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高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-选修7 Unit 1-2
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Unit 1   Living well


第一组:companion, accessible, elderly, eyesight, disability, latter, breath, microscope, dignity, encouragement, conduct

1 We young people should show respect for the _________.
2 I would like to find a traveling _________, for I don’t want to go on a trip alone.
3 My father’s words were a great __________ to me, and then I made great progress in my subjects.
4 The bacteria were so small that they could only be examined under a __________.
5 We should never look down upon those people with a _________. On the contrary, we should care for them.
6 It is difficult for you to keep your _________ when you have no job and no home.
7 There are two examples on the blackboard; the _________ is better than the former.
8 The concert was __________ by Colin and was a great success.
9 How long can you hold your __________ under the water?
10 Sitting in front of the computer for long will affect your __________.
11 This kind of new medicine is useful for cancer; however, it is not __________ for most people.

第二组:absence, resign, graduation, congratulate, certificate, drum, politics, bare, foolish, ambition, literature

12 I __________ my nephew on having been admitted into Beijing University.
13 I am not interested in _________. I don’t care about what is going on in China and throughout the world.
14 Why didn’t you attend yesterday’s meeting? What’s your excuse for your _______?
15 The children are beating the _________ to welcome the arrival of the grand festival.
16 There is nothing inside the refrigerator. It is completely ________.
17 After _________ from a university he chose to work in the western part of China.
18 I show great interest in __________. I have widely read the world classics(名著).
19 I can’t imagine how _________ she was. She really believed what he said. 
20 To be an artist had been his lifelong _________ and he achieved it finally.
21 Kate and Peter got their marriage __________ last week and they are planning their wedding banquet.
22 Tom applied to __________ as general manager of the company and the board approved.

第三组:benificial, handkerchief, clumsy, annoy, fellow, architect, industry, basement, assistance, adapt, motto, independent

23 When Mr. Wang was hurt at the construction site and sent to hospital, all his __________ workers visited him in hospital.
24 As you know, a good diet is _________ to your health.
25 The well known French _________ designed lots of famous buildings and bridges.
26 When you cough you’d better use a paper _________.
27 China’s tourist _________ is developing very fast. Millions of travelers from the world come to China for sightseeing.
28 His __________ fingers couldn’t untie the knot(结).
29 He hid those bottles of wine in the _________. Of course you couldn’t find them.
30 I couldn’t have completed the task without your timely _________.
31 I am already 18. I should lead an __________ life.
32 I have moved to another city. I think I will ________ myself to the new surroundings very soon.
33 Our school’s _________ is: Duty, Honor, and Country.
34 I was very ________ that they hadn’t turned up yet as expected.

in other words      out of breath     all in all   make fun of       all the best      in particular   
1 It is cruel to _________ those people who stammer(口吃).
2 The boss asked Mike to leave--__________ he was fired.
3 He loves reading—science fiction _________.
4 __________ the performance was a success.
5 I kept running and was __________ when I arrived at school.
6 At the end of the letter he wished me ___________.

Unit 2   Robots


第一组:awful, fiction, firm, navy, talent, scan, chapter, pile, desire, affair

1 My brother is a PLA man. He joined the _________ two years ago.
2 We had an _________ summer last year. It was raining almost a whole month.
3 In order to kill the boring holidays I borrowed a _________ of books from the library.
4 I prefer ________ to poetry. How about you?
5 She is really a girl of many _________. She can play the piano, paint, sing and dance quite well.
6 It is said that our boss had a love __________ with his secretary.
7 I _________ through the newspaper over my breakfast.
8 I ________ all my wishes should come true some day.
9 This book includes 13 __________ covering 13 topics.
10 No building can stand without __________ foundations, and nor can a marriage.

第二组:obey, absurd, fingernail, divorce, smooth, alarmed, declare, satisfaction, victory, accompany

11 Some people say that you can know if you are healthy by observing the colors of your _________.
12 To my ___________, she got all the answers right in the final math test.
13 We got married 17 years ago but we ________ last year due to differences in character and personality.
14 Japan attacked America and America __________ war upon Japan the next day.
15 He drew only an _________ conclusion. No one believed that.
16 All the passengers on board felt __________ when they knew something was wrong with one engine of the plane.
17 As students we must _________ the school regulations.
18 Mr. Jenkins was confident of his _________ in the general election. He had more supporters than his opponent.
19 I am bored now. Will you ___________ me to the shopping mall?
20 We __________ away all the difficulties and finally achieved our goal.

第三组:cushion, explanation, carpet, marriage, embarrassed, paint, elegant, junior, curtain, envy, biography, sympathy

21 The couple quarreled all day and their __________ ended in divorce.
22 I _________ her so much. She seems to have everything she can possibly want.
23 It is 10 o’clock now but the __________ are still drawn. I think they must still be asleep.
24 I was ___________ to see Ann also at Ann’s party, for I and Ann hadn’t spoken for months.
25 The ___________ of Newton will get you to know completely about his life and scientific achievements.
26 The sign says “Wet _________!” Please don’t touch the door.
27 I have no __________ for John. It was all his fault.
28 I can’t think of any possible __________ for his absence.
29 We have fitted __________ in our house and it looks much nicer now.
30 After graduation from a _________ middle school, he went to a local senior middle school.
31 The chair is so hard, but you will feel much more comfortable if you put a _________ on it.
32 The lady looks prettier with an ________ dress on.

test out   ring up   turn around   leave…alone   set aside   
1 Squirrels are considered to be good animals, for they can _________ nuts and foods in the trees for winter use.
2 You may ___________ Mr. Chow either on Saturday or Sunday. He is available at the weekend.
3 I _________ and suddenly found my Chinese teacher standing behind me.
4 I hope you just ________ him _______. He needs time to have a rest.
5 The robot is going to be __________ to see if it can really do the housework.

Unit 1
一 第一组:1 elderly  2 companion  3 encouragement  4 microscope  5 disability  6 dignity  7 latter  8 conducted  9 breath  10 eyesight  11 accessible 
第二组:12 congratulated  13 politics  14 absence  15 drums  16 bare  17 graduation  18 literature  19 foolish  20 ambition  21 certificate  22 resign 
第三组:23 fellow  24 beneficial  25 architect  26 handkerchief  27 industry  28 clumsy  29 basement  30 assistance  31 independent  32 adapt  33 motto  34 annoyed
二 1 make fun of  2 in other words  3 in particular  4 All in all  5 out of breath  6 all the best

Unit 2
一 第一组:1 navy  2 awful  3 pile  4 fiction  5 talents  6 affair  7 scanned  8 desire  9 chapters  10 firm 
第二组:11 fingernail  12 satisfaction  13 divorced  14 declared  15 absurd  16 alarmed  17 obey  18 victory  19 accompany  20 smoothed 
第三组:21 marriage  22 envy  23 curtains  24 embarrassed  25 biography  26 Paint  27 sympathy  28 explanation  29 carpets  30 junior  31 cushion  32 elegant
二 1 set aside  2 ring up  3 turned around  4 leave …alone  5 tested out

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