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高二必修5 Unit 4 Making the news单元练习题
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第二部分  阅读(共两节,满分30分)
第一节 阅读理解(共10小题,每小题2分,满分20分)
The first newspapers were written by hand and put up on walls in public place. The earliest daily newspaper was started in Rome in 59 BC. In the 700’s the world’s first printed newspaper was published. Europe didn’t have a regularly published newspaper until 1609, when one was started in Germany.
   The first regularly published newspaper in the English language was printed in Amsterdam in 1620. In 1621, an English newspaper was started in London and was published once a week. The first daily English newspaper was the Daily Courant (每日新闻). It came out in March 1702.
   In 1690, Benjamin Harris printed the first American newspaper in Boston. But not long after it was first published, the government stopped the paper. In 1704, John Campbell started The Boston Newsletter (波士顿新闻通讯), the first newspaper published in the American colonies. By 1760, the colonies had more than thirty daily newspapers. There are now about 1,800 daily papers in the United States.
   Today, as a group, English language newspapers have the largest circulation (发行量) in the world. But the largest circulation for a newspaper is that of the Japanese newspaper Asahi Dhimbun (朝日新闻).It sells more than 11 million copies every day.
(  )1. The first daily newspaper came out in _____.
       A. 59 BC       B. 700’s       C. 1609        D. 1620
(  )2. The first regular published newspaper in Europe was printed in _____.
       A. England     B. Germany     C. France       D. Sweden
(  )3. The first printed newspaper in America came out in _____.
       A. Washington   B. New York    C. Boston     D. New Orleans
(  )4. Today there are about _____ daily newspaper printed in the United States.
A. 1621        B. 1704         C. 1760      D. 1800
(  )5. Which is NOT true according to the passage?
A. The first regularly published newspaper in the English language was
   printed in Amsterdam.
        B. English language newspaper sells more than 11 million copies every day.
C. Europe didn’t have a regularly published newspaper in 1608.
D. The first daily English newspaper came out in March 1702.
City buses are white and blue. Please board at the front door and pay the fare as you get on. The fare per ride is $1.50 for adults and $1.00 for senior citizens. The fare may be paid by cash, bus pass or multiple passes. Please pay the exact amount directly into the slot at the top of the fare box. Remember that bills are not accepted and drivers cannot make change for riders.
When you wish to get off the bus, please notify the driver in advance by pressing one of the buttons provided throughout the bus for this purpose. The bus may pass bus stops without stopping if no one is getting off or waiting to get on.
There are five subway lines in the city. The fare is set at five rates from $2.00 to $3.50 according to the number of predetermined “price zones” traveled. To purchase the appropriate ticket, please check the fare on the boards installed above the ticket-selling machines in each subway station.
Pass through the automated ticket gates by inserting the ticket into the slot. When getting off the subway at a station beyond the validity of the ticket, pay the additional fare at a fare-adjustment machine.
(  )6. What is the lowest cost of a subway ride for an adult?
A. $1.00.    B. $1.50 .    C. $2.00.    D. $3.50.
(  )7. How can a rider determine the fare of a subway ride?
A. It is automatically determined.              B. It is always $2.00
C. Fare-adjustment machines determine the fare.  D. All fares are posted.
(  )8. Bus riders can NOT use _________.
   A. change   B. bills   C. a bus pass   D. a multiple pass
(  )9. According to the information, all bus riders should _________.
   A. exit from the back door
   B. let the driver know in advance if they want to get off
   C. ask the driver for change
   D. pay according to a “price zone”
(  )10. This text mainly tells us _________.
   A. how to use city buses and subways
   B. how convenient city buses and subways are
   C. how to pay the fare for city buses and subways
   D. how well city buses and subways are equipped

第二节  篇章结构(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)
Rules for the University Entrance Examination
•[11]---- If you are more than ten minutes late, you may not enter the examination center. The examination takes place at the same time in different states.
• You must have proof of your name and grade as well as official examination number. Show these when you come to the examination center.
• [12]---- Mathematics examinations may allow you to use electronic calculators (计算器). Other sub¬jects may allow you to use dictionaries   and other reference material. Please read the notes sent with your timetable carefully.
• You must bring your own pencils. None will be provided for you. The following items are not allowed in the examination center: walkmans and radios, head sets, any food or drink, school bags, electronic equipment (unless specifically permitted for various subjects), and mobile phones.
• You must remain silent during the examination.[13]----
• If you need a drink or toilet break, you should raise your hand and wait for the supervisor (监督者) to speak to you.[14]---- You are not allowed to talk with anyone during the break.
• The supervisor will warn you fifteen minutes, five minutes and one minute before the end of the examination.[15]----

A. Depending on which examination you are taking, you may bring certain items into the examination center.
B. You will be given water or the supervisor will take you to the bathroom.
C. You must be at the examination center ten minutes before the examination starts.
D. When the supervisor says that the time is up, you must put down your pencil and wait at your desk until your paper is collected.
E. You may leave the examination room at any time if you do not plan to return.
F. You must not disturb other people who are taking the test.

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