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2009年英语高考第一轮复习-必修6 Unit1-2
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三. 重点句型

1. The impressionist period is generally recognized as the beginning of modern painting. 印象派艺术家阶段通常被认为是现代艺术的开始。
recognize…as… 公认为……是……
consider / imagine/ think of/ look of/ refer to
Lawrence’s novel was eventually recognized as a work of genius.

2. We would have won, if Jack had scored that goal. 如果杰克进了那个球, 我们就会赢了。
本句是虚拟语气句,if条件从句用had done, 主句用would have done,表示与过去事实相反。
与过去事实相反:had + 过去分词----should /would/could/might + have + 过去分词
与现在事实相反:一般过去时(be用were)----would/should/could/might + 动词原形
与将来事实相反:一般过去时或should(were to) + 动词原形----would/should/could/might + 动词原形
1. 表示与现在事实相反
 If I ____________(have)  enough money now , I _______________________(lend) it to you.
  If I ___________(be)  you , I would go to tell him the real feeling upon him.
2. 表示与过去事实相反
  If he ___________________(take) your advice , he wouldn’t have made such a bad mistake.
She _____________________________(come)  to enjoy the party if she hadn’t been very busy.
3. 表示与将来事实相反
  I would go shopping with you if it ______________________(be)Sunday tomorrow.
  If he were to be given another chance to do it again, he could certainly achieve more.

1)_________, I’d have done it myself.
A. If I would have known it   B. If I had have known it   
C. Had I known it     D. Should I known it                  
2)If the doctor hadn’t tried their best to save you, you ______________________(not stand)hear now.        
3) It’s high time that something _________ to prohibit selling fake commodities.
A. must be done   B. was done   C. be done   D. were done
4) He insisted that we all ____ in his office at one o’clock.
A. be     B. to be   C. would be   D. shall be


aim at; a great deal; scores of; focus on; take the place of;
make an attempt, be worthy of, be possessed with
1. He has done ____________ to help me with my English.
2. She loved her mother so much that no one could ___________ her mother.
3. ___________ people are standing in line for registration in the hall.
4. Modern medicine has tended to ___________ developing highly complicated surgical techniques too much.
5. The boss of our company __________ training everybody by the end of this year.
6. She ________ the idea that something bad would happen.
7. He __________________ to escape from the prison, but failed at last.
8. Let’s hope she proves __________ all that has been done today.

1. If he ____________(be) here now, he would not let the matter end this way.
2. IF you ____________(put) the gold watch in a safe place, you would not have lost it.
3. If our train should arrive on time, we ___________(have) time to visit your sister.
4. If the doctor hadn’t tired their best to save you, you ___________(not stand) hear now.
5. I _____________(give) you more money, but I was so poor then.
6. The new comers talked as if they _______________(know) each other for ages.
7. He doesn’t dare to leave the house in case he ________________(recognized)
8. If only you _______________(not tell) him what I said! Everything would have been all right.
9. But for your help, we ______________(not succeed) in the experiment.
10. We demanded that we _______________ (inform) any change in the plan.

1. 我设法使他们相信了故事是真的。(convince)
2. 我试着使他改变主意, 可是失败了。(attempt)
3. 他来广州的目的是要找到更好的工作。(aim)
4. 等车的时候,他看到一个老朋友经过但那个人没有注意到他。
5. 如果我的老师现在在这里,他就会告诉我该做什么。
6. 他的表演给观众留下了深刻的印象。(impress)
7. 一旦有一天我们用完了自然资源,后果无法想象。(run out of)
8. 尽管有许多的困难,他还是决定独自面对。(in spite of)

1. a great deal  2. take the place of  3. Scores of   4. focus on
5. is aiming at    6. was possessed with   7. made an attempt    8. worthy of
1. were     2. had put    3. would have     4. wouldn’t be standing 
5. would have given  6. had known    7. should be recognized   8. hadn’t told 
9. couldn’t have succeeded    10. should be informed of
1. I managed to convince them that the story was true.
2. I attempted to make him change his mind but failed.
3. He came to Guangzhou with the aim of finding a better job.
4. While waiting for the bus, he saw an old friend pass by him without noticing him.
5. If my teacher were here now, he would tell me what to do.
6. His performance made / put /left a deep impression on the audience.
7. Once we run out of natural resources, the consequence will be unimaginable. 8. In spite of all those difficulties, he decided to face them on his own.

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