an e______________ of French paintings next week.
5. An a________________  country is always ready to start a war
6. His a_______ is to be a successful writer.
7. You’ll soon be c____________ that she is right , though you think not now.
8. The prisoners a___________ to escape, but failed.
9. The keys are in the p________________ of the boss.
10. She was the f__________ of everyone’s attention at the party.
11. In the picture the tree is the s______________ of live while the snake stands for evil.
12. He has lost his b____________ in the God.
13. The expert p________ that there will be an earthquake in that area in the near future.
14. He made a r__________ drawing of a horse. (他画了一匹栩栩如生的马)
15. I’m afraid I have never been much of a ________________(学者).
16. You look r_______________ (可笑的)in those tight jeans.
17. The professor made a ______________  speech. ( 可能引起争议的)
18. Was Johnson _________  (同时代的)with Shakespeare ?
19. Would you please let me know your p_______________  address( 固定地址 ) ?


focus on     feel like    look through    in the flesh   break away from scores of     lead to   a great deal   
in possession of    consequently convince of    full of    on the other hand       bunch 
1.When she wore the dress, Jane ___________ a princess.
2.They are _____________ urgent problems at present.
3.The thief managed to _____________________the policeman.
4.Your explanation has _______ me _____ a clear understanding.
5.I was _________________ a magazine in the bedroom when she called me.
6.You can’t be __________________¬¬¬¬__ the house until all the papers have been sign.
7.I got up late and ___________ I was late for my plane for Beijing.
8.I have __________ CDs at home. Would you like to come and enjoy some.
9.The film star looks thinner ________________ than in the photograph.
10.We should value it , because it has cost us ____________. 
11. He hurried home, ________ fear.
12.We could’nt _____________ him _____ his mistake.
13.On one hand I valued his friendship, but ________________________ I disliked his self-pride and selfishness.

三. 句子翻译。


1.“福斯特先生从未去过中国, 所以对中国了解得很少。”  
Mr. Foster has never been to China.______________, he knows very little about it.
He ________________me that I should study law.                                   
She has ___ _______ ________ _____ teaching experience.    
The ________ in the football game was 4 - 1.
We share the same ______ .


Keys :
Uint 1
一. 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)
1.abstrcat  2.sculptures   3.gallerys   4.exhibition   5.aggressive   6.aim   7.convinced   8.attempted   9.possession   10.focus   11.symbol   12.belief   13.predict   14.realistic   15.schoolar   16.rediculous   17.controversial   18.contemporary    19.permanent
二 . 根据句意选择合适的词或词组的恰当形式填空。
1.felt like    2,focusing on     3.break away from    4.led to   5.looking through   6.in possession of   7.consequently   8.scores of    9.in the flesh    10.a great deal    11.full of    12.convinced    13.on the other hand
三. 句子翻译。
1. Consequently    2.convinced    3.a great deal of    4.score    5.religion

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