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高考英语第一轮复习词汇检测练习-选修7 Unit 3-5
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Unit 3   Under the sea


第一组:vivid, Antarctic, abandon, lip, tongue, seal, anecdote, cell, annual, awesome, beauty

1 The __________ is the coldest continent in the world.
2 Those English tourists so struck by the _________ of nature that they decided to stay here for two days more.
3 When you pronounce this vowel, you should round your _________.
4 In this book you will read lots of _________ about some famous scientists.
5 What an _________ sight it is! You cannot afford to miss it.
6 He was locked in a ________ of the prison, for he was declared guilty.
7 The Chinese language is our mother ________.
8 We meet once a year to hold an _________ meeting.
9 The letter of recommendation bore(盖) the headmaster’s ________ and was effective.
10 He is giving a __________ description of his life as a fighter pilot. We are all ears.
11 When the war broke out, all the villagers had to _________ their lands and property and left their hometown.

第二组:net, yell, narrow, shore, witness, rent, relationship, cave, pension, accommodation, poisonous

12 The past 20 years has __________ great changes in Shenzhen.
13 Old Wang lives on a ________, which comes to about 1,500 yuan per month.
14 Those mushrooms are __________. You will die if you eat them.
15 Since our first meeting, Xiao Lin and I have established a beautiful __________.
16 I have got a well-paid job with that company. Besides, ___________ and meals are included.
17 The fisherman cast his _________ a third time but this time he drew in a boot instead of a fish.
18 Don’t enter that dark __________. There may be some fierce animals hidden inside it.
19 With the housing prices rising the __________ of a house also goes up.
20 Seeing the boy climbing up to the top of the tall tree, he _________, “be careful!”
21 Because the boat was turned upside down by big waves, he had no choice but to swim to the _________quickly.
22 This road is too _________ for two cars to go side by side. It needs widening.

第三组: shallow, entry, magic, pack, dimension, flee, pure, depth, drag, sharp, reflect, tasty

23 We measured the __________ of the swimming pool It is 10 meters long, 8 meters wide and 2 meters deep.
24 I was almost scared to death at the sight of a _________ of wolves approaching me.
25 The meeting is due to begin at 9:00 p.m. _________.
26 Before I decide, I need time to _________.
27 The smugglers (走私者)was caught trying to _________ the country.
28 Mother served a few _________ dishes and they were eaten up quickly.
29 This watch is made of ________ gold. It is really invaluable.
30 He took great trouble to _________ a heavy chest(箱子) from under the bed.
31 There are not many fish in this river, for it is very _________.
32 It was a __________ moment when the two sisters were reunited after 30 years.
33 We don’t think much of his idea, for it lacks _________.
34 In Shenzhen _________ to any park is free of charge.

ahead of    help (sb.) out    be/become aware of 
(be) scared to death   in the meantime   upside down 
1 Hearing the terrifying news, nothing could have stopped me from feeling __________.
2 Being a qualified architect, he always finishes his project _________ time.
3 After the family party, the children fell happily into bed, __________, parents were still working with the disorder in the house.
4 On arriving at the theme park, the first thing that I __________ was its vivid colors and wise-looking buildings.
5 The artist remarked that painting was of a unique style. But in truth, it was hanging _________ on the wall.
6 He didn’t listen to you and now is in trouble. Anyway, only you can ________ him ________ of the difficulty.

Unit 4   Sharing


第一组:toast, finance, income, anniversary, distribution, adjust, comb, platform, purchase, donate, clinic, catalogue, operate, security, relevant

1 The unfair _________ of wealth led to the outbreak of war in that region.
2 Doctor Li opened up a private __________ to serve the neighboring residents.
3 Now I’d like to propose a _________ to our successful cooperation!
4 This paragraph is not __________ to the theme of your article; you may cross it out.
5 The teaching building will be __________ by the local government and the education department.
6 The old man is warm-hearted. He has ___________ millions of pounds to a charity.
7 Your hair looks wild; you’d better ________ it.
8 You may __________ the table to any height you want.
9 I was moving the furniture out of the building when two __________ guards stopped me.
10 You can consult the library ___________ to see if the book is available.
11 We promise that if you are not satisfied with your _________, we will give you a full refund.
12 When I saw my sister standing on the _________ of the train station waving to me, tears suddenly came to my eyes.
13 The patient must be __________ on in no time; otherwise he will die.
14 How can he support a family of six kids on his little __________?
15 My parents got married 20 years and tomorrow is their 20th wedding __________.

第二组:sew, arrangement, trunk, remote, political, grill, soft, privilege, astronaut, tailor, participate, seedling

16 We are enjoying a candlelit dinner, with some _________ romantic music on.
17 There is still a _________ chance that they will find her alive.
18 All those who __________ in the yesterday’s discussion please write out our reflections(感想)..
19 Today is Tree-planting Day. We are asked to plant 10 __________ each.
20 __________ the sausages for 10 minutes and they will taste much more delicious.
21 It costs the country a lot to train an _________, like Yang Liwei.
22 She became very _________ at university and later was a politician.
23 This pair of shoes is very precious for me. They are_________ by hand by mother.
24 Education is closely related to the development of a country. So education should be a universal right but not a __________.
25 The ________of an elephant is so long and strong that it can hold a person with it!
26 I will make ___________ for you to be met at the airport.
27 I had a new T—shirt made at a _________ shop.

hear from     be dying to do     come across    stick out     dry out    dry up     in need  
1 Don’t _______ your head ________ of the car window.
2 I _________ this old vase and bought it for $ 200.
3 During the drought (干旱), the river _________.
4 Water the plant regularly, never letting the soil _________.
5 I haven’t _________ Jane for long. I don’t know what has happened to her.
6 Help those who are _________and that will be rewarding.
7 Those students ___________ know the results of the College Entrance Examination.

Unit 5   Travelling abroad


第一组:acknowledge, abundant, board, academic, passport, visa, parallel, comfort, enterprise, occupy, substitute, cafeteria

1 When you go abroad you need a __________ and a __________.
2 She never __________ having made the mistake, but actually she did.
3 I must work hard to make money enough to live in _________ in my old age.
4 Flight CZ2593 for Wuhan is now _________ at Gate 11.
5 If you want information about traveling abroad, please turn to a travel _________ for advice.
6 I am _________ with my office work and have hardly any time for housework.
7 This course teaches you the theory but there’s no _________ for practical experience.
8 A __________ is a restaurant where you choose and pay for your meal. It is often found in factories, colleges, hospitals, etc.
9 Can you find a _________ case where this word is used as a verb?
10 We have __________ evidence to prove his guilt.
11 Personally, I support him in his intention of opening up a company. He is indeed a man of __________.
12 The students return in September for the start of the new _________ year.

第二组:numb, tutor, requirement, lecture, qualification, destination, govern, comment, succeed, recommend, preparation
13 Mr. Smith’s _________ are so lively and interesting that they are not easily forgotten.
14 Prices are very much _________ by market demand.
15 --Do you know who _________ Bill Clinton as President of the USA?
–George Bush.
16 A __________ is a private teacher who teaches an individual student or a very small group.
17 China is making __________ for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.
18 China has lots of places of interest. It is now a __________ country to millions of tourists from abroad.
19 Thank you for making such helpful __________ on my written work.
20 I stayed only a while outside but I was __________ with the cold.
21 Can you __________ me a good hotel nearby? I would like a five-star one.
22 The victory in this game will earn them __________ for the World Cup.
23 He didn’t meet the __________ for this job, so he was turned down.

adjust to     keep it up     fit in     be/get used to  as far as sb. is concerned     feel at home   settle in             
1____________the tutor_________, what others think is not the most important thing.
2 The life style that you ____________ is hard to change.
3 Mr. Wang said to me, “Just __________! You will succeed.”
4 I have stayed in America for some time and __________.
5 Jane is a newcomer here. So I will do what I can to help her __________.
6 I can ___________ well. I have got used to the life here.
7 It took several seconds for my eyes to ___________ the dark.

Unit 3
一 第一组:1 Antarctic  2 beauty  3 lips  4 anecdotes  5 awesome  6 cell  7 tongue  8 annual  9 seal  10 vivid  11 abandon 
第二组:12 witnessed  13 pension  14 poisonous  15 relationship  16 accommodations  17 net  18 cave  19 rent  20 yelled  21 shore  22 narrow 
第三组: 23 dimensions  24 pack  25 sharp  26 reflect  27 flee  28 tasty  29 pure  30 drag  31 shallow  32 magic  33 depth  34 entry
二 1 scared to death  2 ahead of  3 in the meantime  4 was aware of  5 upside down  6 help…out

Unit 4
一 第一组:1 distribution  2 clinic  3 toast  4 relevant  5 financed  6 donated  7 comb  8 adjust  9 security  10 catalogue  11 purchase  12 platform  13 operated  14 income  15 anniversary 
第二组:16 soft  17 remote  18 participated  19 seedlings  20 Grill  21 astronaut  22 political  23 sewn/sewed  24 privilege  25 trunk  26 arrangements  27 tailor’s
二 1 stick…out   2 came across  3 dried up  4 dry out  5 heard from  6 in need
7 are dying to

Unit 5
一 第一组:1 passport; visa  2 acknowledged  3 comfort  4 boarding  5 agent  6 occupied  7 substitute  8 cafeteria  9 parallel  10 abundant  11 enterprise  12 academic 
第二组:13 lectures  14 governed  15 succeeded  16 tutor  17 preparations  18 destination  19 comments  20 numb  21 recommend  22 qualification  23 requirements 
二 1 As far as the tutor was concerned  2 are used to  3 keep it up  4 feel at home  5 settle in  6 fit in  7 adjust to     

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