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10.give vt. 给
  Who is going to give the talk?
  He was given a good beating last night.
give in屈服、让步
give in to sb./ sth.屈服于;对…让步
give oneself up to doing sth. 献身于、专心于
give up放弃、投降
give way to sb.让步;让位于
   As winter gave way to spring, days were getting longer.
given that假定;已知
give sb. a hand帮某人忙
give rise to导致

A. vi. 走 He has gone back home a newspaper.
 Pride goes before a fall.
B. link v.  He went hungry for a week.
 His face went pale when he heard the news.
 This guy went wild/ crazy/ mad after the loss of his wife.
 Don’t ever eat the bread. It has gone bad.
go after…设法得到;追求
go along向前发展     We’ll learn as we go along.
go back on one’s word/ promise失信
go back to…追溯到
This custom goes back to Roman times.
go beyond…超过
go down下落;减弱           
go up增长;提高
go into…研究;从事
go off爆炸;(电、水等)停掉
go ahead继续进行;去做吧
go all out全力以赴
go and do sth.= go to do sth.
go down on one’s knees跪下
go in for喜爱;从事
go on发生;持续
go on to do sth.接着做(另一件事情)
go on doing sth.继续做(同一件事情)
go on with sth. .继续做(同一件事情,可以有间隔)
go out熄灭;过时
go over sth.浏览;复习;审阅
go through…经历;检查;
go shopping/ fishing/ skiing/ skating/ begging/ boating/ swimming/ fox hunting/ sightseeing/ mountain climbing
go from bad to worse每况愈下
go from door to door
be gone丢了;走了;一去不复返
  Gone are the days when we studied together happily.
have a go试一下
go out of one’s way to do sth. 不辞辛劳去做…….
go to hell见鬼去吧
go to sleep睡着
go through with….把…….进行到底
go well with…与……相配/协调
go without…不吃/用……过日子
  Sometimes they went for days without washing their faces.

句型1  have sb./ sth. do sth.     
 Let’s have them stand facing the wall.
句型2  have sb./ sth. doing       
We had the fire burning all night.
I won’t have you talking to your dad like that!
句型3  have sb./ sth. done        
I will have my radio fixed.   He had his wallet stolen.
句型4  have sth. to do I have a letter to write.
句型5  have to do sth. I have to get up early every day.
与动词同行的名词连用,表示动作:have a talk with…
have a look/ glance/ glimpse at     
have a meeting/ discussion/ operation/ haircut
have an English lesson    
have a swim/ wash/ rest/ try/ smoke/ taste/ dream/ walk
have a cold/ cough/ headache/ pain
  have lunch/ some beer
have a good/pleasant/ tough/ bad/ hard/ difficult terrible time
  They had a hard time solving the problem.
have fun=have a good time/enjoy oneself
have a word/ a few words with sb.与…谈话
have words with sb.与…吵架
have something/ nothing/ a lot to do with…
have sth. on穿着(状态)
had better (not) do sth.最好;不得不(迫于客观原因)
have something with sb.随身携带
have a baby生小孩
have a test/ talk/ speech/ lecture/ chat
have had enough of厌倦
have sth. back要回
have one’s own way按照自己的意思办;我行我素
have sth. to oneself完全由自己使用
   You can have the house entirely to yourself.

A. vt. 帮助  They did everything they could to help us with our lessons.
  This medicine will help you (to) get better.
  She helped (to) sweep the floor.
B. vi. 有帮助;有用;好用
  This medicine won’t help.  Thinking will help.
help sb. with sth. 帮助做
help sb. out of trouble帮助某人脱离困境
can’t help doing sth.禁不住……
cannot help/ choose but do sth.只好……
help sb. out帮助结局难题; 帮助摆脱困境;救出
turn to sb. for help求助于……
be of help有帮助;有用

A. vt.拿着;握着
  Holding my hand, he tried to calmed me down.
  Hold the line, please.
容纳  How much water can the tank hold?
拥有;占有  He held the position for years.
举行  Chinese film weeks will be held in other places.
hold…down 控制; 镇压
hold…in memory 记住
hold on坚持下去;(电话)别挂
hold on to…抓住不放
hold out坚持到底;维持;伸出
  We must hold out, and the enemy will give up.
  They were ready to hold out a friendly hand.
hold to sth.紧紧抓住;坚持(路线、道路、看法等)
 The storm held us up, so we were late for the meeting.
 Their wages were help up or reduced for no reason.

A. vt. (1)保留  I’ll keep a seat for you.
He has a large family to keep. He keeps some chicken.
 (3)使……处在……状态 Sorry to have kept you waiting.
   Let’s keep the door open but keep the windows closed.
   You must keep us well informed.
   Mr. Xue always keeps us busy.    
Close the door to keep the cold out.
   Let’s keep the room in order.
B. link v. 保持
  We must keep fit.=We must keep in good health.      Keep calm in time of danger.
keep a record of登记;记录
keep a secret保密
keep watch注意;提防
keep one’s promise/word履行诺言
keep the law/rule遵守法律/法规
keep away不接近;避开
keep birthday/ Christmas庆祝生日/圣诞等
keep body and soul together维持生活
keep sb. doing sth. 使…….坚持做
keep silence保持安静;保持沉默
keep sth. to oneself把……据为己有
keep sb. from doing sth. 阻止;使免于;抑制
keep hold of…抓住不放
keep …in  mind记住
keep doing sth. 继续做;不断地做
keep on doing sth. 不停地做;反复地做
keep out of…不参与
keep sb. company与某人做伴; 陪伴某人
keep to sth.坚持;固守(习惯等)
keep…under control使得以控制
keep in touch with…与保持联系
keep up坚持;继续
keep up with…跟上
keep watch守望;站岗

A. vt.(1)知道 I have known him since childhood.
(2)懂得 Do you know Japanese?
be known as…通称为;以著称;被认为是
be known for…因而出名
be known to sb.为某人所了解
become well known出名
for all/anything/ everything I know 据我所知
It is well known that…众所周知
know about/ of了解;知道
know…for certain确实知道
know sb. by name仅知道某人的名字(不认识)
know sb. by sight与某人面熟(不熟悉)
know/learn …by heart背诵
know/ tell right from wrong辨别是非
know no limits是无限的
  A man’s life is limited, but service to the people knows no limits.
A. vi.离开;离去When are you leaving?
  He left in a hurry without telling anyone.
B. vt.(1)留下  She asked us to leave our address.
  Sorry to have left some questions unanswered.
  He left the window open.  
She left the baby crying bitterly.
  The illness left him rather weak.
  (3)剩下 We have only three months left.
leave A for B离开A去B
leave hold of…放弃;松手
leave nothing to be desired尽善尽美
leave …off停止
leave …out省去;遗漏
leave room for留下……余地

A. vt.让 She doesn’t let her child play with fire.
B.用于祈使句 Let’s go to the Summer Palace, shall we?
 Let Peter do the job, will you?
   the baby can’t even walk, let alone run.
let…down使……失望;放下 I won’t let myself down!
let…go释放;松手 Let go of me!

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