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Unit 5 First Aid 省略句高考考点归纳及例析
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Unit 5 First Aid 省略句高考考点归纳及例析


 1)当状语从句的主语和主句的主语一致时,可以省略状语从句中的主语和系动词be, 这时从句中可出现如下结构:
①连词(as, as if, once+名词)
Once (he was) a teacher, he now works in a government office.
②连词(though, whether, when)+形容词
Work hard when (you are) young ,or you’ll regret.
③连词(when, while, though)+现在分词
While (I was) walking along the street, I heard my name called.
④连词(when, if ,even if, unless, once, until, than, as)+过去分词
⑤连词(as if, as though)+不定式
He opened his mouth as if (he were) to speak.

1. The flowers his friend gave him will die unless ________ every day.
 A. watered       B.  watering   B. water      D.  to water
解析:在unless 后省略了it is。
2. He dressed up and went to the party as if_____. (07.山东诊断二)
A. was invited     B. had been invited    
C. invited        D. to be invited
解析:as if 后省略了he was。
3.______broken, the glass can not hold water. (06石家庄质检)
A Once     B. After      C. On       D. Though
解析 完整形式应该是:Once the glass is broken。

①在 expect, forget, hope, intend, like, love, mean, prefer, refuse, seem,try, want, wish等后面。如:
I asked him to see the film,but he didn’t want to.
②在have, need, ought, be going, used等后面。
③在某些形容词pleased, glad, happy 等后面。
--Will you join the game?
--I’d be glad to.
④否定形式的省略用not to。
如果不定式中含有be, have, have been,通常保留be, have,和have been 。如:
--He hasn’t finished yet.
--Well, he ought to have.

1. In the dream Peter saw himself_____ by a fierce wolf, and he woke
suddenly with a start. (2006 上海春)
A.Chased         B. to be chased
C. Be chased      D.having been chased
答案: A
解析 see sb. done “看到某人被 ……”,过去分词做宾语的补足语。
2、-Does your brother intend to study German?
   -Yes, he intends______.
A /     B to    C so     D that
解析 intend to 后省略了study German。
3、-Would you like to go to the Grand Theatre with me tonight?
A Yes, I’d like to go to the Grand Theatre
B I’d like to, but I have an exam tomorrow
C No, I won’t     
D That’s right
解析 I’d like to 后省略了go to the Grand Theatre。
4、-You should have thanked her before you left.
  -I meant_____, but when I was leaving, I couldn’t find her
anywhere. (2000北京春)
A to do    B to   C doing     D doing to
答案: B

so或not代替上文内容,与动词believe,expect,fear,guess,hope,suppose,think及 I’m afraid 等连用。
注意;hope只用I hope not不能用I don’t hope so。另外常见的还有:I guess not; I don't think so;

1、-After living in a village for so long, Kathy won’t want to move to a big city.
   -I don’t imagine_____. (07.武汉质检)
A. so       B. too       C. it      D. that
2、Much of the power of the trade unions has been lost._____, their political influence should be very great. (2006广东)
A.  As a result          B.As usual
C.  Even so             D. So far
解析 Even so, 即使这样。
3、-You haven’t lost the ticket, have you?
 — ___. I know it’s not easy to get another one the moment. (2004江苏)
A I hope not    B Yes, I have    C I hope so    D Yes, I’m afraid so
答案: A
解析: 根据it’s not easy to get another one at the moment 可知说话者很珍惜。
4、-The boys are not doing a good job at all, are they?
A I guess not so   B I don’t guess
C I don’t guess so D I guess not
解析: 一般说 I guess not 而不说 I don't guess so。

He has made greater progress than (he did) before/ever.
He came home earlier than (he was) expected.
She works as hard as young people.

1. George offered a better suggestion to me than_____. (06.中山第一学期期末)
A Henry did to Smith    B. that of Smith’s    
C. Michael’s           D. what Charlie offered to me
解析: 在than 后完整的句子为Henry offered a suggestion to Smith。 

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